RWBY ep.2 [Final]

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Some love-interesty banter and…it’s finished already? That was shorter than I’d expected! And yet it took me a really long time…I think taking an hour to watch a six-minute cartoon will be a regular thing in the future.

Good episode, not much to remark on since it’s so early in the series! We met three new characters, learned a bit more about Ruby. All good things, all good things.

I’ll probably stop here for the night, but I’ll be back soon with another installment of liveblogging: The Shining Beacon, Part II! See y’all then!



RWBY ep.2 [17]

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Well, I’m sorry no one has an appreciation for “the classics,” Ruby. You have a SCYTHE GUN!!! Your sister has GAUNTLET GUNS!!!

(Speculation: Ruby’s uncle helped her forge that thing. Because holy heck it looks complicated.)

Jaune seems strangely sad when talking about the fact that it’s an heirloom. Is he like that kid that barely scrapes into Beacon because his family doesn’t have a lot to get by on?

RWBY ep.2 [16]

Screenshot 2016-02-24 at 9.38.12 PM.png “I’m kind of a dork when it comes to weapons”

No reaaaaallyyyyy

But seriously, Jaune, keep practicing and you too shall look awesome while leaping in front of people to save their lives WITH A SHIELD! And you can poke them too I guess.

Actually? I’m kind of a bit of a weapons dork too. It’s so nice to see people wield things outside of just Flynning with swords all the time.

RWBY ep.2 [15]

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See, he just calls it a sword. But the reason I call Weiss’ a saber is because it sounds cooler.


Oh man I promised myself I wouldn’t start referencing Steven Universe nonstop just yet but it’s so hard

RWBY ep.2 [14]

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Ruby, please, that’s not how you make a good first impression.

Confirmation of Jaune’s name is go! So this is what it’s like to have commenters telling you things…*o* Anyways, Jaune Arc is clearly based off Joan of Arc – the name is, anyways, and the French aspect. Note to self, assume everyone’s name is a color. Yang is a color. Roman is a color. You just gotta translate from the right language!

MASHY STORY TIME: The reason I know Jaune means yellow is because of the A-Z Mystery series. The word for yellow in French was a vital clue in “The Kidnapped King.” You guys remember that series? Those were cool!

Let’s see what Jaune’s weapon is, if any.

RWBY ep.2 [13]

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Hello, NPCs!

Shaun? Jaune? Write it down or something, man! Or I might take a leaf out of Ruby’s book and just call you Vomit Boy. I thought he looked familiar. (Well, less that and more that Vomit Boy wasn’t a silhouette back on the airship, so he would Clearly Be Important later. See, webshow, I’m onto you.)

RWBY ep.2 [12]

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Hmmmmm love interest time?? Will you shock us with an interesting personality, mister nice blonde haired guy?

DISCLAIMER: I am really bad at names and it takes me several repetitions to learn them. I heard something like Jaune or John as this guy’s name, but I highly doubt I’ll spell it right! For now, he may have to live life as Mister Potential Love Interest until he proves himself worthy.

(I have a thing against characters just there for romance, by the way, especially in school situations. Unfair yet potentially justified bias is a go.)

RWBY ep.2 [11]

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Image wasn’t working, so I chose a new one at random…sorry 😛

Way to defuse and run, Blake. Thanks for the Weissxposition, though.

I didn’t fail to notice that the men who moved Weiss’ hotel suitcase trolley thing weren’t in silhouette…THEY MUST BE IMPORTANT!