RWBY ep.2 [12]

Screenshot 2016-02-24 at 9.16.17 PM.png

Hmmmmm love interest time?? Will you shock us with an interesting personality, mister nice blonde haired guy?

DISCLAIMER: I am really bad at names and it takes me several repetitions to learn them. I heard something like Jaune or John as this guy’s name, but I highly doubt I’ll spell it right! For now, he may have to live life as Mister Potential Love Interest until he proves himself worthy.

(I have a thing against characters just there for romance, by the way, especially in school situations. Unfair yet potentially justified bias is a go.)


2 thoughts on “RWBY ep.2 [12]

  1. For record, the spelling is Jaune, which is French for yellow. So, you actually got the first one right! That is a borderline a miracle, most people just say “John” or misspell it as “Juane”. =p


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