RWBY ep.2 [14]

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Ruby, please, that’s not how you make a good first impression.

Confirmation of Jaune’s name is go! So this is what it’s like to have commenters telling you things…*o* Anyways, Jaune Arc is clearly based off Joan of Arc – the name is, anyways, and the French aspect. Note to self, assume everyone’s name is a color. Yang is a color. Roman is a color. You just gotta translate from the right language!

MASHY STORY TIME: The reason I know Jaune means yellow is because of the A-Z Mystery series. The word for yellow in French was a vital clue in “The Kidnapped King.” You guys remember that series? Those were cool!

Let’s see what Jaune’s weapon is, if any.


3 thoughts on “RWBY ep.2 [14]

  1. So, does it bother you if I comment with this kind of trivia? Like, I won’t say spoilers, of course, but, say, I could tell you to meaning of ‘Yang’ if it is ok.


    1. Well, I’d prefer to keep away from trivia, actually! Unless it’s something amazingly cool. It’s mostly me occasionally needing confirmation on something so I don’t screw up an important plot detail.^^;


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