RWBY ep.4 [7]

Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 8.22.44 PM.png
I’m gonna like you, Pyrrha.

IT’S HER IT’S HER IT’S HER! The girl with the cool design! Right, and Weiss namedropped her too, so her name is…


That’s not easy to hear…

OH! Epic discovery time!!!!! They close-captioned RWBY, so her name’s right there and everything! It’s Pyrrha! So cool!! Fire powers, anyone?

You know, I might just keep the subtitles on, so I won’t have to write in the captions on my own. Truly this is a momentous moment for this blog!

A quick backtracking also reveals that I had Ren and Nora’s names right, but the subtitles also spoiled them the moment they started to speak – knowing that, I’ll just turn them on for special occasions.

Well, I’m excited. On with the show!




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