RWBY ep.5 [4]

Screenshot 2016-03-14 at 4.51.36 PM.png
Don’t think I missed that Pyrrha’s spear, IS ALSO A GUN

Pictured: the inner mechanisms of the mind of a stone-cold warrior. Oh, Ruby, if only common TV show conventions didn’t dictate that you’ll probably end up with Weiss. Don’t take my word on that. I’m sort of hoping it’ll be subverted.

Hey, happy 50 posts, everyone! What a milestone!…just me?


3 thoughts on “RWBY ep.5 [4]

  1. Wait, common TV show conventions dictate yuri shipping? I think you are mistaking “common TV show convention” with “common fandom expectation”. =P


      1. Haha, nope, don’t ship Ruby/Weiss! I mean common conflicts. Of course the two that have gotten plenty of screentime, and that outright dislike each other, and that bring each other out of their comfort zone, will be paired up…uh, not like that.

        Ruby doesn’t even dislike Weiss here. That’s what makes it interesting.


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