RWBY ep.6 [Final]

Screenshot 2016-03-20 at 5.26.04 PM

Nora, no, you’re not gonna leave the episode off on that note, are y–nope. Too late. She did.

Alright then!  Ruby and Weiss, Yang and Blake, Pyrrha and Jaune, and Nora and Ren are our pairings. These are very interesting groups. I’m actually especially interested in Nora and Ren’s because they’re the only two who already have an established relationship and actually wanted to be together in the first place. Not having any bonding funtimes to go through will probably get them way less of a spotlight than, say, Ruby and Weiss for a while, but it’ll also spare us a lot of – dare I say it – routine shenanigans that’ll end up in them becoming better friends anyways. Well, maybe we’ll get a cool Ruby vs Weiss fight scene out of it. The point is that Ren and Nora have an advantage and it’ll be fun to watch them exploit it.

Besides the giant black snake, which had the best design, the monsters in general  are…okay. They’re mindless dangerous fighting dummies, I totally understand. Everything starts off with low-level bad guys before it gets to the real villains with actual character and motivations. Fight the point of conflict, develop the character relationships, and then advance the plot some and you have a winning formula. That’s all the show needs for now.

But anyways, that’s selling RWBY short. It’s a great show waiting to pick up some speed! See you then!



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