RWBY Liveblog Episode 6: “The Emerald Forest”

Screenshot 2016-02-21 at 8.18.52 PM

You know, part of the reason why I don’t update too often is because I’m getting quite sidetracked lately by all the good cartoons I’m trying to find. I went through a stale period for a  while – obsess over Steven Universe, obsess over Undertale, rinse, repeat – but lately I’ve been finding so many more shows to watch. Young Justice, My Little Pony, D.N. Angel, and top it off with trying to catch up with Homestuck in time for 4/13 (I’m on act VI!). RWBY gets pushed to the side a lot.

But that’s sort of an excuse to mention all the stuff I love and want to obsess over with people, so enough of that. Let’s get going!


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