RWBY ep.7 [3]

Screenshot 2016-04-13 at 5.13.20 PM.png

Perhaps not their names, but someone else’s! I heard….Nora Valkyrie and Lye Ren? That means Ren goes by his last name. Makes sense to me. Neato!

I’m trying not to use the captions, but let me check them just to see if I spelled those right:

Valkyrie and Lie. Got it. I will now go back and edit the first paragraph so it doesn’t look like I spelled Nora’s last name as “Valkreet.” Hey, I thought Valkyrie was too obvious!

(Also, the Headmistress is listed as Glynda)


One thought on “RWBY ep.7 [3]

  1. Actually, Ren goes by his given name. It is just so happen his name follows the Chinese/Japanese convention (surname first). I believe he is the only one to do that (even Yang use Western convention).

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