RWBY ep.8 [Final]

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And that’s it! This episode felt like the finale in a very long introduction. We met the eight main characters, got the plot all established, and met up with a villain or two. And it was cool! I really like Team Juniper’s name, though Team RWBY’s makes me wonder how long Ozpin sat there tearing his hair out before he decided “Forget it; we’ll just make up a word and make Ruby the team leader to match.”

Hopefully I’ll see you with some new content soon. Summer break is coming, so my production time will either speed up or slow down depending on whether my school needs its laptops back!


RWBY ep.8 [20]

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Team Juniper… JuNiPeR. My god I hate you Professor Ozpin.

Not sure why you chose Jaune as leader, but he’ll grow into it, right? Right, Jaune?



RWBY ep.8 [19]

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New characters with new names, wow! Which I won’t memorize because look at their color schemes, I don’t know if these people will ever be important.

RWBY ep.8 [15]

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And just when I get all analyzing and crud. Blake’s got a shapeshifting weapon too!

The background music also got really good for a second there. Blake, you’re cool.

RWBY ep.8 [14]

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Or maybe it shapeshifts?? My mistake!

Weapon tally: Ruby’s, Pyrrha’s, and Nora’s shapeshift, and Weiss’ has different settings; Ruby’s, Pyrrha’s, Nora’s, and Ren’s shoot things; Weiss and Yang seem to have some inherent magic; Blake I think has that whip thing from a few episodes ago. This show really likes its weapons.

Know what the best weapon would be? Supersharp magical paper airplanes. You could throw them at angles like boomerangs, stab people with them, and make a really big one and fly around on it. Yeah.