Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {3}

Spoiler reminder: DON’T!

Hey all, I’m back!! The previous liveblogs have been fixed up, so I can finally continue my Epic Quest starring Leah & Tulip.

Last time, we got our starter (rowlet <3) from Kahuna Hala, and we saved Lillie’s Nebby from a flock of Spearow…or to be more precise, Tapu Koko saved US! What’s next?

This is my first time restarting the game (since liveblogs 1 and 2 were done without shutting off my nintendo), so this is also my first time seeing this screen. Look at my cute lil picture! Before I continue, I’m gonna check out the mystery gift, since I heard tell from my friend (my hungry…friend ;D) of a certain thing you could get before January….



???????????????????? I didn’t hear anything about this!

Sure, I heard the word Z-Power, I think, but…????? This is extremely odd. And the bottom screen reads “Here’s Munchlax, the Big Eater Pokemon! Evolve it into Snorlax and have it hold the Snorlium Z that you receive in the game to unleash Pulverizing Pancake!”

I guess they’re like Mega Evolutions, but for moves. Hmmmmm.

Well, I can’t receive ol’ Munch until I read a Pokemon Center, so we’ll worry about that later. Let’s start the game for real. (Oh, and side note: I haven’t seen the opening story yet, either, for fear of Pokemon spoilers. But I guess anything that’s part of the game isn’t really a spoiler? Maybe we’ll do that next time around.)

I am now in control on the wooden village square of Iki Town. Before Professor Kukui inevitably interrupts me as I try to leave, let’s check out Tules’ information!

……whhhhhhat’s Pokemon Refresh. Okay, first things first.

Docile nature does not raise or lower anything, so I’m totally cool with this nature! I have no idea what stats Rowlet will be good in, anyways. On this screen,  you can actually change the markings you give your Pokemon, which is super handy for us IV breeders who uses those to denote whether a Pokemon has perfect IVs in a stat. (Yeah, I’m that kind of Pokemon player. I had a breeding service on Miiverse for a while…for any item that cost BP in Gen VI, I would breed you a Pokemon with egg moves, IVs, a nickname, whatever. It was awesome.)

Also: Leafage?  There’s a new move for ya. It’s pretty much Vine Whip.

Finally, that screen looks like something for Contests, which should be interesting.

Melemele Pokedex? Oh boy…completing the National Dex will be difficult this year.

But the rest of the Pokedex looks awesome! They brought back Appearance/Cry, you can check out their actions…Rowlet is the Grass Quill Pokemon, and they like kicking things. And they can turn their head all the way around. AWESOME.

Haha, when you turn Rowlet around and then press ‘action,’ they’ll twist their head to look at you…that’s creepy.

This blog is 500 words and I still haven’t gone anywhere. MOVING ON.

I just took a glance at my Trainer Passport, which has fifteen blank pages…? Wonder what’ll go there? Achievements?

Last thing, I promise – let’s take a look at Pokemon Refresh! OOH! IT’S POKEMON AMIE!!

!!!!!!!!! That’s so cool! And it’s so much more than just petting them! POKE BEANS, GUYS!! THAT SOUNDS SO RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME!

Tulip likes being petted on her lil belly but not her lil forehead. Okay, I’m spending a while in this. BRB.

I fed her a green bean because I don’t know what the Poke Bean colors line up with yet. Can’t be type matchups, and I’m pretty sure it’s not Pokedex colors??? Natures, maybe? Well, at least Tulip seemed to like it.

Okay, wander wander explore, run around inside a house and look at all the beds, try to leave the village….yoooooooooo

Yes, sir!

Oh, I actually thought we were gonna go right into battle, but Kahuna Hala made sure of otherwise. Well! Hau you doing?

Ahhhhh are you guys ready for my first time ever seeing what the battle graphics are like? BECAUSE I AM SO READY.

Pfffff he tells me my Rowlet looks cool, and my responses are either “Thanks?” or “You like Pokemon?” Leah is so confused here, guys. XD I’m choosing the second one.

Plasma confirmed?! N’s secret daughter confirmed?!?!?

Ahhhh, Hau is Hala’s grandson. Cool. Awesome. Please let me battle himhjkl;



Just LOOK at this detail!!! Look at how every single living organism on this screen is MOVING!!! I love it!!!! When you click on “FIGHT” you have an option to see what each move does!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So when, I use Tackle, it still doesn’t look directly like two Pokemon fighting each other, but…it came close! They’re trying! And it’s awesome!!

I only used Tackle to see what they did to such a classic move…I’ll use Growl and then Leafage next. Assuming Popplio doesn’t kill me.

Hey, you can check out the Pokemon’s battle info when you click on them, too!! Nice!!

Two Leafages and a Tackle finished Popplio off, and the animations are awesome, and I like how you could REALLY SEE the recall beam for Popplio and everything is amazing Tulip grew a level and Hau just said the battle gave him “chicken skin” and that is an incredibly creepy way to say “goosebumps.”

Oh, but what’s this???

Hala (or ‘Tutu,’ as Hau calls him??) has noticed the mysteriously sparky stone in my bag, and it just might have a connection to Tapu Koko himself! I’m going to say ‘That’s where I got that stone’ for this, just to skip a connecting-ideas step.

Right, so, the kahuna says I got that stone FROM Tapu, and he wants to hold onto it til tomorrow night! And also tomorrow will be a festival that I should join! That’s interesting – they usually try to avoid giving time labels to things.

But for now, I’m home.

There’s Tulip, suddenly out of her Pokeball!

What? Uh…where’s the “because I am morally obligated to choose the Grass-type” option? I’ll choose ‘cute,’ I guess.

“The next day…” What is this, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

I have a feeling it’s going to be a running gag that Mom’s never gonna get the boxes unpacked. Hey, here comes Kukui!

Time to learn how to catch Pokemon, yeah? Why not! Though I am looking forwards to Free Roaming Mode. When can I really START my adventure?

As soon as I step out, Kukui’s telling me to “hurry it up, cousin!” Meet you all back in Route 1.


Weird, I haven’t seen this area before! I think the professor kept me from going over there when we first went to Iki Town…

Annnnnnnnd tutorial over! Confirmed: that bird is known as PIKIPEK! Which means that the place I was spoiled on for the name had spelled it wrong. Hahaha….sigh.

10 Pokeballs and five Potions! Thanks, prof!

And hey, he finally lets me wander off on my own! I think I’ll g –


Well, that’s not happening. We’ll continue along Route 1 instead. …Which doesn’t have its own name? Weird.

FIRST POKEMON ENCOUNTERED: PIKIPEK! Which I’ll catch, yes please!

I used Leafage on it a bunch to get it low enough without making it faint. One Poke Ball thrown, and… … … Pikipek get!

And his name’s Woodstock…Woody for short, in case you want to reference Woody Woodpecker. And, hmm…you know what? I think I’ll start a theme in this here playthrough. I hereby declare that every Pokemon I catch will be named after a cartoon character! It can be anyone, from anywhere, from any movie or show, as long as it’s animated. If I really run out of options I’ll even allow animated stuff from the web like Homestuck.

(Tulip is named for the main character of Infinity Train, this awesome little pilot that I hope gets picked up into a real show.)

(And Woodstock is the little bird that follows Snoopy. Just in case.)

Okay, now that the nicknaming blood pact has been sealed, I’ll heal up and then move on and keep you posted on anything interesting.

Right, I am back, and I ran around and caught three more Pokemon:

-Ledyba (Marinette)

-Yungoos (Rikki-Tikki)

-Caterpie (Heimlich)

Now it’s time to go ahead and WOAH LOOK A BATTLE!

I see Jimmy’s received an appearance update.

Woah, what?! So has Rattata! That’s not one I’VE ever seen!!

I swear I made that joke before his Rattata came out. What’s going onnnnnnnnnn.

Okay, battle easily won, so I’ll just….move along then.

Phew, the next Trainer has a regular old Caterpie. Some semblance of normalcy restored.

Here’s another new Pokemon! Named Grubbin!!! It’s pretty cute, whatever the heck it is! I’ll name her Silkie. Judging by her Pokedex entry, it looks like she might evolve into a Bug/Electric type, so I might even use her in battle.

I’m this close to Iki Town, and I’ve gotta end the liveblog soon, so I’m gonna speed things along to the festival and end it there.

(And oh, hey, I just brushed Tulip after the battle! That’s such a great mechanic, I love it. I also petted Silkie a bunch just to see her design more.)

Here I am!

“The Alola region is made up of four islands. And each island has its own guardian Pokemon,” says Kahuna Hala. COOL.

It’s these guys!

…Why does Popplio say “Arf!”.

Oh, what?!

So the festival’s a big battle in order to honor Tapu Koko! Sounds like that could get out of hand REAL fast! Let’s do this! Who am I battling, though…?

Ah, I see.


BATTLE TIME. Hau’s got a Pichu now! I defeat it easily enough, but it Charms me so I don’t know how much damage I’ll get on Popplio. …Even though that doesn’t turn out to be a problem, because I WON! WOO! Level Up!

Someone approves! And Hala gives me my woahhhhhhwhat is this.

Z-Ring?! Have we replaced Mega Evolution completely?!

I need to go around collecting Z-Crystals, and Hala’s not telling what exactly the special power is, and I need to go and do the island challenge and wow I guess we’re switching topics.

I’m liking this island challenge! I’m doing it to find out why Tapu took a liking to me, basically…this story is pretty solid so far. I’m down for this!

And here we go to Leah alone with Lillie, grateful for Tapu Koko for saving Nebby. Oh yeah, Lillie? You are?

And then we say our goodbyes. See ya later, Lillie!

And then we go to sleep, and I miss the ‘the next morning’ screen yet again, so I’m just gonna cut the liveblog here! Next time, we find out who just rang our doorbell. Place your bets!

This game is great. The Z-Ring stuff is a little weird, because it sounds exactly like Mega Evolution, but I won’t judge just yet!! I love the new battling screens and the way the town treats Tapu Koko so far. We’ve never really had a Pokemon that’s been deified in such a fashion – like, we’ve had deities before, but…eh, it’s hard to explain. I’m looking forward to seeing the guardians of the other three islands, and however Lunala fits into all this!

And how about that strange-looking Rattata? We’ll have to wait and see…



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