Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {5}

WOW GUESS WHO’S BACK! AGAIN! That’s right, it’s MissMash! Last year, we left off:

here, all primed and ready to explore Hau’uli  Hau’oli City. Right, you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t remember names quite as well as before. It’s been a month since the last one! :/ I am an avid liveblog follower and I hate it when something like that breaks me out of the zone, especially if they’re being read all in a row in the distant future. (Oh god what if I don’t finish the game by the time Gen 8 comes out). So I’ll try and keep mixups to a minimum.

I guess that means I’d better get started, then!

Right off the bat we get some pretty beach graphics and scenic panoramas and girls in bikinis~ SHIELD YOUR EYES HAU~

It’s a little early for me to be attracting attention from strangers

oh gee i wonder COULD IT BE ‘ALOLA’


can…can we walk around now? oh thank goodness we can

Ah, now here’s a name I haven’t come across yet! Pyukumuku sounds neato. A Water-type squishy sea anemone thing is my guess. (I don’t have a Water-type yet. I’M SO EXCITED TO BUILD MY TEAM.)

More exploring reveals that, oddly, you can’t interrupt Hau’s beach party time, so I’m moving on to explore more of the city. Discoveries made: My Rotomdex wiggles around when you poke it. And there’s clearly some fun places to Surf to over the ocean, but I don’t have a Pokemon to do that yet!


We are now in the shopping center. Sounds dangerous.

Hau just interrupted me. NO HAU, LEAVE ME TO MY SHOPPING oh wait he took me into the store anyways

ghjkl;’ what do you mean i can take photos of pokemon now ARE WE IN POKEMON SNAP

Well, anyways, Poke Finder sounds pretty cool! I bummed around the shop, got some Ultra Balls from a guy, and drew a Lotto Ticket before moving on again.

Rotom just came out to take a picture of Hau, Lillie, and me and I MISSED SCREENSHOTTING IT NOOO

But…who could be saying this?!

I’d say this was ominous if not for the chirpy music in the background.

Ahh, no, it’s just the Poke Finder tutorial guy. Look at me taking pictures of taking pictures! SO META!

With the new Thumbs Up mechanic, it appears that Pokemon  has finally become social media. Welp, back to exploring.

Customization! IT’S HAPENING

I just got the Lens Case and Makeup Case – would be really cool if the guys got makeup too! – and a lady outside gave me a Silk Scarf! WHICH I PUT ON SILKIE IMMEDIATELY.

And here’s my new look! The hat clashed too badly with the purple – and I think it looks kind of weird and May-esque, anyways – so I took it off. I would’ve bought another one but I would’ve had to shell out ALMOST EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS, WHAT THE HECK.

AHHHHH THERE’S A SALON NEXT DOOR. Strap in, guys, because I am saving my game and not leaving til I find a style I like. Why does this game’s customization already feel so much more expansive than X&Y???

And this looks good to me! I sure am glad Leah shares none of my fears and objections to hair dye.


Things Of Interest in the Hau’oli Shopping District:

-A heal ball

-The Move Deleter

-Hau’oli Cemetery??? When do I go there?????

-The cafe guy gave me a Rare Candy and a Casteliacone!


Okay, no, wait, let’s talk about Team Skull for a sec. I Do Not Like Their Name. For one thing, sure, it’s a little unoriginal. But a FAR more important reason is:


Pokemon already had a Team Skull!!! From Pokemon Explorers of Sky!!! And that game was awesome and they can’t just rip the name like it didn’t exist before, you know??? Like, did you know ORAS was NOT the first game where you could fly on a Lati@s? The third Ranger game was! That game was so good!

Okay, rant aside, looking up that image even without using any ‘team skull’ keywords caused a bunch of pictures of who was probably the team leader to pop up and no no no no no no SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS

hey look a mansion

Woah, uh, walking into this place actually felt really invasive, like the concept of “i’m not supposed to come into this stranger’s fancy house uninvited” was actually a thing.

Apparently, this is Captain Ilima’s house! I thought he was a girl. Oops.

Speaking of which: I left the shopping district and entered the Marina, and hey, I ran into the guy!

?!?! And could I have run into PLOT as well?!?

oh god

….wait, what, their theme song was some sort of heavy metal rap and then Ilima just started speaking and brought the cheerful Hau’oli theme back.

And the theme’s back. OKAY, YOU TWO NEED TO STOP, IMMEDIATELY. (this picture comes with a free meta glimpse into wordpress)

AND IT’S TIME FOR BATTLE! Okay, I’ll say this: their battle intro – the black paint thing – and their battling music is pretty sick. But still. Y’all’re edgesters.

He had a Zubat and my bug defeated him in like three seconds, but this encounter made me appreciate Ilima a lot more. Look at how cute he’s being!

Smeargle, yeah? I saw the signs around town.

Oh, wait, like, by now, he meant NOW now. Okay then!

He has…a Yungoos! yaaaaaay

By the way, both Silkie and Tulip’s affection are up to 3 hearts, so at the beginning of battles they’re awaiting my instructions and reminiscing about our lives together. So cute!

The Smeargle’s up, so I’m switching to Tulip cause I haven’t used her in a while! And I’ve got a feeling about this Smeargle…hmm…

Oh, no. Dang, I was guessing it’d be an Alolan form??

Well, it matters not, because I managed to beat him! It was close, actually, because Smeargle knew Ember, and on one of my turns I was trying to type with one hand and clicked Astonish by accident. But two Leafages was enough to do it.

Away Ilima goes to Verdant Cavern, and I’d better go to Route 2 to catch up with him for the REAL trial! Though maybe I should stop for the night…NAHHHH ROTOM’S TELLING ME TO KEEP GOING LET’S GO

Lillie stopped to wish me well on the way there. I am feeling…I am feeling the warm fuzzies in this game right now. aaaaaaaahhhhhgh.

Route 2 time  – and would you look at that, there’s shaking grass in this game! A Makuhita? WHY NOT

That’s all taken care of!

Okay, this is interesting – in Route 2, I came across a house in which a boy ran away from home to go on a Pokemon journey. This is really detailed, so – who, I wonder? Will or have we met him?

I went along further and a Delibird led me to Team Skull plot, wow! And now I have berries.

And then I backtracked to visit the Hau’oli Cemetery. This is, uh…quite the casual way to introduce a cemetery to us, I guess. Wow.

I did find a Drifloon, though!! Named him Peedee! Now I can complete a sidequest for this one girl in the city who wanted one! (She gave me 10,000 Poke. Cool.)

NEW ALOLA FORM DISCOVERED: Diglett has a weird little tuft on its head. That’s another single-type Generation One Pokemon with no Mega who got a special form…

Okay, I’ve explored the cemetery quite a lot, so I’m back on the track to Verdant Cave. Not much there. Maybe it’s different in the cemetery at night.

Look at this little doot, though! Found a new Pokemon! Her name is Bessie (from The Mighty B, even though I never watched that show), although…you, uh, remember Beautifly, right? Cutiefly, Beautifly….those are pretty similar names…?

At least Bug/Fairy is a neat combo.

would like to inform: a random trainer just sent a misdreavus out. would like to inform: I LOVE MISDREAVUS SO MUCH

well, uhh…this is an interesting design?? I found this Crabrawler randomly in a berry pile…okay then!

Having explored every inch of this goshdarn giant route and caught a whole bunch of Pokemon – Growlithe, Crabrawler, Spearow, Smeargle, Drowzee, Cutiefly, even more! – I think that’s a good place to stop for the night! That’s right, at the entrance to Verdant Cavern! That means we can start right off with our first trial and not worry about all this exploring! Because I can’t stop. help me

I love the Alola region in itself, and I feel a great kinship beginning with Hau and Lillie! I wonder if they’ll get any sort of development later on…? I HOPE SO! And, uh, also Team Skull happened.

Team stats: Tulip the Rowlet and Silkie the Grubbin, both level 15. Braced for imminent evolution from either one of them. A third Pokemon still hasn’t caught my eye.

I will see you all next time!



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