Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {8}

Hello, friends! It’s me and I’m BACK! Man, it sure is late. Really, really late. I wonder what the most responsible thing for me to do right now would be…?

SO LAST TIME I got a not-gym-badge and made my way over here, and now I’ve gotta find the Marina and get over to the next island – which I think I remember was named Akala? I’d better start training Dug the Rockruff up on the way.

…she’s experienced?

NO TIME FOR JOKES, we’re on a boat ride! I took screenshots of pretty much everything because it looked so PRETTY and yet, it didn’t stop. I realized I probably should have closed my Nintendo in between shots so I could upload the pictures but eh, it’s just a transition scene?? And why would I want to interrupt this beautiful scenario???

This was my favorite part, though. Hau is just jealous.

We have officially made it to Akala, and there’s some Castelia City-ish music going on!

i uh

okay no hau it wasn’t that funny i just had to use something to let the audience know we were done with the boat ride

…And he just ignores me and moves on to the Professor, and Kukui just says “The land is certainly ahoy, oh boy” and the music completely stops???

Lillie looks so OFFENDED


Olivia and Mallow! Mallow has a flower in her hair like a Grass-type person and I love her immediately (she’s a captain!)

And a chef?

yeah she’s a chef. (way to make it not obvious)

And then they leave! THAT WASN’T AWKWARD!

Kukui tells up that we have THREE trials on this island, meaning that by the time the next island rolls around, we’ll already have completed half of them…? That seems fast! I guess I’ll just head on out to Paniola and look at all the things on the way there.

I’m gonna make a list in advance. STUFF I FOUND IN HEAHEA CITY:

-An absolutely stunning tourist face board. Leah is now a lady in a bikini with a Bellossom.

-The Name Rater! Mark that down!

-Lillie, who told me about Tapu Lele and then had an a silent angry-face fight with Nebby over getting him back in the bag (the facial sprite are NOT QUITE ADVANCED ENOUGH to do this without it being pretty odd). I have to meet her at a hotel, but yeah yeah later

-A guy who wants me to get him a Pyukumuku. Will do, mister!

-A clothes shop in which I blew half my money (I found out that you can get glasses in this game, but I decided to leave them off Leah because, well, they didn’t suit her at all!!)

Wh – oh my god. Sina and Dexio???


I, uh, guess I’m battling Sina now…that’s something I never did before, so that’s actually pretty great!

Her first Pokemon was a Delibird, which Dug took out on his own even though it was four levels higher because it was, well, a Delibird. Then she had a Glaceon, which knocked him out…luckily, Silkie was there to protect us!

Dexio just gave us the Zygarde Cube. HEY THANKS THAT’S NICE TO HAVE

My way to the rest of the city is blocked off by a guy on a Stoutland (!!!!), so I guess I’ll go stop by the hotel. After training Dug up a bit and catching some things, I mean! I won’t go farther into Route 4 than the first grass block!


Wow, would you look at this thing! I guess…I guess I’ll just name her Donkey? He’s a pretty iconic cartoon, isn’t he? (Her ability is ‘stamina,’ raising Defense every time it got physically hit, which is REALLY ANNOYING)

Oh, well….Lillie says the person she wanted to meet isn’t showing up, so I guess we’re not having this subplot right now. BACK TO ROUTE 4!

Dug is sorely missing a Rock-type move, but I’m having fun battling with him. I tested out the Normalium with him, and you’ll have to forgive me if I run out of liveblog time while petting him in Pokemon Refresh. (HE’S SO HUGGABLE)

I, um…there’s also this new mechanic! I missed seeing more Zygarde in Gen 6, to be honest. It’s pretty interesting that we actually have to collect bits of a Pokemon until we have enough to get a really strong one.

Update: Dug now has Rock Throw. He will be UNSTOPPABLE.

Hey, it’s Paniola Town!

Hey, it’s Hau!

oh i guess he’s battling us. cool alright

Hau still has two Pokemon, the SCRUB. Except Pikachu beat Dug because it survived my Breakneck Blitz with one HP, which is incredibly aggravating and I want to run it over with a bus and it’s a good thing I have a bus Pokemon now.

Look at this! Brionne, huh?? From what I’ve heard, I was expecting a lot worse for Popplio’s next design, but this isn’t really bad at all. It’s feminine and pretty cute!

Let’s run it over too.

YAY I WIN. And off goes Hau to find the Ranch.

And, once I heal up at the Center, that’s actually where I’m gonna end the episode! Bit of a short one today, but while I’m out, I’m going to level up Dug. Both Tulip and Silkie are at level 21, and as Dug is only at level 16, he’s got some leveling up to do! I might only train him to 18 or so, though…just enough for him to comfortably hold his own against other Pokemon, but I’ll be able to get the last few levels during the next liveblog, when there’s plot stuff happening.

And, of course, if Dug evolves, I’ll either edit it in or let you all know right away in the next blog.

So then! I’ll see you next time for the exciting continuation of Akala Island!



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