Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {14}


Last time – and this is as much a reminder for me as for you guys – we appear to have left off here!

We just beat Mallow the chef lady and the super-difficult Fomantis evolution, *checks* Lurantis! Now it’s time to go on down to Olivia and see if we can beat her. Maybe she’ll be in that Diglett’s Tunnel.

Before we do that, though, some NPC or somethin’ mentioned that Comfey could be found in the jungle, so I’m definitely heading back now that the trial is over! (Ah, yes, and Rotom is helpfully reminding me of the Dimensional Research center.)

????? Found one? I, uh, what am I looking at, here – a bracelet? I got spoiled on the name by some Gijinka fanart, so I don’t know what I was expecting its appearance to be like. I think I was just imagining Cottonee.

Okay, it wasted my last Ultra Ball, but I threw a Nest Ball and caught it! Let’s check this thing out. Looking at it on the capture screen, it’s actually pretty cute once you can make out where its face is. It’s pretty much just a lei. And hey, it’s pure Fairy! I thought it was Grass!!

What a fitting name!

Right…Fomantis, Paras, Bonsly, Metapod, and I feel like these are all the rest of the Pokemon I’m gonna find in the near future. Time to move on!

Hey, it’s Lillie! Been a while! I feel like I arrived just in time, because…no…you can’t just tell a Pokemon to use Splash, that’s….that’s like the worst thing ever………


We’ve been spotted! (I’m mostly including this image because Nebby is really cute.)

Apparently, the lab we’re at studies “dimensions.” I feel like the last time we had dimension talk was the Delta Episode in ORAS, where, if I’m not mistaken, they went on about ORAS being in a literal separate dimension than R/S/E. Which, like, omg that’s awesome

“How were your trials?” I’m gonna be honest and say ‘it was really tough’. Yeah, she’s not surprised.

We’re in the building! +10 for Hoopa reference!


Her name’s Professor Burnet. Is…is that a tree?Screenshot 2017-04-09 at 12.16.08 AM.png

Apparently, I’m not the only Pokemon fan to wonder that!

But yeah, hahaaaa I KNEW we’d meet Kukui’s partner sometime in the game. I spotted his wedding ring during the PokeSkype call! I bet I get Internet cookies for that or something!

!!!!!!!!! dude what

….okay, now she’s moving on to Hau. COME ON, THAT WAS INTERESTING! Nebby was knocked out, too?? Is this like the opening of PMD Explorers of Sky, except Lillie got turned back to human??

WOAH hau out of nowhere

The reason this is all weirdly exciting to me is because Pokemon sometimes struggles with the pacing of its story/gameplay/mythology. Starting up the backstory BEFORE we’re 4/5ths through the game is good in my book!


Soo….Nebby seems uncomfortable. If mysterious Pokemon come out of this wormhole, did that happen to Cosmog too?

They’re called “Ultra Beasts” and the guardians of Alola fought against them. THAT’S COOL.

And with that, I have free reign to see the lab. Lillie says that Burnet was the one who rescued her and hooked her up with Kukui, and…that’s just really CUTE! Lillie needs a mom figure, awww!


And the Interdream Zone? Foreshadowing? What?

[4/9/17 future edit for Mohn being the name of the Pokepelago guy whoops]

In any case, that was an enlightening and in no way plot-relevant trip! Time to head off to Konikoni Village.


I’m now a little ways into Diglett’s Tunnel (nothing super eventful is happening) and suddenly the Aether Foundation appears. I remember these guys from earlier…what could they want?

Hmm….they’re helping out the Diglett that got riled up after Team Skull disturbed them. That’s a very nice and logical reason to be here.

But HERE’S who I was expecting! How’d the Aether guys get past them?

‘Aue’? I have never heard that exclamation before.

Well, we had a predictably pretty easy Double Battle. MOVING ON!

We made it out of the tunnel! This is a pretty interesting sign. Especially considering the officer just to the left of it will fight you!

This is interesting…looks like I’ve reached Konikoni, but just next to it is another Pokemon cemetery. The Ruins of Life! Right now I’m wandering around battling people in it. It is very odd that they don’t even bother to give this place some somber music. Tapu Lele is said to come here, though, which is cool.

….All the grieving people’s Pokemon beaten up? Cool, let’s keep moving.

Awww, this is such a cute little town! And hey, it’s the delivery Delibird!

And…a Probopass?

Incense, Pokemon Massage…looks like all the familiar shops and services are bundled up here! AND HEY LOOK A STYLIST! I think I’m due for a new look…

A little lighter and longer…more like me irl. I think it’s nice!

Other shops include….TMs! Clothing (with a Pokemon called Oranguru inside)! Herbs! OH GOD ALL MY SAVINGS ARE GONE!

My new look. True Fashion

I stopped by the Pokemon Center to sell some Pearls and things and a random Aether member actually said that Oranguru can be found in Lush Jungle. I’ll be going back, then! I missed a spot!

Ruins of Life…hey, I was just there!

Olivia’s shop sells evolutionary stones (bought a Leaf Stone), headbands (bought all the purple ones), and I can choose between getting the Plume or Armor Fossil. Hm…I already have a rock type, so I guess it doesn’t matter? I’m gonna go with Tirtouga – Armor Fossil – just in case I need another Water-type. Branch doesn’t actually know any Water moves.

….oh wait, I have to pay for it? Ehhhhh I’ll do it in the postgame, once I’m rich.

What’s up with the weird angle for this part of town?

I just passed by a lady who gave me a Pikanium…*sigh* okay I guess I’m not surprised that Pikachu is getting even more special treatment

okay, just, look at how much of a D O R K Leah is now

That looks like it’s everything in Konikoni. This wouldn’t really function well as a town, being a bunch of kiosks, but it’s really cool and nice otherwise! I guess it’s time to head back to the Ruins of Life for our SHOWDOWN with Olivia!!

……that is, we’ll do that next time! It’s actually quite late now, so I’m going to leave off here:

and we’ll tackle the grand trial once we resume! Between then and now, I might also stop back in Lush Jungle and find that Oranguru. It shouldn’t be too eventful, just more standard Pokemon-searching, but I’ll have my phone ready in case something exciting happens.

Quick team update – Tulip, Silkie, Dug, and Branch are all levels 27-28.

See you all next time!



One thought on “Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {14}

  1. actually despite what the clerk says, you can totally get both fossils with no hassle at all (well, aside from financially), so the choice is completely nonexistant!


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