Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {15}

Hey, y’all! We’ve reached another multiple of 5! Right now, Passover’s going on, so I hope you’re having a nice holiday time, celebrate it or not. (Whoops, same for Easter.) But perhaps more important than either of those, today is 4/13….the birthday of Homestuck! Maybe I can make awkward Homestuck references more than usual during the blog to celebrate.

Although, I’m actually not sure how long this blog will go for…I’m starting a little late, so we may just play til we beat Olivia and call it a night? Eh, we’ll take it as we go!

Last time, we left off after Thoroughly Exploring Konikoni City. That wasn’t my latest adventure, though! Off-camera, I went back to do some exploring in Lush Jungle because an NPC told me I could get an Oranguru there. Well….

Here he is! I didn’t really want to name him King Louie, so his namesake is the gorilla from Teen Titans. He’s a pretty cool dude. So cool, in fact, that I think I’m gonna try leveling him up for a while?? I mean, he doesn’t share types with my current team, and he’s definitely meant to be a Special attacker. Although Mallah’s moveset doesn’t look very focused around attacking moves…I had to give him TM Charge Beam, because before that he only had Stored Power. (Apologies for any worse-than-usual screenshots; the lighting’s not great tonight!)

I went around to try and level Mallah up before the fight, but now I’ve realized I’m just going to fall asleep if I start level grinding right now. So I’m actually gonna try out the EXP Share for this fight! There’s a first!

And here’s some conflict!


I am now fighting in place of….the President of the Aether Foundation? Can’t wait to learn all about them in a second.

Wait, where?! who are you

Nope, they’re gone. HEAL UP, MOVE ON

Wow, past the Team Skull roadblock is a whole bunch of stuff! I’m seeing trainers and Zygarde bits and a whole bunch of stuff. Might be a while yet.

FOUND A NEW POKEMON! It’s Gumshoos, the evolution of Yungoos! It’s not a super different design, but an interesting name. And is it Gumshoos as in gumshoe, since they’re the Stakeout Pokemon? Do we have a gutsyGumshoe on our hands?

Also, Dug just leveled up and tried to learn Stealth Rock. Not today, buddy….but I’m making a note of that for the competitive scene.

Another one of my recent additions. This must be where Olivia’s Probopass came from.

I’m almost to the end of these outskirts, and….huh, Mallah’s not doing too bad. He’s already level 24, fighting on his own and everything. I think his design’s too complete for him to evolve, but man, I hope he does!!



I follow a couple of webcomic artists on Twitter, and one of them namedropped this lady and I think must have posted some fanart. I saw the name, not the art, and was unable to get it out of my head – so I assumed for a while that Plumeria was the name of Rowlet’s third evolution. You know, wisteria, plume of feathers. Wasn’t expecting this, though! She’s like an eagle! Dang!

She calls herself the big sister of the Team Skull peeps and visions of fluffy family-times art is immediately flooding my brain.

“But don’t you think some dummies are cute in their dumbness?” plumeria

Oops now we’re fighting. As I beat up this Golbat, I can’t help but wonder if she thinks of Gladion as a little sibling too, or ~*something more*~

Golbat’s down. Her next Pokemon is Salandit! I was kind of expecting another Chemical X Pokemon thingy, but that’s perfect for Mallah – we got it in one hit!

She should really stop pulling those pigtails so tight.

And…..there she goes. That was, uh. Okay she BETTER be important later on

I’m moving on to the Ruins of Life proper. Team assessment: we’re overall gonna be pretty bad against Rock-types. Dug, Branch, and Silkie have no good moves for them (Water-type moves on Mareanie when), and while Tulip could hold her own, she’ll be a glass cannon. One strong hit and she might be down! Now, Mallah…he’s still around four levels lower than the rest of the team, but he just learned Nasty Plot from that fight against Plumeria. If he sets up with NP and goes to town with Stored Power, he could do some serious damage, especially considering that Rock-type Pokemon are typically slow with lowish special defense.

(Yes, I am a nerd.)

I’m at a loss as to how to counter a Probopass if she actually has one, though. Let’s go on ahead.


She’s talking about the Masked Royal. Burnet. Burnet you are a scientist.

Hey, Lillie just healed my Pokemon! Aww, I like you.

Soooo….this is where Tapu Lele is! It’s agitating Nebby, for some reason.

That is a good question. My current theory is pretty much just that Nebby is a little babby Guardian who maybe got lost in some way pertaining to the Ultra Wormhole. Do Z-Moves fit into this? What is Nebby’s secret special power?? Is Lillie a space goddess???

Oh dang, that’s cool. I hope we see Tapu Lele right before/after the boss fight.

And the music kicked up….you know what? I’mma hecking go for it!


First Pokemon: Nosepass. It tried to paralyze me, but Mallah already likes me enough that it broke through the paralysis. YOU GO, DUDE! I haven’t stacked up nearly enough Nasty Plot, though!

Okay…Sp. Attack is maxed out. I’ve healed the paralysis, and the Stored Power did the trick! Next is…..LYCANROC WAT

It’s….a werewolf??? AND IT KNOWS BITE OH JEEZ OH NO nope we survived. And thank GOSH Lycanroc isn’t Dark-type! It got taken out in one hit!

Last Pokemon is a Boldore. I know Mallah can do this, but I have to heal up.

Got down to 1HP, avoided a Headbutt, and…..WE DID IT. Mallah grew a level! AND WE WON!

GRAND TRIAL #2 COMPLETE. Rockium Get! Oh man, this is replacing the Normalium i m m e d i a t e l y.

“The Rock type is physically hard, strong and rugged. So nothing like me at all!” That is sweet. And really cool that they’d acknowledge it in this way. Rock seemed an arbitrary choice.

Hmm. And finally we have a little moment between Nebby and Olivia. She seems to have a guess that something we don’t.

He did the ‘aue’ thing again! Have I been missing that this whole time?

OH! They’re talking about the green President person again….looks like he’s a guy, then. Now we know our next destination.

The Aether Foundation makes Lillie nervous….I guess she remembers the opening cutscene.

Uh….hey, it’s Tapu Lele’s den! Are we supposed to be exploring this now…?

Well, it’s a giant strength puzzle, so I guess I’ll be leaving that for later. Right now, I gotta get to a Pokemon Center.

And here we are at a junction in Heahea City, close to the way towards the Hano Grand Resort, and this is where I’ll be leaving things for the night! It feels like I’ll trigger another cutscene if I step too close. Who haven’t we seen in a while? Gladion?

[lost image]

And here’s a look at my team. Our biggest problem is moves and movesets right now, but with Mallah’s help I think we’ll be able to overcome our reliance on physical attacks. Please ignore Kevin. He is there for scale.

Pretty interesting characters introduced in this episode…happy 4/13, all!



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