Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {17}

Greetings, friends! As you may have been able to tell, I’ve been a little busy in these past few weeks, so it’s been tough finding time to liveblog. In fact, after today I might not even have time to put out another one until after the 27th – which is the conclusion of a play I’m participating in. Practice on top of exam prep eats up time, but here I am!

Last time, we were here, as we made our way into the first Pokemon Center of Ula’ula, the third island. Could this mean we’re over halfway through the game??? Woah!

Hmm, it’s quite dark out, even though I’m finally doing one of these in the afternoon….it looks like the Alolan clock is around eleven or twelve hours from the 3DS time. Unless I just have my game clock on AM and I haven’t noticed.

HI LILLIE! Has it actually been that long since I saw you? I remember that one place where she was imitating me…was that Professor Burnet’s lab? Oh god I’m forgetting everything. Or maybe I’m just confused because it FEELS like we saw her recently, but that was actually LUSAMINE!

All she’s really doing is blocking me from going anywhere until I visit Malie Garden, which is a true valued use of our friendship.

Made it!

Already, this is a very lovely little place. I thought it’d be smaller, but there’s Trainers and tall grass here! And there’s some kind of motif, according to the sign…? I’m guessing the garden is shaped like a Pokemon??

Man, I am having bad luck with wild encounters. First a Poliwag paralyzed me with Body Slam, then called for help; now a Psyduck confused me with Water Pulse and also called for help. I’m starting to think the universe does not like Mallah.

I had to pause the liveblog for a while, and hey, now it’s morning in-game! So here’s what the garden looks like in the daytime!


This thing is a huge, incomprehensible monster. No not the dog

On the bright side, I just used the Rocknium for the first time so Dug could drop a HUGE FREAKING BOULDER on its head and kill it. Because I forgot I was supposed to catch it whoops

Found another one. okay, like, that’s adorable, but still

Hey, I found a Petilil in the grass! I’ve already got one, but defeating it was enough to bring Mallah to level 30. And that makes 30 for all five of my Pokemon! The rotation can switch back to Tulip now.

You know, there Hau is telling me he’ll explore around the bridge, but I can literally walk around the garden until I can approach him from behind and he still hasn’t moved an inch. Way to go, buddy. Teamwork!

Anyways, I somehow managed to track down the professor. Not shown is a weird Vanilluxe display doll by the shop.

“Your eyes are shining extra bright today. Did something big happen?” ONLY SOMETHING AMAZING!

We got a MOUNTAIN coming up!

Hau oh my god stop being so obsessed with malasadas

like, what did you expect the answer to be…..also, reminder that Hau is Eleven and does not know what an observatory is. Didn’t Sina mention something about of those?

And, hey, according to some NPCs, Malie Garden is actually based off Johto. That’s a really neat little culture thing!

I’m done exploring. This place is great for leveling up! Tulip and Silkie are at level 31 now, so it seems Dug will be the one to accompany me to Route 10.

Hello again, Lils! You can’t see it, but there’s a Zygarde bit shining by that car right behind you and it’s driving me nuts.

Ooh….the Ula’ula ruins are in DESERT! WE GOT A DESERT LEVEL!! And there’s a LIBRARY! Good thing it’s not the ruins of the library in the middle of the desert, or we might be in trouble!

Oh good, she stopped talking. We can get the crystal now.

This will never not be kind of odd. …………..wait WHO is Rotom talking to


And there he goes. OKAY. WELL. Let’s discuss this. This appears to be an alternate-universe version of Samuel Oak. Like, it’s his exact same face copied onto a different-looking 3D sprite. Like. What. Maybe it’s his great-great-grandson? Did Blue ever have kids? What even is going on?

Well, good thing he’ll be in the library any time we need him, right? Haaa………why

Let’s do some exploring before the library! First off, I just went a good ways into Route 11 before being cut off by the trial guide lady – who, by the way, mentioned that the next kahuna will give us the Electrium! I didn’t battle any Trainers or wild Pokemon; I’ll save those for later. But I am curious about new Pokemon there, so hey, maybe that’s where I’ll do some training.

Malie City is pretty dang big, and I pretty much just stumbled across Lillie on accident.

!!!!!!! LILLIE!!!!!! IT’S!!!!! LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!

Hapu! Missed you, bud.

Awwww. Hapu and Mudsdale really are very cute. I’d love to ride Mudsdale in the desert. She seems well fit for the job!

And now into a casual forced transition inside the library!

Okay, yes, glorious research and books and magic, but this line is REALLY interesting to me. Apparently, this lady tried to use Fly and it’s actually against the law?? This is some fanfiction dot net levels of realistic regulatory enforcement. And it’s definitely the kind of thing I need to pay attention to for writing Pokemon stories in the future!

Oh hey, she just gave me TM Fly. For….Tulip, I guess? Thanks??

Wait, aw man, these bookshelves aren’t readable! And here I was thinking this library was better than Canalave!

Betcha a shiny that that lady with the purple hair is someone we have to battle later

…the very next A-Button mash, are you serious (is she related to shauntal i am immediately subscribing to this theory)

She just gave us a book called The Light of Alola, which is a pretty darn awesome name.


OKay SO This lady apparently has a royal family AND her name is “Acerola” and I immediately like her a lot

Well, now we’re told to head off to Route 10! This library’s weird but interesting at the same time. The books in the back actually are readable, and they’re saying that the tapu of Alola aren’t really legendary Pokemon, just very gifted and powerful ones that served as leaders of the kings’ armies. So they really are like small-time island deities that the head honchos, the Legendary Pokemon that actually personify the world, rewarded for their effort.

I’m sad that we can’t find out what Acerola’s deal is (?????), but I hope she’ll come up later to be important. Because I am pretty darn sure she’s not just a librarian.

So, as we make our way around Malie, I’m still thinking about that book. I dunno…just excited to see how it’ll become relevant, I guess.

SHOPPING! Yeah, the horn-rimmed glasses became too much even for me after a little while.

And some new hair.

Here I am on Route 10! There’s an old lady who needs to find her Stufful, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for those as I go along.

Oh my goodness there is a healer on this route. I LOVE YOU. I was really dreading having to go back to the Poke Center after every battle, especially now that Branch is up front – he tends to get injured a lot.

AW DUDE THERE ARE PANCHAM ON THIS ROUTE! Well, this one’s name is Po! I passed an NPC who would take this for a Happiny earlier, so I guess I’ll take a quick trading pit stop.

oh boyyyyy

Two fights, started by Tulip and ended by Silkie. Silkie is probably the strongest out of my whole team. She just learned X-Scissor. This bus is unstoppable.

SPEAKING OF BU – oh wait no. Hey, it’s Kukui!


Ahem. SPEAKING OF BUSES, let’s take this bus stop.

It’s called the Exeggutor Express. This is just like those little animal-painted trains in zoos. Everyone pretends to hide their pain.

We’re at the top!

Oh wow, that’s lovely.

And it looks like there will be Ice-types on it, too! I kind of miss them. I got a NeverMeltIce from the Stufful lady for completing her task, and it reminded me that there haven’t been many Ice-types around…darn tropical islands.



No seriously, that’s god dang amazing. More than any of the other regions, Alola is centered around establishing its relationship with the rest of the Pokemon world. It’s a tiny, different, oddball place, where Pokemon come in weird colors, where they stick up for each other when they hear calls for help, where they’re paged instead of taught to Fly.  Heck, they even have their own religion with the tapus. I can easily see it as the kind of place that’s popular for tourism but never taken seriously…sort of like actual Hawaii? And Kukui – man, suddenly, he’s a professor who’s not just researching Pokemon, but he’s actively throwing himself into making changes for his entire region. Alola is just a super colorful, quirky place; why shouldn’t he want to see Alolan representatives out there in the Grand Championships? And now Alola is like the exact opposite of Kalos, which is big and wealthy and extravagant and the Champion was a movie star and now here I am on a comparatively podunk island and the story of its rise to fame – I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

That’s where I’m leaving off for the night, by the way. That was fun! Next time, we’ll be exploring the observatory, and I’ll see if my team makes any big changes in the near future. Everybody’s at level 31, and the 30s are a pretty good time for evolution! See you guys soon!



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