Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {18}

HEY FRIENDS! It is I, MissMash, back with another liveblog. It’s been a while! School’s still not over yet, but the worst of it is out of the way.

First and foremost: SCHEDULE ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be absent from June 27th to August 7th; I’m going to Israel over the summer! Hopefully the hiatuses you’ve already endured will have prepared you for this summer season break of sorts. I will try to do a BUNCH more liveblogging in the window of June that’s left for me, but who can say if that’ll really happen LOL


I HAVE BEEN GIFTED A COPY OF POKEMON SUN AND THIS IS EXTREMELY EXCITING. This won’t impact Pokemon Moon at all, I don’t THINK, but it certainly opens opportunities for ventures in the future. I am so thrilled to have this game. god i love pokemon

She also stuck some Pokemon trading cards inside the box…I’m so glad she knows Ninetales is my favorite ūüėÄ And now I know Lycanroc has a Midnight Form! (On the back of the box are Alolan Form Exeggutor, Rockruff’s evolution, and one or two other Pokemon I didn’t recognize, but shhhh I think this gets a pass from spoiling the experience)

Anything else…? Oh yeah, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are things now. Cool?? I’m sure that SuMo will have some thrilling plot hooks to be resolved!

Finally, with all that new junk out of the way, WE SHALL CONTINUE.

Last time, we left off around HERE, at this observatory!! LET’S GO!!!!

Whoops, hello there Oak! Thanks for that exposition on Minior…? I just got a Level Ball from behind a truck, and now he’s giving me this. I sort of remember these from Pokemon HGSS – I guess they’ve decided to bring some old stuff back.

Well, Royal’s an interesting name, and…OH! I know that name. Somebody in the Pokemon Center mentioned Molayne as the Bill of this generation. He looks like a dork…NICE.

Hmm….the Festival Plaza guy?

AND NOW WE’RE BATTLING MOLAYNE WHO CONTINUES TO BE VERY CUTE. He starts off with Skarmory, but Silkie frankly continues to be unstoppable.

Oops! His next Pokemon is a Metang (Steel trainer!!) but I misclicked and switched to Dug. Dug still has Bite, not quite as great as Silkie’s Crunch, but…yeah, his affection just kept him from fainting and gave him a crit, so he can take this.


Who am I kidding, we’re fine!

For some reason I didn’t connect the name Royal with Masked Royal. OH WELL! Molayne KNOWS.

And now it’s free rein time. INTO THE OBSERVATORY!

Ooh, this place has a cool blue scientific design. There’s this stack of Pokemon magazines that’s actually giving us a list of Pokemon connected to the stars: well, only Gothitelle and Cleffa. Missing a few there.

Here’s our guy! I wonder if he’d be there if I went into the Plaza RIGHT NOW.

He’s asking if I like Festival Plaza, and, well, I do, I guess. I can see it being a fun way to pass the time once I’m onto postgame stuff.

Ohhh wow he wants to do the challenge right now??

*furiously scribbles in ‘pokemon physiology’ notebook*

Three, two, one, a – oops

Oh no, don’t do this to me, game! Do you know how hard it is taking pictures of a black screen without reflection the phone in it??

That’s creepy as heck yo

OH MY GOD THE AUDIO QUIZ IS TESTING MY KNOWLEDGE OF ACTUAL POKEMON SOUNDS!!! THAT’S AWESOME!!!!! Well, there’s not much use in taking any pictures in this segment, but the first one was clearly a Pokemon Center chime. I am feeling extremely rewarded for my obsessive Pokemon years right now.

Now I’m fighting a Grubbin. My team never got healed from Molayne, though.

The next one is weird…must be Rotom Dex.


Next is a Pokemon cry, and…dude. BUS.

The Totem Pokemon is still on its way. I really hope it turns out to be Charjabug’s evolution, and Charjabug’s evolution is just an incredibly slow flying bus.

The next one was the most obscure at first, but it’s gotta be the music denoting the Totem Pokemon because the other options aren’t nearly that dramatic! And when I click the answer…yep, straight into battle!


Hey, it’s only level 29, though? And Silkie’s level 32. Perhaps there’s an evolutionary item I’m missing out on.

Unfortunately, Silkie isn’t the greatest choice for THIS battle, so I’m swapping to Dug. …who, uh, just got REKT by Spark and Bug Bite and Mud Slap. OKAY WE NEED A NEW PLAN??

Oh god, what DO I use?? Dug has the best moves but will be rekt by their attacks. Branch resists Bug but is out because Spark. Tulip is…acceptable? She has Pluck, lemme give her a shot.

THUNDER WAVE NO!!!!! New plan, heal Silkie with a sacrifice. Sorry, Tules. Her Pluck doesn’t do enough…

The good thing with Silkie is that I forgot she has an Eviolite, so Vikavolt can’t hurt her too badly!! A couple of X-Scissors and it’s only the Charjabug ally left!


He IS pretty tall.

Anyways, the moral of the story is that I have the best bus ever, and now she has grown STRONGER.

Quake in fear, mortals!!!

Molayne and Sophocles are cousins for real, neat! I wonder what the unusual circumstances that made him captain were, though? (Whoops I just got Steelium Z. RIP to anyone who wanted to get that in a really exciting way.)

And now I must go to Malie Garden to drop off the Professor’s Mask. Goodbye, Hokulani Observatory!

Now that I’ve seen Vikavolt, which, really, it’s GOT to be Charjabug’s evolution, I’m gonna take the plunge and check Bulbapedia’s method of evolution. Since I know it’s not by Thunderstone, I’m clueless, and I really don’t want to miss out on Silkie’s final form because I’m not playing at the right time or I’m not teaching her a certain move or anything like that.

…Oh! It’s a ‘special magnetic field’ like with Probopass and Magnezone. Well…the map says there’s a ‘recycling plant’ around here? If that’s not it, fear not; Silkie WILL reveal her true form before the end of the game.

Eyyyyy it’s Minior! Good thing I picked the long path down! (This one exploded, so I’ll be searchin’ around until I catch one.)

Gotcha! That’s…that’s actually pretty sad. Don’t worry, Chromastone, you’re safe with me.

OOH OKAY! I am now battling a Collector with a Passimian. Not sure what relation this has to Oranguru, but the guy had both of them.

Welp, we finally made it to Malie! Took a while because I caught five different colors of Minior and am preeeetty sure there’s a sixth yellow one out there I still need. But it looks like Kukui is having an altercation with summa them Team Skull fellows.

New Character?

oh no he’s a ham


Hey, we got backstory! I wonder if Molayne, Kukui, and Guzma ever traveled around together at some point.

Guzma is asking me why I’m doing the island challenge, and I’m going to say ‘that’s what I want to find out.’ Leah’s gotta have something more important on her mind that strength.

And here we go against GUZMA who has HOLY HECK A GIANT CREEPY WHITE BUG. Lucky I got Dug out for this, unless Golisopod is some weird typing. This is further proving my theory that Aether is the¬†real¬†evil team of this game…or, well, I guess other games let you periodically fight the Team Skull boss too. But usually there’s more ceremony than this, right…?

Anyways, Golisopod has Razor Shell, which killed Dug immediately oh boy. Branch fainted after lending a Toxic because Razor Shell happened to lower his Defense. But I guess Emergency Exit is a thing, and…wow, guessing by this Ariados, we got a Bug-specialist team leader! I APPROVE. Okay we won now.

WOW professor you can’t just SPOIL things for me in a LIVEBLOG like that

Hey, it’s….Shauntal’s secret relative! No worries they’ll remind me her name in a second. Oh right, Acerola.

Looks like Tapu Village and Route 11 are our destinations…next time!! Everybody conveniently just sort of left me behind, so I’d call that a great place to stop for the night.

Behold, our current team. Dug and Branch are level 32. We’re still higher than everything else, but the captains ARE catching up, so hopefully there’ll be some good training spots coming up…!

See you soon! Thanks for sticking around this long, too! I know it’s been a while since Moon and Sun were even released. ūüôā



One thought on “Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {18}

  1. my understanding is some pokemon only evolve in specific areas in the game so….I dunno just try and guess what makes sense and level up in those areas, I guess?

    I’m pretty sure you got the pokemon that evolves into Golisopod, too.


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