Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {19}

Me again!! Back with some liveblogs just one day before the trip, oops. This is the first time I’ll be making a post entirely on mobile, without my laptop to type on and mediate, so we’ll see how this goes.

Last time we left off right HERE at Malie Garden after an epic confrontation with Guzma. Offscreen, I ran back to the Center to heal. Now it’s time to go…..to route 11?! Something like that.

Ooh, actually, this is new….they’ve set up another Nugget Bridge here in Alola! Yeah, I’ll try it out. I’m interested in seeing what the prize is. (it’s probably a nugget)


OH SNAP! Aw snap guys!!! I thought Lycanroc was UNRELATED to Rockruff for some reason!! Well, I got a Midnight Form wolf now…NICE!!! Dug’s still only pure Rock-type, which is interesting. Werewolves look like Rock/Dark to me.

Well, anyways, that was the fourth trainer, so it’s time to switch to Branch. SUPER excited, though. On the back of my Pokémon Sun cartridge is a Pokémon that deeeefinitely looks like Lycanroc’s….Daylight Form?….so maybe I’ll figure out a way that form-switching works for him.

The five Trainers have been beaten and I just got a Big Nugget and…an offer to join Team Rocket…and now I guess I’m battling again. Didn’t think the Rockets were relevant, still!

…oh, no, he was pretending. Glad he admitted it, at least.

KIND OF CREEPY to see his name referenced again.

All righty then, NOW let’s move onto the next village. Away from this accursed bridge!

Route 11, here we go! The lady in the top right is a healer. I will be visiting her FREQUENTLY. (because branch is up front and he can’t  take care of himself)

NEW POKÉMON APPEARED! It’s Komala, a koala! And it has…Comatose? Well, that’s not looking like a useful ability.

Caught ’em! Her name is Alice because Alice was technically asleep for the whole Wonderland movie, maybe, I guess. Comatose means the Pokémon can attack while it’s drowsy and maybe even if it falls asleep, which IS pretty cool, since the Pokémon can’t get affected by other stats that way. Komala also gave me a buttload of experience and got Branch to level up. All right then!


AND WE GOT DECIDUEYE!!! Dang, that design is just plain UNIQUE. I love it! Gotta see one in the anime to really get a sense of their design,  I think. Aw man I’m happy.



AAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhh okay I’m fine now. Tulip. Tules. I love you.

WHAT THE HECK IS SPIRIT SHACKLE – oh my god the irony is that I STILL have Astonish as part of my moveset because I just haven’t had anything better to come along and replace it. Well, now I have a HELLA COOL move to do that!! And it prevents Pokémon from escaping,  which honestly sounds like it sucks SO HARD in competitive battle. I cannot wait to introduce Decidueye to my Grass team.

Ooh! I’m still trucking along, and the trial gate lady just told me my next trial is Ghost-type. Hmm, yes, that sounds fun. *evil laughter*

Aaaand Route 12 here we go!

It’s our favorite friends!

YO NICE I have Mudsdale on my Ride Pager now! It’s probably not Hapu’s. I’m not gonna question where and how all these Pokémon come from to get to me anymore.

….or maybe Hapu just says yes the Mudsdale belongs to them. Okay!

Ya done just wandered into dangerous territory, Hapu. SHIPPING TERRITORY. (….how old is this child, again)

Welp, bye now!

I’m off exploring! Mudsdale has an adorable trot animation.

OH MY GOSH I JUST CAME ACROSS A GEODUDE….AN ALOLAN GEODUDE! Just look at them eyebrows. This is….the first Alolan Pokémon I’ve seen that has previously been more than one type, I think. But it’s still Generation One.

IT’S ROCK ELECTRIC, OH MY GOSH!!! That’s so COOL! The heck does Alolan Golem look like?

[This is the point where I was trying to make a comment about what the heck a female electric rock with big arms and bushy eyebrows would be named.  It was also at this point that this entire post got deleted and I was plunged into a hellish nightmare of trying to restore it. I will now name this Geodude Strawberry S and move on with my life before any other things that I cherish and love get ruined.]

*saves game* Well, I wonder what else I can find here! Judging by the map, we’re pretty close to a Power Plant…if Silkie can evolve here, I’ll be VERY EXCITED.

And hey, I made to Blush Mountain and found a wild Charjabug…this has GOT to be the place. I’ll get Tulip to level 35, and then it’ll be Silkie’s turn in the rotation to battle…and maybe level up!

how did you get here

Uhhh thanks for the Lure Ball, Oak. WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE.

AHHH I FINALLY FOUND IT! Togedemaru, the Pikachu clone of this generation!

And they’re Electric/Steel. NICE.

I’d like the records to show that a Geodude just used Self-Destruct and Tulip was totally unaffected because of her new typing. i love her

THERE WE GO! SILKIE IS LEVEL 35….AND…….she didn’t evolve. Well goshdang it.

I guess Blush Mountain isn’t specific enough to cut it. Well, I’ll move on, then – hopefully the REAL power plant will open up soon.

Good gosh, Route 12 is VERY BIG. I’m really trying to be thorough!

Oh, those are punks! I was sure that was Team Skull.

It seems maybe Route 12 isn’t overly large after all – it just goes in a big loop. Judging by the map, I’m about to come up on a beach!

Secluded Shore, and it’s a protected place for Slowpoke. Can’t have ALL their tails be eaten.

New Pokémon alert! Sandygast, Must be a Ground/Ghost type.

I am now on….holy heck, route 13?! THIS IS SUCH A LONG STRETCH! Please tell me they put another healer over here.

Nnnnot who I was asking for, Hau.

He gave me a Max Potion!….no, see, I need to restore my PP too,


Eyyyyyy it’s Gladion! Been a while. Oh my god, was his theme music this glorious last time too???

No I don’t know anything RUN AWAY LEAH

Ahhhh this is cool. He says Cosmog isn’t STRONG, but it has bodyguards…

The news come out, does Gladion is good guy

…and there he goes!! He is SO COOL. He looked pretty upset at the end, there, too…

And there Hau goes also. That boy has a one-track mind.

I searched around in the hotel rooms and trailers and found some interesting tidbits and some Team Skull members just hangin’, but now I’m in Tapu Village! And there’s a Pokémon Center right the – HAU NO.

Oh good, he just wanted to tell me about construction and the Aether House. I CAN HEAL NOW! IT’S A MIRACLE.

Ooh! A guy in the Center wants a Haunter for Graveler, which I definitely want so I can get Golem. I got a Gastly a while back, so I’m gonna put Danny here in my extra space and just maybe level him up to evolution.

I’m hearing some talk about Tapu Bulu, the Tapu of this island, I guess. He seems more…volatile than the others? Very picky about what’s built where, at least.

The Aether House AND Route 15?? But – but why is so much stuff available? I was just at the spooky grocery store thing! THIS IS TOO MUCH FREEDOM.

Aaaand Hau’s back. AND I’M IN A PRESCHOOLER BATTLE. And….Acerola should be around here?

Oh there she is.

Acerola’s a captain! A Ghost captain! That makes a bunch of sense.

Ooh….getting some N vibes.

That place is cool and creepy, and I’m going to continue back down to the supermarket for the next challenge. Bye, Hau!

AW JEEZ!! Stop with the chin jumpscares!

Straightaway into a Skull fight! SAVE THE NEBBY.

That was pretty easy. Lillie just gave me some Luxury Balls, nice! It’s okay, Lillie, I won’t hate you if you’re useless. I wonder where Hapu went, though.

I have control again! To Tapu Village!!

Here I am….and here’s where I’m gonna end this liveblog! I want to take a break and maybe get another one started before the day’s out. I’d love to see what Acerola’s challenge is like!

SUPER COOL episode, and we covered a lot of ground and got TWO evolutions! I am satisfied. See you soon!





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