Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {20}

It’s me and I’m back and LIVEBLOG NUMBER TWENTY LET’S GO! This one will be the last one for six weeks at minimum! (I’ll be back on August 7th, 2017). Now, if you’re in the future reading through these and you don’t actually care…neato! Tell me what that’s like.

Last time we left off in Tapu Village, of course, and I’m thinking it’s time to head down and see what the spooky abandoned supermarket trial place is like.

I was down Route 14 last episode just to explore – I found a TM for Shadow Ball, but only Finneon in the water – and I gotta say the black-sand beach aesthetic is pretty cool. It’s also raining, which is great for my Water-type, Branch...IF ONLY MAREANIE LEARNED WATER-TYPE MOVES

(Here’s a VERY IMPORTANT ASIDE – I goofed with Tulip in Pokémon Refresh and her cloak literally acts like a hoodie. The leaves are the little strings on it and everything.)

here we gooooo

OH DANG, this challenge is themed around Poke Finder! I wonder what sort of Ghost-types will be in there, and what the Totem Pokémon itself will be? We’ve seen Sandygast and Decidueye, and….well, I’ve heard of a Pokémon called Mimikyu that I THINK is a Ghost-type. It seems popular, so maybe this is where it finally comes into play.

Trial Start! Already this is such a cool location. I’m a big fan of when Pokémon tries to get creepy. (I’ve never been able to handle the Old Chateau with the volume on, though. Music was too spooky for young me.)

! “The conveyer belt started moving all on its own. Would you like to fire up the Poke Finder?” Yes please. Let’s give this a shot.

This will be a difficult challenge to take pictures during because I can’t hold the camera and position the Poke Finder at the same time. So here, have a Gastly battle.

I used to work pushing carts at a big grocery store and I wished all the time that I had telekinesis to help me. I’d settle for a Pokémon too.

Oh! It wasn’t my imagination last time. There’s a little Pokémon wandering through the store. Was that…a Substitute doll?

Last challenge (I’m assuming), coming up! These dolls are making noises and I can’t tell if they’re cute or unnerving.

Aaaand it’s a Gengar this time, of course.

OH I SAW THE POKÉMON THIS TIME! It’s a Pikachu. I….wasn’t Mimikyu the one that looked similar to Pikachu but wasn’t? Hmm….

Oh man oh jeez.

Directly into Poke Finder, and there’s no music. I can’t find the Pokémon and I had to close the game to stop and type. All I can hear is a Pokémon cry, and it sounds like it’s getting louder…OH NO THIS IS TOO SPOOK! DON’T DO THIS TO ME POKÉMON.


We’re battling now! It IS Mimikyu! I have Mallah up front, and he’s Psychic, but he’s also Normal so it should be okay. Mimikyu just used Play Rough! Oh my gosh is she Ghost/Fairy??? finally??????

Play Rough does a BUNCH of damage and right now I’m just heal-stalling and waiting for them to miss or run out of PP. Maleah should be able to handle this, though. Heal again…and a miss! Affection ROCKS!

Oh man. An ally Gengar just came out and put me to sleep. Mimikyu appears to have run out of Play Rough and it’s just attacking with a mimicked Psychic and not doing much, but I have to wait for Mallah to wake up…


And we made it out.

Ghostium Got!

Now I can go and catch Pokémon in the supermarket. I’m excited….I want a Mimikyu! I’d probably put one on the team if Tulip hadn’t just become a Ghost-type.

what – okay. Acerola just said something about “chicken skin” again and wandered off and had this really creepy expression and I SWEAR I just saw Mimikyu sneak off behind the building at the end of the cutscene. What heck, Pokémon???

Inside the store:

-Golbat, meh.

-Haunter! Now I don’t have to evolve Danny, so I get to turn the EXP Share off.

-Silkie tried to learn Dig, which is…weird! I’m happy with her moveset right now anyways.


-A Poke Finder spot for Gastly

-And Mimikyu, aw yes! Coolest Pikachu clone(sorta) ever.

Now I have to get out of here and heal.

And finally trade for this guy, of course! He’s holding a Rockium Z, which is awesome. Alolan Golem looks PRETTY SICK as well, though it had kind of a strange mustache…

Yeah, I see that Route 15 conflict. And I believe that’s Plumeria! They’re gonna have to wait, though. I really want to explore further down here.

OH MY GOSH AN ACE TRAINER HAS AN ALOLAN SANDSHREW AND IT LOOKS GLORIOUS!!! Looks like an Ice-type, even! That’s SO EXCITING. Sandslash is one of my favorite Pokémon.

Ohh no – it wasn’t affected by Venoshock, so I bet it’s Ground/Steel. Oh well.

I’m digging around in the tall grass and I came across a Pelipper with Drizzle. That’s, uh, that’s new.

Not finding anything except Gumshoos, Pelipper, and a Slowpoke, so I’d best go see if Hau is okay.

Acerola out of nowhere!

Battle time!…her Golbat has Confuse Ray, goshdang it. But Spirit Shackle is unstoppable. Though MAYBE I should switch out against a Salazzle. You go, Dug!

Oh wow, I forgot how cool Salazzle looks. Battle won!

PO TOWN definitely does not sound like a place hosting a gang leader.

Oh noooo Acerola’s making that creepy face again.

Well, this kid’s Yungoos got stolen, sooo I guess I have to go to Po Town to get it back! They told me to look for a guy in a kimono on Route 15. I do like kimonos. LET’S GO.

holy crap holy crap oh my god this is not a drill this is not a drill


aw HECK yes

…i have sharpedo now

Okay, I’ll….Ill be going off to Route 16…bye…!!!

Not right now, though! Now I have to get some sleep.

Here’s where I’m leaving off for the night! And here’s my team:

Partially because of the EXP Share, we shot up a LOT in levels and I’m a little worried that we’ll be too strong. Getting a sixth Pokémon should balance us out nicely, though, and I am definitely on the lookout for a Special attacker that doesn’t share any types with my current team.

Here’s something else I’m gonna do – I’m finally gonna check Branch and Mallah’s methods of evolution, or at least whether or not they have one! Don’t want to miss out on anything!

Okay, here’s what I’ve got. The “special magnetic field” in Alola appears to be on Poni Island, judging by the name, so Silkie probably won’t evolve for a while yet. The “other form” for Lycanroc is available only in Sun during the day, which is actually a tiny bit of a shame, since I like the Midday Form’s design better than Midnight Form. Oranguru doesn’t evolve at all, but Mareanie evolves at level 38….just one more level! Get hyped!

That’s all I got for you, so I will see you in two months, give or take a couple weeks. Looking forward to more liveblogs in the future!



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