Pokémon Moon Blind Liveblog {21}

Look at this, I’ve finally returned! I had a fun time in Israel but I’m glad to be home. It is now time to continue Pokémon, and oh wow I’m excited!! It’s been so long!!

Last time, we left off here:

Ah yes, that there is Grimsley. I remember flipping out because, like, why is he RIGHT THERE and not in Unova, but he gave me a Sharpedo pager so I guess having him around is cool! Let’s take that Sharpedo out to sea!

It’s nice because of how fast I can go. Once I reach the next town – Po Town, right?? – I can head back to that one beach in Heahea and break some rocks!

The water made a pretty short route, so I am now on Route 16. This looks to be a packed one, so let’s kick off this return with a bullet-point list of the interesting stuff:

-Tulip trying to learn Sucker Punch (no thanks)

-Lovely rainbow Alolan Muk!

-Uhhhhh this:

I went into a lab and Sina and Dexio were there. They gave me a bunch of exposition and ominously referenced Kalos and, well, I have a 10% Zygarde doggo now?? Its name is Otis. Back into the route!

-I found TM X-Scissor

-An Aether Foundation member in the Pokémon Center asked for a Mimikyu and gave me 20,000 P

-And that’s it for this first part of the route. There only seems to be Slowpoke, Pelipper and Gumshoos in the grass, so I’m moving on past this guy with a Magmar.

And we enter a foggy meadow…and there’s a Zygarde cell back there! Lovely, though it’s not great for this image quality.

Found a Trainer with this meadow’s Oricorio design, which is PROBABLY MY FAVORITE ONE YET YOOOOO. I wanna know what type it is.

(OMG just realized that Flying-types are a possibility for my team again now that Tulip’s a ghost)

NEW POKÉMON ALERT: RIBOMBEE. If that’s the evolution to Cutiefly, that’s good, because it looks glorious.

I also accidentally made it faint sooo


We got Toxapex! And….Baneful Bunker? That sounds good to me. (I didn’t want to get rid of Toxic because Branch has a tough time inflicting damage, so his moveset is now Poison Jab/Baneful Bunker/Bite/Toxic….not ideal but I’m sure it’ll look better once I gET A WATER MOVE)

I caught an Oricorio, got a verdict: she (Clover) is Fire/Flying type and her Special Attack stat is pretty decent. Interesting. Iiiiintereeestiiiiing.

Ran around, got a Flame Orb – nothing new happened until I went right and entered this place called Lake of the Sunne??

This music is very Epic And Important and I don’t get why I’m allowed to just roll in here. Well, I’ll explore a bit…

Wait, you know what this is like? Long hallways and pillars – this might be the site of the future Elite 4. It’s not on top of the mountain, but….

Or maybe not. Here I am at the top. Yeah, if some big important legendary and/or space alien doesn’t descend down here I’m giving up Tulip for Wonder Trade.

Moving on, Route 17! And oh boy it’s our favorite gangster!

This route is immediately overwhelming because it’s filled with different sorts of grass and Trainers and I haven’t healed in forever. On the bright side, I haven’t heard the “casual Skull battle” music in a while, and it’s very good.

I think these guys are desperate, or maybe they just don’t have good facial recognition skills. Whoops now I’m battling.

Hm. This guy just walked up. There’s kind of…an interesting atmosphere around him?

“Ready to live as Team Skull. Or ready to take down Team Skull.” Yeah, he’s intense…and he looks like Looker, for some reason…(dad headcanon confirmed)

okay what the HELL pokémon

In we go…excellent piano music up in here.

I have to find a way around this barricade. Unfortunately, getting on Stoutland to look for hidden items changes the music, so I can’t do that without COMPLETELY ruining the mood.

That wasn’t hard! Two battles and I’m finally able to get to that Pokémon Center.

Oh snap I was NOT expecting this. Not even the Center is safe??!

Nothing to do but patronize Team Skull, I guess.

Po Town is pretty scary, actually. It’s SO dark because of the night and the rain, and they’re actually having a gritty take on the whole “this town is overrun by a gang” thing…? It’s fitting, using Dug the Lycanroc to battle here.

Now here I am in “Shady House.” Aw YEAH, these are always creepy and cool!

I found this by accident. Now I have to go find a door.

Judging by what all the Grunts are saying, I MIGHT be fighting Guzma in this house, which I’m excited for. He’s a Bug user!

Another Password sheet: “Beat Up”

Hey! I just found a door leading outside, and I found an Ice Stone. That, uh….that didn’t exist before, did it? That’s a new thing? I wonder what it evolves.

This is specific. Plumeria?

So I just walked in on some Grunt girls arguing, and one of them said “OH EM GEE!” and it just occurred to me that that usually means “god” or “gosh.” So it’s NOT “oh my arceus” in the Pokémon world? What does it stand for? Oh My Guzma?

(This game is doing that a lot, by the way – using slang. A woman back in Heahea or something said “humble brag” and I still haven’t recovered.)

Another secret password, hidden in a chair: “Golisopod”!

But…it’s not enough.

OH. Maybe this has something to do with the note on the first password! I’m gonna answer “no” to this guy.

This game is very smart sometimes.

…wait, it still didn’t work? Okay wait let me answer “no”after he asks me to confirm.


Ugh and I STILL have another Grunt battle on the roof. This is like the fifteenth one since I got to Route 17. I know this is their hideout, but…


Aaaaand battle time, Tulip vs Golisopod. I forgot that Go-Pod has a pretty great design.

NOW, before coming here, I put the Decidium(?) Z on Tulip, so let’s see how her Z-Move works…


Haha, it just noped out of there!

Well, Tulip defeated Ariados okay, but when Golisopod came back it used some move called First Impression. I’m not sure what it does, but it made Tules faint. That’s fine – Silkie’s got this.

And thus, the team has fallen!

At least he’s a graceful loser.

Wow, he gave the Yungoos back, but that grunt just booked it when he saw Guzma was mad. He’s an interesting character.

uhhhhh i sat in his chair and this immediately happened

why did the music cut out

he just….left

That’s more like it, but Leah, most people don’t know what “angry fist” prints look like.

Eyyy there was a Buginium Z in the treasure chest! For Silkie, perhaps…?

Hello again.

Maybe I’m staking too much on my new Is Looker’s Dad theory, but I hear very faint theme music and it sounds like a soundtrack from Kalos.

I was typing up another guess at who this guy was and then Acerola just ran up and totally spoiled me.

So then, if Acerola looks like Shauntal’s niece and Nanu looks like Looker’s dad, are Shauntal and Looker cousins by marriage?

“The rent’s real cheap.” Pfff okay I like this guy.

And as Mr. Angsty walks off in the rain….that’s where I’m ending the liveblog for today!

GOOD TO BE BACK! Next time, we return to the Aether House! And then, who knows?? A new town? A new route? Inducting Clover to the team? It WOULD be cool to have a Fire-type, but…I’m kind of holding out for an Ice-type!! There haven’t really been any so far! WHO KNOWS WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS!??!

Thanks for sticking with me, and I’ll catch you all later!



2 thoughts on “Pokémon Moon Blind Liveblog {21}

  1. I’m not sure if you already know this or not, but Oricorio work rather oddly. You can collect pollen/nectarwhatever from certain flowers in certain areas and feeding them to your Oricorio allows it to change form and type, meaning you can just have the one and change its typing at will!


    1. I understand it!! Way back in the blog, I changed my Yellow Oricorio to pink just to see what the new form was like. Pokémon tends to be pretty clear on what their new gimmicks are like!


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