A Quick State Of Affairs (12/12/16)

Hi guys! Quick post to let everyone know what’s goin’ on at the blog, and thus assuage my guilt at the huge mistake I just made.

Something that I never realized before now: when you delete an image from your media library, it will be deleted in the post as well! What does this mean, you wonder? It means I have just ruined dozens of RWBY liveblog posts and I’ll have to replace about 100+ screenshots. I had deleted a bunch of stuff from my library, thinking that I just wanted to clear up some space, but…no. Ahahahahaha. AhahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

When I have the time, I’ll go ahead and rewatch the first eight episodes of RWBY (and the trailers), retake the screenshots, and fix all the stuff I messed up. Then RWBY will be able to continue. It’ll probably have been like a year by the time I get back to it, huh? Sigh…

On the bright side, I am 95% sure that the images in my Pokemon Moon liveblog are finally in working order! The third one will come up sometime tonight, tomorrow at the latest. I’m excited to play more of the game! I hope you’re excited to see it along with me!

Finally, there is currently a top 30 list in progress. What has so much of something that there’s enough of them to make a top 30 out of, you ask? Find out someday!

Catch you later,



The First One

Welp, this will henceforth and forever be known as the very first post of MissMash Blogs, so I better make this good.

Hello and welcome! My name is MissMash, named so because I will cover a mishmash of stuff from here on out. Call me Mashy, but don’t call me Missy, because that’s my cousin’s name.

I love animation. Like, really love it, far more than anything live action has to offer, but we’ll have plenty of time to get into that later. For now, I should tell you some other stuff. I have a VARIETY OF INTERESTS, including CARTOONS, VIDEO GAMES, AND THE COLOR PURPLE. I probably shouldn’t list my fandoms here since they’re bound to change, but the current things I’m going through include Homestuck, Young Justice, Ouran High School Host Club…and, just maybe, RWBY.

We should talk about that, since it’s the reason I finally decided to make this blog. I really like liveblogging, but I had nothing to liveblog until I was like “Hey! Let’s watch RWBY today!” I immediately decided it was something that had real potential for me to fall in love with. So I took it as a good opportunity for me to have something to post about, and, well, here we are!

So if you’re interested in watching me stumble blind through an interesting-looking li’l web series, here I am, and here you are. Hopefully, I’ll see you soon!