RWBY ep.5 [Final]

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Big scary monster attack time, oh no! And with that, the episode’s over!

I liked the little details this one added – Pyrrha carefully measuring the distance to throw her spear without injuring Jaune, Weiss tensing up a split second before she turned around and realized she was surrounded,  the clever ways the students were able to break their falls.

It also began and ended at an unusual time. This is part II, but there’s no part III even though this ends on an even bigger cliffhanger than before (next episode is just called ‘The Emerald Forest’). It’s also really short. Feels like this episode could have easily been part of episode 4, but oh well!

I’m out of time to watch more, since watching literally less than five minutes of animation now takes me about half an hour! I’ll see you guys in the next one!



RWBY ep.5 [8]



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“Liveblogs. Liveblogs everywhere.”

Ruby, what I’m wondering is, where do you get the rose petals to appear from when you fast-travel like that? Do you store them under your cloak for emergencies?

RWBY ep.5 [7]

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SHIELDSHIPPING INTENSIFIES  No it doesn’t, let me retain my dignity!

Pyrrha is making me unreasonably happy every time she appears, which is not good because I feel compelled to take a screenshot every time she appears. Welcome to the PPPP liveblog, everyone.

Hey, at least I can say I predicted that Jaune and Pyrrha would be paired up too!


RWBY ep.5 [6]

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“You came baaaaaack!”

Just listen to the joy in her voice when she realizes she hasn’t been forsaken! Weiss, can’t you see that this poor little awkward girl just wants love and affection?!

And so does Jaune.

RWBY ep.5 [4]

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Don’t think I missed that Pyrrha’s spear, IS ALSO A GUN

Pictured: the inner mechanisms of the mind of a stone-cold warrior. Oh, Ruby, if only common TV show conventions didn’t dictate that you’ll probably end up with Weiss. Don’t take my word on that. I’m sort of hoping it’ll be subverted.

Hey, happy 50 posts, everyone! What a milestone!…just me?

RWBY ep.5 [3]

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PYRRHA HAS A SHIELD TOO! I love shields! I officially dub Jaune/Pyrrha “Shieldshipping.”

Is this episode gonna be the animation-and-weapons showoff episode? Sort of setting itself up to be that way! Ren’s stunt carving his weapon into the tree was really cool, as was Yang’s…whatever she did.