Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {29}

Hi guys! It’s time for another exciting installment of THIS LIVEBLOG THAT’S BEEN GOING ON FOR OVER A YEAR! In the last episode, we left off here:

right outside of the Elite 4!

Now, I did go do some level grinding offscreen, in the area closest to this spot – the base of the mountain, I guess! I got all six of my Pokemon up to level 52. This still isn’t as high as several Pokemon I’ve run into previously, like Gladion’s and Hau’s, but I think we’re gonna be okay.

No time to waste! LET’S BEGIN!

While I’m waiting for the game to load, I wanna mention that Breath of the Wild maaay have been a lot of reason why this episode has been a long time coming. It’s. It’s such a good game guys.

All right, we’re into it! First thing I did was swap around my Pokemon’s movesets and items, which I will record here in text form rather than in more cruddy screenshots:

Tulip, Decidueye: Spirit Shackle/Leaf Blade/Synthesis/Sucker Punch, holding Amulet Coin.

Silkie, Vikavolt: Crunch/Thunderbolt/Bug Buzz/Thunder Wave, holding Electrium Z.

Dug, Lycanroc: Stone Edge/Rock Slide/Brick Break/Crunch, holding Hard Stone.

Branch, Toxapex: Poison Jab/Baneful Bunker/Scald/Toxic, holding Poison Barb.

Mallah, Oranguru: Foul Play/Charge Beam/Psychic/Nasty Plot, holding Shell Bell.

Arrietty, Kommo-o: Sky Uppercut/Clanging Scales/Rock Tomb/Dragon Claw, holding Bright Powder.

And with that…I’m really excited to see what the League has to offer!

Hi, Kukui! This place is very pretty.

The doors appeared to have differently colored orbs above them and HOOOOOOOO IS THAT A GREEN ONE PLEASE TELL ME THE ONE IN THERE IS GRASS TYPE

When in doubt, go clockwise, so I’m going to start with this orange-yellow mystery door on the far left.

AHA! I know this guy!! Wow, now Hau has even more to live up to! Good luck, bro!

Hala appears to have super dramatic holographic arms behind him.


I switched to Mallah to start for this, so he’s facing Hala’s Hariyama. Hala has five Pokemon, and his first is…level 54, JEEZ. Hariyama just knocked out Mallah with Close Combat. This’ll be a fun battle!

Oof, so I’m a little over halfway through the battle. Tulip and Silkie are also down. I’m fighting with Branch, and he just poisoned Bewear, which he did to Poliwrath as well….and now Hala heals Bewear with a FULL HEAL! Who has those items? I was expecting him to have another Full Restore!

(Branch is being a total champion, by the way, because he’s dodged 3 attacks so far out of affection. Thanks, buddy. Sorry the Pokemon world doesn’t work for defensive types so well.)

Last Pokemon is up, Crabominable, who hAS A Z-MOVE OH NO OH GOSH

Yep, there goes Branch….the poison is his legacy. It’s all right, Dug just needs to outspeed and defeat this thing with Brick Break-



I…have 7. (HECK, DANG, HECK.) I also have seven Max Revives. I’m gonna have to do a lot better to preserve my Pokemon on this round; it’s easier to use regular healing items.

Next up is an orange-red room! Is it, uh, the fire guy, K – *quickly looks up name* Kiawe? I loved him! He was awesome!

Oh, well, it’s not. It’s Olivia! Okay, yeah, that makes sense. The kahunas get to be the Elite 4, not the simple island captains. That means that the next rooms will be, uhhh……oh man I don’t remember. Who was that Fairy lady we ran into in Poni? Mina? How bout I just concentrate on fighting Olivia????

Look at that…so intimidating!

Quick conundrum here – Mallah has some epically boosted stats, but he’s in the red, and Olivia is sending out a Lycanroc. That thing has Crunch for SURE, so I’m gonna play it safe and use Dug. Mine has Brick Break, so he is objectively better, HA. AND he’s faster!!!!!

AND he just toughed out Continental Crush so I wouldn’t be sad! He’s the BEST boy!

Unfortunately, Stone Edge does waaay too much damage, so I’m swapping for Branch. Branch has Scald, which is good. Three of those, and Lycanroc is down…and Branch is the first team member to reach level 53!

I haven’t used Arrietty yet, but the third Pokemon is Probopass. I think I’ll bring her in for this.

After that is Carbink and Alolan Golem, and WE DID IT! I didn’t lose anyone this time, and that battle was a little easier than the last one. Primarily because I didn’t have a stupid dumb Primeape whaling on my team with Outrage and not missing from confusion.

Heals and Leppa Berries all around, and we move on to the purple orb room! OH RIGHT, IT’S THE GHOST LADY. Now she’s even MORE like Shauntal. I guess it’s cool to start with Mallah for this one.

Acerola is talking about Nanu, here. Also, I highly doubt he said “darned.” That’s okay, Acerola, I’m glad you’re in his place!

The third battle begins! I did look out for creepy subliminal Ghost children, but it seems that Acerola’s room is significantly less haunted than Phoebe’s.

And she starts with Sableye – of course. Mallah, get out of here. I’d better go with Arrietty or something for this.

Acerola’s second Pokemon is Froslass, which is terrifying but also super interesting because I love these. Oneshot by Dug! Take that!

Next Pokemon is–Dhelmise?! WHAT

Okay, uuuuhhhh, it’s thing thing! Is it a rusty ship’s wheel? Steel/Ghost or Water/Ghost, what? I have Tulip up, and I’m gonna play super risky and use Leaf Blade just to find out.


Oh thank GOODNESS Tulip avoided that attack because she loves me. The reckoning for my mistakes shall not come today.

Her next Pokemon is….Palossand??? Haven’t heard of this one either, but I bet it evolves time from the Sandygast we saw that one time!

Awww… you know what? This one is cute! It’s a sand castle. It just murdered Tulip with “Never-Ending Nightmare,” but still. Pretty darn cute. It seems to have an interesting ability where its Defense rose after I hit it with Branch’s Scald.

Aaaannnnd we’ve done it, hooray! Heal heal heal.

Oh snap fourth one?? who’s this???

She made a wind pun IT’S A FLYING-TYPE ELITE 4 MEMBER, GUYS.

“I’ve been traveling the world to improve my skill as both a Pokemon trainer and a golfer.” That, uh…that threw me for a loop. Uhhh you can have whatever hobbies you want, I guess? I won’t judge? Just kind of a random choice on Pokemon’s part.

she’s holding her golf club. I’m just glad she didn’t smack her Poke Balls at me with it.

Silkie beats a Mandibuzz and reaches level 53! We’re on our way!

Ooh, yes, new Pokemon – Toucannon! Is that maybe the evolution of Trumbeak and Pikipek? I always assumed that those evolved twice, since they’re the regional bird, but maybe not…in any case, let’s try and beat this thing with Stone Edge. Oneshot again! Dug joins the Level 53 train!

Kahili has an Oricorio, which is tricky because I don’t know what type it’ll be. Mallah, why not! And it’s Fire-type!

Her last Pokemon is Crobat, which is fine because Mallah destroys it with Psychic. I’ve had the most weaknesses on my team to Flying-types, but we’ve also oneshot the most Pokemon!

And it’s time to go find the CHAMPION!!!! Team is ready to go! SO much hype!

Up the staircase of destiny.

I don’t see anyone yet?? Is it Kukui? I bet Kukui’s going to pop out all dramatic.

leah just…takes the chair

O-oh! So Kukui DOES appear dramatically…but he’s NOT the Champion! I AM!

“The truth is, there’s one more person you have to battle if you want that title.” OH MAN I WAS WRONG. HE GOT ME GENERATION ONE STYLE.

i knew it


His first Pokemon is Lycanroc, so this is a Lycanroc vs Lycanroc battle! Mine has Brick Break, but his is five levels higher! Level 57! What?!

It sets up Stealth Rock, which is obnoxious, but Dug is able to dodge Stone Edge and twoshot it.

Next is Incineroar! YES! I’ve been waiting to see what these look like! Come on out, Branch!

Hey, it doesn’t look bad! It has a neat flame belt. I guess it’s a wrestler type cat. It has a move called Darkest Lariat, which sounds terrifying, thanks

Branch and Incineroar ended up tying – Incineroar fainted from poison. Now I don’t know who’s getting sent out next. I guess I’ll assume another starter and use…Mallah! NO! IT’S ALOLAN NINETALES! YOU HAVE THE BEST POKEMON, PROFESSOR KUKUI!

I used Nasty Plot, Psychic, and another Psychic. RIP Ninetales. Next is Snorlax vs Arrietty.

I thought Sky Uppercut would twoshot, but Snorlax is left with one HP. That’s okay, Dragon Claw takes him out!

Braviary’s up next! I think I want to use Gigavolt Havoc for this! It’s a OHKO!

His last Pokemon is Magnezone. This is not super ideal for Tulip, but she’s my last Pokemon and my starter and I love her, and I really want to make it a 6 on 6 battle. So out she goes!

…she didn’t last long. Sorry, Tulip ;~; Umm, who should take out a Magnezone? I have no Fire or Ground moves. So…Arrietty! Avenge Tules!

SHE DID IT!!! Gained a level! We beat Kukui! It’s been a LONG time coming!

Yaaaay! We get to record my team! I just wish I’d kept them in order, because now Dug’s in front and it’s all messed up.

Speaking of which….*clears throat* Dug! You were awesome! You were SO CUTE as a Rockruff and now you’re a pretty cool werewolf guy! You had the strongest Attack out of everyone! You seemed to get buffed by affection a lot, which was appreciated.

Silkie! I shouldn’t play favorites, but…I love you!!! I think you had an epic design…Charjabug threw me, being a bus and everything, but you were a really neat and quirky Pokemon all the same. And you ended up being SUPER powerful. I think your Gigavolt Havoc oneshot everything I used it against tonight.

Mallah, you’re chill and great. I liked being able to set up with Nasty Plot and then wreck things with Psychic. You’re not the kind of Pokemon I usually have on my team, mainly because you don’t evolve, but I’m glad I could give you a shot.

Branch, you REALLY came through during the Elite 4, facing all those Pokemon that were up to six levels higher than us. It was sort of difficult to use you throughout the region, especially since it took you so long to get a gosh dang Water move, but I’m positive that your species just needs to find its niche…which is probably wrecking Pokemon in the competitive scene.

Tulip!!! My starter! You’re a girl, and that’s COOL! I loved your cute Rowlet design and the fact that you became a Ghost-type! Spirit Shackle is such an epic move, and you hit SO hard with Leaf Blade…you’re solid all around. A worthy Grass-type.

Finally, the new girl, Arrietty! I think you make an adorable Dragon-type. I don’t believe I’ve used a pseudo-legendary before, but you were a wonderful one to start with. I like that your typing is so unique! Good getting to know you!

Guys….guys, I’m so glad Hala said that. I almost forgot this game was called Pokemon Sun and Moon. Man, am I glad he reminded me again.


Whoops, blurry shot – but look, it’s these guys! Look, it’s practically everyone! I don’t see Nanu, but that makes sense. He’s kind of a loner.


i was kidding what the hell he’s behind a tree gladion why are sUCH A NERD

Kiawe is dancing, NICE


Look at us all! And there’s Kiawe, still dancing. Kiawe no. You can’t show off to the fireworks.

I would LOVE to run off with you, Lillie! I’m sure nobody will miss us!

(guys the sad music is back)

Looks like we’re battling Tapu Koko now….I’m up for it! One last battle!

dude. dude i’m in a black mindspace with a talking god. DUDE THIS IS AWESOME.

It’s Tapu Koko, and it’s level 60! Which I kind of figured, since Kukui’s Incineroar was 58. Dug got it down to the red with Rock Slides, so right now I’m tossing Ultra Balls. I have a Master Ball if things get dire.

“Nature’s Madness.” While that sounds like a terrifying attack, it did way less than Electro Ball. Tapu Koko seems mostly interested in using Agility over and over.

That’s it, I’m out of Ultra Balls. I just used a Quick Ball ON ACCIDENT, THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A TIMER BALL. Okay, there’s the right one. It…….it worked! Tapu Koko is caught!

That looks pretty awesome. I’m excited to fill in the rest of those slots.

Let me think….nicknames? What’s a cartoon god? I think I actually wanna go with Mama Coco from the Pixar movie! Her full name is Socorro, so let’s do that!

I finally know, by the way, that Tapu Koko is Electric/Fairy, nice!

And off goes Socorro to the box. I hope that won’t have any negative effects on Alola’s state of being. Oh hey, Tapunium Z.

We’re back to the party, and everyone’s still having a great time! And…Professor Burnet just noticed that Kukui is secretly the Masked Royal. Aww. I do like all these characters. It’s reassuring to know that they have just enough screentime and uniqueness in the game to wildly take on lives of their own by talented artists and writers.

Kiawe is asleep on the stage LOL

Oh…boy. Lillie, I don’t think that would have been the greatest thing, if it worked.

She’s trying to help Lusamine know what she did wrong, at least? Yeah, you know? That’s reasonable.

What!!!!! What was she going to say!!!!!! DON’T DO THIS, GAME!!!!!!

Hau says he’s going to keep training with Ilima. Yes. I like Ilima. This is good.

Mom gets the last line!

And there it is!! Wow!!! Is that the credits? No? What else does the game have in store?

It’s our boi

He’s yelling about a ship leaving and we gotta come with and oKAY hold your horses hau i’m coming with you i had a late night

So, Kanto??? Our girl’s going to Kanto?????

Aw…Hau’s super sad to be saying goodbye ;~~~;

Lillie gave me a Poke Doll! I’m pretty sure these things are a one-use item, so I won’t be using it…not that I use those much anyways, but I mean. I will treasure it. Of course.

Bye, Lillie! You were a great character. It was nice to meet yyyyyouuuuuuu……

hau’s crying my hEART

Hau: “I think I wanna go see my gramps…” why is that so sad

It’s the credits! Wow!!!!

AW! There are some beautiful little screenshots going on as the credits roll. I see Hau and Hala and they look adorable in that painting/photo/anime style. I’m gonna type while these go on.

(ilima just came up. he’s adorable too.)

So…..this game. That was GREAT!! The word that keeps coming to mind is “colorful.” It really was. Colorful cast of characters, super pretty environments…

(Lana’s picture is hilarious. what are you expecting to do with that GIANT WISHIWASHI)

It was a great game to do a liveblog of, I think. I’m just glad it worked out! I know it’s taken me a while to get to this point o-o;;

I’m still not sure whether I’ll do the postgame or not. Proooobably not. I do sort of want to do one last episode, if only to get the liveblog to an even 30.

(mina’s in the background of hapu’s picture! she really didn’t do much, i guess!)

Guzma just came up, and I bet Gladion will be in a photo in a second, so this is a great time to mention that I REALLY DID love the characters. Especially the Gladion/Lillie siblings. Way more well developed than I thought they would be! I still don’t know how I feel on replacing the Gym Leaders with the island challenge

(there gladion is with silvally! that’s so CUTE oh my goodness! what a bean!)

but I’m probably just biased because Gym Leaders have been in the game since the beginning. The change was just unexpected. It was still a great mechanic!

I’ve waffled on, and my laptop is about to Actually Die, so I’d better end the blog here. Good timing, since Lillie and Lunala just came up….AWWW!

Thank you very much for reading my liveblog, everyone! Rest assured I’ll still be playing this game for many many hours to come! See you in the future!



Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {27}

I’m back and I hope you guys are ready for another liveblog, because I sure am!! This one will most likely be the last one before Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon come out. Can you believe it? Doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since the arrival of SuMo about a year ago!

Last time, we left off:

here, after trekking through most of Vast Poni Canyon. Lillie’s still with us too, and the whole team is healed up, if a little low on levels. Time to face whatever lies beyond those markers…

Immediately, a gravestone?

It’s telling me that a trial and a Totem Pokemon are up ahead, even though there’s no captain in sight. Okay, I’m up for it! TRIAL START.

There is a piercing gaze coming from nowhere. Oooh boy better have my camera on ready for this.

A Jangmo-o appeared from nowhere!! Hey, I caught one of those last ep! They’re still so cute. Silkie took care of it just fine.

Hidden TM: Dragon Claw. NICE. Oh…and it just now occured to me that this is prooobably where I’m getting the Dragonium.

Next is, predictably, Hakamo-o. BRING IT ON. I used Silkie’s Bug Z-Move, Savage Spin-Out, for the first time, and while Hakamo-o still resists it, it does pretty darn well. Silkie gains a level! I’m gonna use Mallah against this next Pokemon…Kommo-o, probably!


Kommo-o starts off with Protect, but I use Nasty Plot, so that works out just fine! Sadly, Mallah fainted in a couple turns…Sky Uppercut is ridiculous. ARRIETTY! PROVE YOURSELF- oh. nope they outsped her too.

Well, Dug’s got this, right? Yeah, he just avoided Sky Uppercut! It’s a not very effective move, but Kommo-o is in the red from that Psychic, so Rock Slide can take it do-

are you kidding me.

Okay, nope, not risking Dug again. I’m switching to Tulip to get a free dodge from that Fighting move.

And…jeez, Clanging Scales still hurts, but we did it! Now all that’s left is this Hakamo-o that’s been using stat boosting moves for the ENTIRE BATTLE!



I ran back to Lillie, and sure enough, she heals me again. They also have the good sense not to make the Pager music override the absolute silence in the trials. Nice and atmospheric.

And there’s our guys! Wow, Hapu got there fast.

“History tells us that the Vast Poni Canyon trial was the first trial ever held.” Yeah, that absolutely makes sense. It’s a trial even getting to that spot.

Oh wow, and that was the last of the seven trials, too…? Feels like there should be more!

And it’s time to play the Sun Flute and the Moon Flute together. Oh man this is exciting.

Pictured: the highest staircase in the Pokemon world

“I’m going to make my mother wake up and see reason before I send you back to your old world!”

Wait, is…is that what you’re doing? I think I missed that Lillie is actually taking Nebby back somewhere. I thought we were just trying to heal it. Oh noooo Nebby don’t go


Lillie told us to wait until nighttime to play, so, like…did we just stand on our squares until it was dark?

Sweet glowy effects going on!

Oh wow, yeah, you can tell this is a REAL cutscene because Lillie’s hair is actually moving!

GO NEBBY!! Loving its little u0u face.

WOAH WHAT. Cosmog has evolved into Nebby this whole time??? HOW DID I NOT REALIZE THAT? That’s amazing!!! Wait, is that why Nebby has a nickname? Because Lillie’s Pokemon is different in Sun and evolves into Solgaleo? I thought I would’ve been spoiled on SOMETHING if Nebby could’ve been one of two different Pokemon this whole time! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S GOING ON.


And we almost immediately go into another cutscene.

Made it safely into Ultra Space, though! Man, that is not a placemarker I ever expected Pokemon to have!!

…Hmm. Why do I get the feeling that’s the exact same thing Lusamine said?

And off we go into the unknown. Wow, there’s lots of those weird white jellyfish Ultra Beasts floating around!!

hey i found guzma

He just told a cool flashback story about getting…possessed, by an Ultra Beast? Spooky!

Lillie just ran off on her own. Great job girl.


“A world where the only thing that exists is the love between Nihilego and myself.” So that’s it’s name, I guess. Did she name it on her own…?

Striking imagery, but wow, she is gone, Guzma’s right.




Genuinely grinning now, too. This music is amazing.

Okay, Lusamine’s had enough. Right on into another cutscene.

Okay, she’s got a captured Nihilego of her own…







*deep breath*

Okay we’re fighting. She’s still got her Clefable and everything, and it’s level 50. It also looks like a Totem Pokemon.

Mallah’s up first. I’ve used Nasty Plot twice, and Psychic….is still not so great, wow! This will be a long fight.

It’s okay, though. We’re getting lucky with bad Metronome moves! And Mallah’s Shell Bell – which I forgot about – is working REALLY well! Clefable’s down and we have five Psychics left; let’s make them count!

Lilligant is next….ah, Lilligant, I love you so much. So glad she gets a place in this fight. Even if Mallah gets paralyzed with stun spore.

Now there’s Milotic. I risked taking a turn to heal, and it paid off, since all Milotic used was Safeguard. Mallah took it out in one shot after that. NICE ONE!

He just leveled up, but he’s only got a few Psychics left, and he probably won’t be able to take another hit – these Pokemon hit HARD. So as Lusamine switches into Bewear, I’m switching to Arrietty. Do….do Bewear freak out anyone else? They’re just kind of colorful bear heads stuck on top of dark bodies. And they just….stare into space. This one has used Baby-Doll Eyes twice now. Creepy. Don’t worry, Clanging Scales took it out.

The next Pokemon is MISMAGIUS! Man I love this Pokemon. Okay, I’ll just stay in, even though it probably has Dazzling Gleam…? Okay, nah, just Pain Split. I might be able to do this with Dragon moves. And I am, excellent!

AND THAT’S IT, GUYS! Or is it…? That was Lusamine’s last Pokemon…

No, the battle was over. Dang! I was really looking forward to battling her. Oh well, don’t disregard all the keymashing. I still think her design is awesome.

We got Lunala to fight for us! Since Nebby was Lusamine’s prisoner too, this is thematically appropriate!

Wait….aw oh no they’re breaking out the sad music

oh no what

Holy crap



Absolute dead silence.

And now Nebby’s brought us back to the real world.

Wait, what? Oh, Pokemon….oh, Pokemon. Just when I thought you had the guts.

Pet Lunala, please?

Good for us.

Or maybe not…it’s time to battle NEBBY ITSELF! Good thing my Pokemon magically heale themselves!

First off….Nebby is level 55. I am absolutely switching to Silkie – she’s got Thunder Wave. Or she just dies. Whoops

Okay, well…actually, all the rest of my Pokemon are probably weak to one of Nebby’s moves, so Dug is a safe bet!






….dangit Silkie is still knocked out and Lillie won’t give me a free heal. I’ll just use one of my own items then.

Okay, Nebby…Round Two!

Moongeist Beam is a very strong move that almost OHKOs Silkie…but she toughs it out so I wouldn’t feel sad! This means I actually paralyze Nebby. Okay, switching to Dug again and using Crunch. Hopefully I won’t knock it out with it this time.

He gets a crit at the perfect time! Dug is down, but Nebby is paralyzed and in the red. I’ll just let Mallah absorb attacks while I throw some balls. The Moon Ball, obviously.



H-heal ball….? no. No again. THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM! WE GOT IT!

I’m registering Nebby into the Dex, and I have the option to nickname it. OBVIOUSLY, Lunala’s nickname will be Nebby. How could it not. How could this even be an option.

….well, I have a full team of six, so see ya later Nebby!

*guilt intensifies*


And now…oh, that’s a surprise. It’s Nanu. Dark-type police guy.

oh boy sounds fun

We’re supposed to go back to Mount Lanakila and face the Pokemon League, and we have an option to fast-travel straight there with Nanu! Well, while I’d love to go with him for story purposes (traveling times with uncle nanu!), I’m gonna decline. I still want to explore and train a bit before I go. And…I’m leaving the episode here!

That….was an emotional rollercoaster of an episode. I was stunned by that climactic finale for a while. But, yeah, I do feel a little let down that Lusamine’s actually okay. It’s like they had something genuinely poignant and they just ripped it away from us, you know? I just hope they don’t do anything to undermine Lillie’s speech against her mother back in Ultra Space, because wow, that was totally justified. Don’t know if I can buy a Heel-Face Turn from Lusamine or a complete forgiveness from Lillie.

That’s all for next time, though. Thanks for joining me! See you next time as we approach THE ELITE FOUR!!!!!!


Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {26}

I’ve done it, guys. I’ve returned for another liveblog and IT’S STILL LESS THAN THIRTY DAYS SINCE THE LAST ONE. All those soy milks you opened to drink while reading Liveblog #25 are still within their expiration date, probably. LET’S DO THIS.

Last time, we were HERE, about to visit some altar or some crud. I need some reminding too. My Pokemon are all healed, though, so I can just charge straight ahead.

So this is the Vast canyon? Maybe it’s just the tree that’s really big! Hey, I see a Mudsdale up ahead. Or rather, THE Mudsdale. Because Hapi’s is the only one that matters.


Oh HECK yeah we are. According to Plot, this battle will end with me winning…I hope Hapu’s not discouraged when she loses her first battle. Of course, this might be presumptuous thinking because Hapu’s Dugtrio is LEVEL 47 HFSJKDS;DJ

Mallah is two-shot by Earthquake, so I can’t leave him in, but he did a really good chunk of damage with Psychic. I tried to switch to Tulip to Leaf Blade Dugtrio to death but DUGTRIO HAS SUCKER PUNCH RIP


Tectonic Rage  is a horrifying frickin attack that appears to have driven Mallah into the core of the Earth, killing him instantly. Uh….Branch? Cover while I revive?

Update: Stamina is also a horrifying frickin ability because MOST OF MY TEAM IS STILL PHYSICAL. Tulip is going to faint again so I have to get Mallah back out here for Psychic!! (Nanefua earns an Honorary Team Member status by surviving for two turns, allowing me to revive Mallah AND Tulip, again.)

Mallah is successful! MUDSDALE IS DOWN!! We got a freebie with Gastrodon because of Leaf Blade…only a Flygon to take care of, which Mallah takes care of too! WE DONE IT.

Nicely done, Hapu. I totally would not have won that without spamming items.


Hapu’s pose is surprisingly kind of badass, something I cannot say for most of the other Z-poses. I wonder if part of the kahuna acceptance process by the tapus is finding someone who’s okay with copying their dance moves.

Off goes Hapu! Time to visit the REAL canyon!

Lillie gives me a Max Revive, which….yeah, I need some of those. Thx for the heal girl

First impression: this place is a lot like Victory Road. Only a few steps in we have to face a Veteran whose Pokemon are STILL a higher level than mine.

Welp, looks like it’ll be a while, so I am hereby initiating a Bullet Point Synopsis:

-Caught WhiteDiamond the Sableye and Big Henry the Boldore….and Big Henry had an Everstone! That will be very very useful for all the breeding I’ll be doing in the postgame.




Oh my god look at how high her Special attack is now??? I guess I’ll have to work on getting Bug Buzz for her! I’m glad I checked now, dang; Silkie wanted to learn Thunderbolt and I was going to automatically say no because I though she’d stay a physical attacker, but apparently her stats swap. Okay, well, Spark is gone!!

Well that was exciting. Okay, team, let’s move.

What follows next is an epic, chronicled once I approached a bridge that triggered an appearance by Lillie. I will now recreate my emotions:

What’s this?? Lillie’s facing her fears! But I thought she was going to heal me! NO LILLIE, COME BACK!

What’s this, now….a threat!

Oh, man, half my team is dead and I’m gonna have to go chasing after her…




(…and then she heals me. bless you, lillie.)

This place is so BIG that I’m still missing some Trainers and items from the pre-bridge stretch, but I’ll have to come back to them later. It makes a nice spot to grind anyways. (I will need to do this, yes.)

And hey, here’s something cool: wild Lycanroc! I wonder if they’re in Midday Form when I’m not searching at night!


Success. “Jangmo-o” is a really interesting name for a Pokemon…her TRUE name shall be Arrietty! For now, she shall take up the sixth slot of my team…feels like it’s been a while since I’ve used a Dragon-type, even though I had a Flygon in ORAS. I’ll see how I like her.

We’re fighting a Dugtrio and Arriety from stopped from being hurt by Mud Bomb because of her ability, Bulletproof! YES, I LIKE HER A LOT.

And she’s evolving after just one level! Yeah, Jangmo-o evolves twice, apparently…and I’m not sure when her second evolution is, but I’m hoping we get both her evolved forms in one day!! (I say “one day,” but I’m actually writing this particular paragraph a couple days after I first started the episode. It still hasn’t been a month, don’t worry!!)


PRETTY SICK. Oh snap she is Dragon/Fighting, perfect. I actually always thought that a Dragon/Fighting type would be a bipedal lizard…didn’t think they’d be purple, though!

Arrietty wants to learn Sky Uppercut. I actually already gave her Brick Break and Rock Tomb when I was trying to give her some better moves…what’s better, power or accuracy? I think I’ll give her Sky Uppercut for now, since I can always teach her the TM again.

Verdict: Hakamo-o is cool. Continuing on.

Not gonna lie, it is very, very slow going through this cave because I keep returning to Lillie for a healing. Arrietty’s having kind of a tough time, but Sky Uppercut oneshot a Dugtrio! I just fought Punk Anna, and her Pokemon got Arrietty up to level 44, which means she’s just a level behind the others already.

HELLO, NEW CHARACTER. Artist? Photographer?

Oh, there’s the answer. i must know her relationship with burgh.

Her name is Mina and SHE IS THE CAPTAIN! That name is…familiar, for some reason??? We sure there hasn’t been a character in Pokemon named Mina already? I’m probably just thinking of Mina Zarei.

“I actually just wander around doing my art, so I don’t have an actual trial or anything…” H-how’d you get this job?

ILLIMA!!! I REMEMBER HIM!!! HE WAS REALLY CUTE!!! WHAT THE HECK WAS HIS TRIAL, THOUGH? It was like…didn’t I just have to wander around that school and fight some people? Oh boyo, there’s something to look out for when I play Pokemon Sun. Oh, also, I WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE OF THE CAPTAINS INTERACTING WITH EACH OTHER.

Mina just gave me a Fairium Z, just like that! Well, thanks, I guess. Something tells me Mina’s got a Ribombee on her team.

Away goes Mina. Alola to you too! I appreciate her lifestyle.

I appear to have cleared a shortcut through this place….THANK GOODNESS. Must be near the end.

At level 45, not only is Arrietty caught up to Mallah and Branch, but SHE IS EVOLVING. HECK YYYYEAHHHHHHHHH

Holy crud!! Look at her!!! And, guys, that was it!!! I have a fully evolved team of 6 all of a sudden!

Kommo-o’s design is pretty rad. Looks like an Armaldo, but also like a Star Wars character. You know the princessy one I’m talking about?? Clone Wars??? I never really watched it but ????

Ooh…”Clanging Scales” is a new one. But my GOODNESS it is powerful. Oddly enough, though, it’s a Special-attack, while Arrietty has a higher physical….well, it seems pretty neat, so I’ll replace Screech with it. Who knows when I might run into another Pokemon with Stamina.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THIS TRAINER’S POKEMON. NINETALES! I have been waiting for 26 episodes to find one!!!!!!!!!! I love them SO MUCH. And now I can finally see their Alolan design. BEAUTIFUL!!!

I did get spoiled on the fact that AlolanTales was Ice/Fairy, but it’s late enough in the game that I’m not super mad. I thought they were Water-type at first because I’d glimpsed one piece of fanart, but I love that my fave Pokemon is a Fairy-type! (If they turned Grass/Fire, I’d really be flipping my lid.)

Oh yeah and there’s a Sandslash in that shot too. neato.

Down they go. Mallah gains a level. RIP, my love. We shall meet again in the next playthrough!

So, it looks like I’m nearing the end of the Vast Poni Canyon, since this guy is the first in what looks like an unskippable gauntlet of three. See you at the end!

(Oh, here’s something interesting – I gave Arrietty the Fightinium Z for Sky Uppercut, and it’s called All-Out Pummeling, and it’s REALLY STRONG. And she just gained a level. Six Pokemon at level 46, yo!)

Here I am, unimpeded! All went well until the final battle, where the Veteran had a Gengar. I was too stubborn to heal, and my Pokemon were generally pretty low on health, so all of a sudden I just got steamrollered and three of my Pokemon were knocked out. Arrietty and Branch are in the red and Tules is the only healthy one. It’s cool, though, I’m thinking Lillie will be up ahead in a second. Am totally screwed if it’s another battle lol

Knew it! There’s my girl!


Lillie stops talking to us there, so before we head into this altar and see what it’s all about, I’m gonna call a stop for the night!

Man, they weren’t lying, Vast Poni Canyon was VERY VAST. But we still did some cool stuff, right? And, most importantly, WE FILLED OUT THE TEAM!!! Here, take a look:

They are all my beautiful children. Even Arrietty’s wonderful, and I’ve known about Kommo-o’s existence for like 72 hours. I’m really happy with how balanced the team turned out, too! Once we get closer to The Endgame, I’ll take a second in an episode and give you guys a rundown of their movesets and natures. Agh, it’s a relief to have that sixth spot filled.

I hope you guys have a pleasant fall. See ya soon!



Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {20}

It’s me and I’m back and LIVEBLOG NUMBER TWENTY LET’S GO! This one will be the last one for six weeks at minimum! (I’ll be back on August 7th, 2017). Now, if you’re in the future reading through these and you don’t actually care…neato! Tell me what that’s like.

Last time we left off in Tapu Village, of course, and I’m thinking it’s time to head down and see what the spooky abandoned supermarket trial place is like.

I was down Route 14 last episode just to explore – I found a TM for Shadow Ball, but only Finneon in the water – and I gotta say the black-sand beach aesthetic is pretty cool. It’s also raining, which is great for my Water-type, Branch...IF ONLY MAREANIE LEARNED WATER-TYPE MOVES

(Here’s a VERY IMPORTANT ASIDE – I goofed with Tulip in Pokémon Refresh and her cloak literally acts like a hoodie. The leaves are the little strings on it and everything.)

here we gooooo

OH DANG, this challenge is themed around Poke Finder! I wonder what sort of Ghost-types will be in there, and what the Totem Pokémon itself will be? We’ve seen Sandygast and Decidueye, and….well, I’ve heard of a Pokémon called Mimikyu that I THINK is a Ghost-type. It seems popular, so maybe this is where it finally comes into play.

Trial Start! Already this is such a cool location. I’m a big fan of when Pokémon tries to get creepy. (I’ve never been able to handle the Old Chateau with the volume on, though. Music was too spooky for young me.)

! “The conveyer belt started moving all on its own. Would you like to fire up the Poke Finder?” Yes please. Let’s give this a shot.

This will be a difficult challenge to take pictures during because I can’t hold the camera and position the Poke Finder at the same time. So here, have a Gastly battle.

I used to work pushing carts at a big grocery store and I wished all the time that I had telekinesis to help me. I’d settle for a Pokémon too.

Oh! It wasn’t my imagination last time. There’s a little Pokémon wandering through the store. Was that…a Substitute doll?

Last challenge (I’m assuming), coming up! These dolls are making noises and I can’t tell if they’re cute or unnerving.

Aaaand it’s a Gengar this time, of course.

OH I SAW THE POKÉMON THIS TIME! It’s a Pikachu. I….wasn’t Mimikyu the one that looked similar to Pikachu but wasn’t? Hmm….

Oh man oh jeez.

Directly into Poke Finder, and there’s no music. I can’t find the Pokémon and I had to close the game to stop and type. All I can hear is a Pokémon cry, and it sounds like it’s getting louder…OH NO THIS IS TOO SPOOK! DON’T DO THIS TO ME POKÉMON.


We’re battling now! It IS Mimikyu! I have Mallah up front, and he’s Psychic, but he’s also Normal so it should be okay. Mimikyu just used Play Rough! Oh my gosh is she Ghost/Fairy??? finally??????

Play Rough does a BUNCH of damage and right now I’m just heal-stalling and waiting for them to miss or run out of PP. Maleah should be able to handle this, though. Heal again…and a miss! Affection ROCKS!

Oh man. An ally Gengar just came out and put me to sleep. Mimikyu appears to have run out of Play Rough and it’s just attacking with a mimicked Psychic and not doing much, but I have to wait for Mallah to wake up…


And we made it out.

Ghostium Got!

Now I can go and catch Pokémon in the supermarket. I’m excited….I want a Mimikyu! I’d probably put one on the team if Tulip hadn’t just become a Ghost-type.

what – okay. Acerola just said something about “chicken skin” again and wandered off and had this really creepy expression and I SWEAR I just saw Mimikyu sneak off behind the building at the end of the cutscene. What heck, Pokémon???

Inside the store:

-Golbat, meh.

-Haunter! Now I don’t have to evolve Danny, so I get to turn the EXP Share off.

-Silkie tried to learn Dig, which is…weird! I’m happy with her moveset right now anyways.


-A Poke Finder spot for Gastly

-And Mimikyu, aw yes! Coolest Pikachu clone(sorta) ever.

Now I have to get out of here and heal.

And finally trade for this guy, of course! He’s holding a Rockium Z, which is awesome. Alolan Golem looks PRETTY SICK as well, though it had kind of a strange mustache…

Yeah, I see that Route 15 conflict. And I believe that’s Plumeria! They’re gonna have to wait, though. I really want to explore further down here.

OH MY GOSH AN ACE TRAINER HAS AN ALOLAN SANDSHREW AND IT LOOKS GLORIOUS!!! Looks like an Ice-type, even! That’s SO EXCITING. Sandslash is one of my favorite Pokémon.

Ohh no – it wasn’t affected by Venoshock, so I bet it’s Ground/Steel. Oh well.

I’m digging around in the tall grass and I came across a Pelipper with Drizzle. That’s, uh, that’s new.

Not finding anything except Gumshoos, Pelipper, and a Slowpoke, so I’d best go see if Hau is okay.

Acerola out of nowhere!

Battle time!…her Golbat has Confuse Ray, goshdang it. But Spirit Shackle is unstoppable. Though MAYBE I should switch out against a Salazzle. You go, Dug!

Oh wow, I forgot how cool Salazzle looks. Battle won!

PO TOWN definitely does not sound like a place hosting a gang leader.

Oh noooo Acerola’s making that creepy face again.

Well, this kid’s Yungoos got stolen, sooo I guess I have to go to Po Town to get it back! They told me to look for a guy in a kimono on Route 15. I do like kimonos. LET’S GO.

holy crap holy crap oh my god this is not a drill this is not a drill


aw HECK yes

…i have sharpedo now

Okay, I’ll….Ill be going off to Route 16…bye…!!!

Not right now, though! Now I have to get some sleep.

Here’s where I’m leaving off for the night! And here’s my team:

Partially because of the EXP Share, we shot up a LOT in levels and I’m a little worried that we’ll be too strong. Getting a sixth Pokémon should balance us out nicely, though, and I am definitely on the lookout for a Special attacker that doesn’t share any types with my current team.

Here’s something else I’m gonna do – I’m finally gonna check Branch and Mallah’s methods of evolution, or at least whether or not they have one! Don’t want to miss out on anything!

Okay, here’s what I’ve got. The “special magnetic field” in Alola appears to be on Poni Island, judging by the name, so Silkie probably won’t evolve for a while yet. The “other form” for Lycanroc is available only in Sun during the day, which is actually a tiny bit of a shame, since I like the Midday Form’s design better than Midnight Form. Oranguru doesn’t evolve at all, but Mareanie evolves at level 38….just one more level! Get hyped!

That’s all I got for you, so I will see you in two months, give or take a couple weeks. Looking forward to more liveblogs in the future!


Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {19}

Me again!! Back with some liveblogs just one day before the trip, oops. This is the first time I’ll be making a post entirely on mobile, without my laptop to type on and mediate, so we’ll see how this goes.

Last time we left off right HERE at Malie Garden after an epic confrontation with Guzma. Offscreen, I ran back to the Center to heal. Now it’s time to go…..to route 11?! Something like that.

Ooh, actually, this is new….they’ve set up another Nugget Bridge here in Alola! Yeah, I’ll try it out. I’m interested in seeing what the prize is. (it’s probably a nugget)


OH SNAP! Aw snap guys!!! I thought Lycanroc was UNRELATED to Rockruff for some reason!! Well, I got a Midnight Form wolf now…NICE!!! Dug’s still only pure Rock-type, which is interesting. Werewolves look like Rock/Dark to me.

Well, anyways, that was the fourth trainer, so it’s time to switch to Branch. SUPER excited, though. On the back of my Pokémon Sun cartridge is a Pokémon that deeeefinitely looks like Lycanroc’s….Daylight Form?….so maybe I’ll figure out a way that form-switching works for him.

The five Trainers have been beaten and I just got a Big Nugget and…an offer to join Team Rocket…and now I guess I’m battling again. Didn’t think the Rockets were relevant, still!

…oh, no, he was pretending. Glad he admitted it, at least.

KIND OF CREEPY to see his name referenced again.

All righty then, NOW let’s move onto the next village. Away from this accursed bridge!

Route 11, here we go! The lady in the top right is a healer. I will be visiting her FREQUENTLY. (because branch is up front and he can’t  take care of himself)

NEW POKÉMON APPEARED! It’s Komala, a koala! And it has…Comatose? Well, that’s not looking like a useful ability.

Caught ’em! Her name is Alice because Alice was technically asleep for the whole Wonderland movie, maybe, I guess. Comatose means the Pokémon can attack while it’s drowsy and maybe even if it falls asleep, which IS pretty cool, since the Pokémon can’t get affected by other stats that way. Komala also gave me a buttload of experience and got Branch to level up. All right then!


AND WE GOT DECIDUEYE!!! Dang, that design is just plain UNIQUE. I love it! Gotta see one in the anime to really get a sense of their design,  I think. Aw man I’m happy.



AAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhh okay I’m fine now. Tulip. Tules. I love you.

WHAT THE HECK IS SPIRIT SHACKLE – oh my god the irony is that I STILL have Astonish as part of my moveset because I just haven’t had anything better to come along and replace it. Well, now I have a HELLA COOL move to do that!! And it prevents Pokémon from escaping,  which honestly sounds like it sucks SO HARD in competitive battle. I cannot wait to introduce Decidueye to my Grass team.

Ooh! I’m still trucking along, and the trial gate lady just told me my next trial is Ghost-type. Hmm, yes, that sounds fun. *evil laughter*

Aaaand Route 12 here we go!

It’s our favorite friends!

YO NICE I have Mudsdale on my Ride Pager now! It’s probably not Hapu’s. I’m not gonna question where and how all these Pokémon come from to get to me anymore.

….or maybe Hapu just says yes the Mudsdale belongs to them. Okay!

Ya done just wandered into dangerous territory, Hapu. SHIPPING TERRITORY. (….how old is this child, again)

Welp, bye now!

I’m off exploring! Mudsdale has an adorable trot animation.

OH MY GOSH I JUST CAME ACROSS A GEODUDE….AN ALOLAN GEODUDE! Just look at them eyebrows. This is….the first Alolan Pokémon I’ve seen that has previously been more than one type, I think. But it’s still Generation One.

IT’S ROCK ELECTRIC, OH MY GOSH!!! That’s so COOL! The heck does Alolan Golem look like?

[This is the point where I was trying to make a comment about what the heck a female electric rock with big arms and bushy eyebrows would be named.  It was also at this point that this entire post got deleted and I was plunged into a hellish nightmare of trying to restore it. I will now name this Geodude Strawberry S and move on with my life before any other things that I cherish and love get ruined.]

*saves game* Well, I wonder what else I can find here! Judging by the map, we’re pretty close to a Power Plant…if Silkie can evolve here, I’ll be VERY EXCITED.

And hey, I made to Blush Mountain and found a wild Charjabug…this has GOT to be the place. I’ll get Tulip to level 35, and then it’ll be Silkie’s turn in the rotation to battle…and maybe level up!

how did you get here

Uhhh thanks for the Lure Ball, Oak. WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE.

AHHH I FINALLY FOUND IT! Togedemaru, the Pikachu clone of this generation!

And they’re Electric/Steel. NICE.

I’d like the records to show that a Geodude just used Self-Destruct and Tulip was totally unaffected because of her new typing. i love her

THERE WE GO! SILKIE IS LEVEL 35….AND…….she didn’t evolve. Well goshdang it.

I guess Blush Mountain isn’t specific enough to cut it. Well, I’ll move on, then – hopefully the REAL power plant will open up soon.

Good gosh, Route 12 is VERY BIG. I’m really trying to be thorough!

Oh, those are punks! I was sure that was Team Skull.

It seems maybe Route 12 isn’t overly large after all – it just goes in a big loop. Judging by the map, I’m about to come up on a beach!

Secluded Shore, and it’s a protected place for Slowpoke. Can’t have ALL their tails be eaten.

New Pokémon alert! Sandygast, Must be a Ground/Ghost type.

I am now on….holy heck, route 13?! THIS IS SUCH A LONG STRETCH! Please tell me they put another healer over here.

Nnnnot who I was asking for, Hau.

He gave me a Max Potion!….no, see, I need to restore my PP too,


Eyyyyyy it’s Gladion! Been a while. Oh my god, was his theme music this glorious last time too???

No I don’t know anything RUN AWAY LEAH

Ahhhh this is cool. He says Cosmog isn’t STRONG, but it has bodyguards…

The news come out, does Gladion is good guy

…and there he goes!! He is SO COOL. He looked pretty upset at the end, there, too…

And there Hau goes also. That boy has a one-track mind.

I searched around in the hotel rooms and trailers and found some interesting tidbits and some Team Skull members just hangin’, but now I’m in Tapu Village! And there’s a Pokémon Center right the – HAU NO.

Oh good, he just wanted to tell me about construction and the Aether House. I CAN HEAL NOW! IT’S A MIRACLE.

Ooh! A guy in the Center wants a Haunter for Graveler, which I definitely want so I can get Golem. I got a Gastly a while back, so I’m gonna put Danny here in my extra space and just maybe level him up to evolution.

I’m hearing some talk about Tapu Bulu, the Tapu of this island, I guess. He seems more…volatile than the others? Very picky about what’s built where, at least.

The Aether House AND Route 15?? But – but why is so much stuff available? I was just at the spooky grocery store thing! THIS IS TOO MUCH FREEDOM.

Aaaand Hau’s back. AND I’M IN A PRESCHOOLER BATTLE. And….Acerola should be around here?

Oh there she is.

Acerola’s a captain! A Ghost captain! That makes a bunch of sense.

Ooh….getting some N vibes.

That place is cool and creepy, and I’m going to continue back down to the supermarket for the next challenge. Bye, Hau!

AW JEEZ!! Stop with the chin jumpscares!

Straightaway into a Skull fight! SAVE THE NEBBY.

That was pretty easy. Lillie just gave me some Luxury Balls, nice! It’s okay, Lillie, I won’t hate you if you’re useless. I wonder where Hapu went, though.

I have control again! To Tapu Village!!

Here I am….and here’s where I’m gonna end this liveblog! I want to take a break and maybe get another one started before the day’s out. I’d love to see what Acerola’s challenge is like!

SUPER COOL episode, and we covered a lot of ground and got TWO evolutions! I am satisfied. See you soon!




Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {18}

HEY FRIENDS! It is I, MissMash, back with another liveblog. It’s been a while! School’s still not over yet, but the worst of it is out of the way.

First and foremost: SCHEDULE ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be absent from June 27th to August 7th; I’m going to Israel over the summer! Hopefully the hiatuses you’ve already endured will have prepared you for this summer season break of sorts. I will try to do a BUNCH more liveblogging in the window of June that’s left for me, but who can say if that’ll really happen LOL


I HAVE BEEN GIFTED A COPY OF POKEMON SUN AND THIS IS EXTREMELY EXCITING. This won’t impact Pokemon Moon at all, I don’t THINK, but it certainly opens opportunities for ventures in the future. I am so thrilled to have this game. god i love pokemon

She also stuck some Pokemon trading cards inside the box…I’m so glad she knows Ninetales is my favorite 😀 And now I know Lycanroc has a Midnight Form! (On the back of the box are Alolan Form Exeggutor, Rockruff’s evolution, and one or two other Pokemon I didn’t recognize, but shhhh I think this gets a pass from spoiling the experience)

Anything else…? Oh yeah, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are things now. Cool?? I’m sure that SuMo will have some thrilling plot hooks to be resolved!

Finally, with all that new junk out of the way, WE SHALL CONTINUE.

Last time, we left off around HERE, at this observatory!! LET’S GO!!!!

Whoops, hello there Oak! Thanks for that exposition on Minior…? I just got a Level Ball from behind a truck, and now he’s giving me this. I sort of remember these from Pokemon HGSS – I guess they’ve decided to bring some old stuff back.

Well, Royal’s an interesting name, and…OH! I know that name. Somebody in the Pokemon Center mentioned Molayne as the Bill of this generation. He looks like a dork…NICE.

Hmm….the Festival Plaza guy?

AND NOW WE’RE BATTLING MOLAYNE WHO CONTINUES TO BE VERY CUTE. He starts off with Skarmory, but Silkie frankly continues to be unstoppable.

Oops! His next Pokemon is a Metang (Steel trainer!!) but I misclicked and switched to Dug. Dug still has Bite, not quite as great as Silkie’s Crunch, but…yeah, his affection just kept him from fainting and gave him a crit, so he can take this.


Who am I kidding, we’re fine!

For some reason I didn’t connect the name Royal with Masked Royal. OH WELL! Molayne KNOWS.

And now it’s free rein time. INTO THE OBSERVATORY!

Ooh, this place has a cool blue scientific design. There’s this stack of Pokemon magazines that’s actually giving us a list of Pokemon connected to the stars: well, only Gothitelle and Cleffa. Missing a few there.

Here’s our guy! I wonder if he’d be there if I went into the Plaza RIGHT NOW.

He’s asking if I like Festival Plaza, and, well, I do, I guess. I can see it being a fun way to pass the time once I’m onto postgame stuff.

Ohhh wow he wants to do the challenge right now??

*furiously scribbles in ‘pokemon physiology’ notebook*

Three, two, one, a – oops

Oh no, don’t do this to me, game! Do you know how hard it is taking pictures of a black screen without reflection the phone in it??

That’s creepy as heck yo

OH MY GOD THE AUDIO QUIZ IS TESTING MY KNOWLEDGE OF ACTUAL POKEMON SOUNDS!!! THAT’S AWESOME!!!!! Well, there’s not much use in taking any pictures in this segment, but the first one was clearly a Pokemon Center chime. I am feeling extremely rewarded for my obsessive Pokemon years right now.

Now I’m fighting a Grubbin. My team never got healed from Molayne, though.

The next one is weird…must be Rotom Dex.


Next is a Pokemon cry, and…dude. BUS.

The Totem Pokemon is still on its way. I really hope it turns out to be Charjabug’s evolution, and Charjabug’s evolution is just an incredibly slow flying bus.

The next one was the most obscure at first, but it’s gotta be the music denoting the Totem Pokemon because the other options aren’t nearly that dramatic! And when I click the answer…yep, straight into battle!


Hey, it’s only level 29, though? And Silkie’s level 32. Perhaps there’s an evolutionary item I’m missing out on.

Unfortunately, Silkie isn’t the greatest choice for THIS battle, so I’m swapping to Dug. …who, uh, just got REKT by Spark and Bug Bite and Mud Slap. OKAY WE NEED A NEW PLAN??

Oh god, what DO I use?? Dug has the best moves but will be rekt by their attacks. Branch resists Bug but is out because Spark. Tulip is…acceptable? She has Pluck, lemme give her a shot.

THUNDER WAVE NO!!!!! New plan, heal Silkie with a sacrifice. Sorry, Tules. Her Pluck doesn’t do enough…

The good thing with Silkie is that I forgot she has an Eviolite, so Vikavolt can’t hurt her too badly!! A couple of X-Scissors and it’s only the Charjabug ally left!


He IS pretty tall.

Anyways, the moral of the story is that I have the best bus ever, and now she has grown STRONGER.

Quake in fear, mortals!!!

Molayne and Sophocles are cousins for real, neat! I wonder what the unusual circumstances that made him captain were, though? (Whoops I just got Steelium Z. RIP to anyone who wanted to get that in a really exciting way.)

And now I must go to Malie Garden to drop off the Professor’s Mask. Goodbye, Hokulani Observatory!

Now that I’ve seen Vikavolt, which, really, it’s GOT to be Charjabug’s evolution, I’m gonna take the plunge and check Bulbapedia’s method of evolution. Since I know it’s not by Thunderstone, I’m clueless, and I really don’t want to miss out on Silkie’s final form because I’m not playing at the right time or I’m not teaching her a certain move or anything like that.

…Oh! It’s a ‘special magnetic field’ like with Probopass and Magnezone. Well…the map says there’s a ‘recycling plant’ around here? If that’s not it, fear not; Silkie WILL reveal her true form before the end of the game.

Eyyyyy it’s Minior! Good thing I picked the long path down! (This one exploded, so I’ll be searchin’ around until I catch one.)

Gotcha! That’s…that’s actually pretty sad. Don’t worry, Chromastone, you’re safe with me.

OOH OKAY! I am now battling a Collector with a Passimian. Not sure what relation this has to Oranguru, but the guy had both of them.

Welp, we finally made it to Malie! Took a while because I caught five different colors of Minior and am preeeetty sure there’s a sixth yellow one out there I still need. But it looks like Kukui is having an altercation with summa them Team Skull fellows.

New Character?

oh no he’s a ham


Hey, we got backstory! I wonder if Molayne, Kukui, and Guzma ever traveled around together at some point.

Guzma is asking me why I’m doing the island challenge, and I’m going to say ‘that’s what I want to find out.’ Leah’s gotta have something more important on her mind that strength.

And here we go against GUZMA who has HOLY HECK A GIANT CREEPY WHITE BUG. Lucky I got Dug out for this, unless Golisopod is some weird typing. This is further proving my theory that Aether is the real evil team of this game…or, well, I guess other games let you periodically fight the Team Skull boss too. But usually there’s more ceremony than this, right…?

Anyways, Golisopod has Razor Shell, which killed Dug immediately oh boy. Branch fainted after lending a Toxic because Razor Shell happened to lower his Defense. But I guess Emergency Exit is a thing, and…wow, guessing by this Ariados, we got a Bug-specialist team leader! I APPROVE. Okay we won now.

WOW professor you can’t just SPOIL things for me in a LIVEBLOG like that

Hey, it’s….Shauntal’s secret relative! No worries they’ll remind me her name in a second. Oh right, Acerola.

Looks like Tapu Village and Route 11 are our destinations…next time!! Everybody conveniently just sort of left me behind, so I’d call that a great place to stop for the night.

Behold, our current team. Dug and Branch are level 32. We’re still higher than everything else, but the captains ARE catching up, so hopefully there’ll be some good training spots coming up…!

See you soon! Thanks for sticking around this long, too! I know it’s been a while since Moon and Sun were even released. 🙂


Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {17}

Greetings, friends! As you may have been able to tell, I’ve been a little busy in these past few weeks, so it’s been tough finding time to liveblog. In fact, after today I might not even have time to put out another one until after the 27th – which is the conclusion of a play I’m participating in. Practice on top of exam prep eats up time, but here I am!

Last time, we were here, as we made our way into the first Pokemon Center of Ula’ula, the third island. Could this mean we’re over halfway through the game??? Woah!

Hmm, it’s quite dark out, even though I’m finally doing one of these in the afternoon….it looks like the Alolan clock is around eleven or twelve hours from the 3DS time. Unless I just have my game clock on AM and I haven’t noticed.

HI LILLIE! Has it actually been that long since I saw you? I remember that one place where she was imitating me…was that Professor Burnet’s lab? Oh god I’m forgetting everything. Or maybe I’m just confused because it FEELS like we saw her recently, but that was actually LUSAMINE!

All she’s really doing is blocking me from going anywhere until I visit Malie Garden, which is a true valued use of our friendship.

Made it!

Already, this is a very lovely little place. I thought it’d be smaller, but there’s Trainers and tall grass here! And there’s some kind of motif, according to the sign…? I’m guessing the garden is shaped like a Pokemon??

Man, I am having bad luck with wild encounters. First a Poliwag paralyzed me with Body Slam, then called for help; now a Psyduck confused me with Water Pulse and also called for help. I’m starting to think the universe does not like Mallah.

I had to pause the liveblog for a while, and hey, now it’s morning in-game! So here’s what the garden looks like in the daytime!


This thing is a huge, incomprehensible monster. No not the dog

On the bright side, I just used the Rocknium for the first time so Dug could drop a HUGE FREAKING BOULDER on its head and kill it. Because I forgot I was supposed to catch it whoops

Found another one. okay, like, that’s adorable, but still

Hey, I found a Petilil in the grass! I’ve already got one, but defeating it was enough to bring Mallah to level 30. And that makes 30 for all five of my Pokemon! The rotation can switch back to Tulip now.

You know, there Hau is telling me he’ll explore around the bridge, but I can literally walk around the garden until I can approach him from behind and he still hasn’t moved an inch. Way to go, buddy. Teamwork!

Anyways, I somehow managed to track down the professor. Not shown is a weird Vanilluxe display doll by the shop.

“Your eyes are shining extra bright today. Did something big happen?” ONLY SOMETHING AMAZING!

We got a MOUNTAIN coming up!

Hau oh my god stop being so obsessed with malasadas

like, what did you expect the answer to be…..also, reminder that Hau is Eleven and does not know what an observatory is. Didn’t Sina mention something about of those?

And, hey, according to some NPCs, Malie Garden is actually based off Johto. That’s a really neat little culture thing!

I’m done exploring. This place is great for leveling up! Tulip and Silkie are at level 31 now, so it seems Dug will be the one to accompany me to Route 10.

Hello again, Lils! You can’t see it, but there’s a Zygarde bit shining by that car right behind you and it’s driving me nuts.

Ooh….the Ula’ula ruins are in DESERT! WE GOT A DESERT LEVEL!! And there’s a LIBRARY! Good thing it’s not the ruins of the library in the middle of the desert, or we might be in trouble!

Oh good, she stopped talking. We can get the crystal now.

This will never not be kind of odd. …………..wait WHO is Rotom talking to


And there he goes. OKAY. WELL. Let’s discuss this. This appears to be an alternate-universe version of Samuel Oak. Like, it’s his exact same face copied onto a different-looking 3D sprite. Like. What. Maybe it’s his great-great-grandson? Did Blue ever have kids? What even is going on?

Well, good thing he’ll be in the library any time we need him, right? Haaa………why

Let’s do some exploring before the library! First off, I just went a good ways into Route 11 before being cut off by the trial guide lady – who, by the way, mentioned that the next kahuna will give us the Electrium! I didn’t battle any Trainers or wild Pokemon; I’ll save those for later. But I am curious about new Pokemon there, so hey, maybe that’s where I’ll do some training.

Malie City is pretty dang big, and I pretty much just stumbled across Lillie on accident.

!!!!!!! LILLIE!!!!!! IT’S!!!!! LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!

Hapu! Missed you, bud.

Awwww. Hapu and Mudsdale really are very cute. I’d love to ride Mudsdale in the desert. She seems well fit for the job!

And now into a casual forced transition inside the library!

Okay, yes, glorious research and books and magic, but this line is REALLY interesting to me. Apparently, this lady tried to use Fly and it’s actually against the law?? This is some fanfiction dot net levels of realistic regulatory enforcement. And it’s definitely the kind of thing I need to pay attention to for writing Pokemon stories in the future!

Oh hey, she just gave me TM Fly. For….Tulip, I guess? Thanks??

Wait, aw man, these bookshelves aren’t readable! And here I was thinking this library was better than Canalave!

Betcha a shiny that that lady with the purple hair is someone we have to battle later

…the very next A-Button mash, are you serious (is she related to shauntal i am immediately subscribing to this theory)

She just gave us a book called The Light of Alola, which is a pretty darn awesome name.


OKay SO This lady apparently has a royal family AND her name is “Acerola” and I immediately like her a lot

Well, now we’re told to head off to Route 10! This library’s weird but interesting at the same time. The books in the back actually are readable, and they’re saying that the tapu of Alola aren’t really legendary Pokemon, just very gifted and powerful ones that served as leaders of the kings’ armies. So they really are like small-time island deities that the head honchos, the Legendary Pokemon that actually personify the world, rewarded for their effort.

I’m sad that we can’t find out what Acerola’s deal is (?????), but I hope she’ll come up later to be important. Because I am pretty darn sure she’s not just a librarian.

So, as we make our way around Malie, I’m still thinking about that book. I dunno…just excited to see how it’ll become relevant, I guess.

SHOPPING! Yeah, the horn-rimmed glasses became too much even for me after a little while.

And some new hair.

Here I am on Route 10! There’s an old lady who needs to find her Stufful, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for those as I go along.

Oh my goodness there is a healer on this route. I LOVE YOU. I was really dreading having to go back to the Poke Center after every battle, especially now that Branch is up front – he tends to get injured a lot.

AW DUDE THERE ARE PANCHAM ON THIS ROUTE! Well, this one’s name is Po! I passed an NPC who would take this for a Happiny earlier, so I guess I’ll take a quick trading pit stop.

oh boyyyyy

Two fights, started by Tulip and ended by Silkie. Silkie is probably the strongest out of my whole team. She just learned X-Scissor. This bus is unstoppable.

SPEAKING OF BU – oh wait no. Hey, it’s Kukui!


Ahem. SPEAKING OF BUSES, let’s take this bus stop.

It’s called the Exeggutor Express. This is just like those little animal-painted trains in zoos. Everyone pretends to hide their pain.

We’re at the top!

Oh wow, that’s lovely.

And it looks like there will be Ice-types on it, too! I kind of miss them. I got a NeverMeltIce from the Stufful lady for completing her task, and it reminded me that there haven’t been many Ice-types around…darn tropical islands.



No seriously, that’s god dang amazing. More than any of the other regions, Alola is centered around establishing its relationship with the rest of the Pokemon world. It’s a tiny, different, oddball place, where Pokemon come in weird colors, where they stick up for each other when they hear calls for help, where they’re paged instead of taught to Fly.  Heck, they even have their own religion with the tapus. I can easily see it as the kind of place that’s popular for tourism but never taken seriously…sort of like actual Hawaii? And Kukui – man, suddenly, he’s a professor who’s not just researching Pokemon, but he’s actively throwing himself into making changes for his entire region. Alola is just a super colorful, quirky place; why shouldn’t he want to see Alolan representatives out there in the Grand Championships? And now Alola is like the exact opposite of Kalos, which is big and wealthy and extravagant and the Champion was a movie star and now here I am on a comparatively podunk island and the story of its rise to fame – I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

That’s where I’m leaving off for the night, by the way. That was fun! Next time, we’ll be exploring the observatory, and I’ll see if my team makes any big changes in the near future. Everybody’s at level 31, and the 30s are a pretty good time for evolution! See you guys soon!


Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {16}

Greetings! Are you ready to see what awaits us in this installment of Pokemon Moon? Because I am!

[lost image]

Here’s Leah, hanging out where we left her in Heahea. See that pathway to the right (our right, not hers) there? THAT’S WHERE WE’RE HEADED!

Gotta make some small talk as I actually set my Nintendo up. Soo…how’s April going, huh? How’s the weather?

Never mind, we made it! More apologies for the image qualities, here. Evening always makes the screen reflect worse than usual, but when else will I have time to blog?

I stumbled onto Hano Beach and landed myself a part-time job. And I got 20,000 dollars for it, holy heck! This beach is actually a really nice place, and there looks to be an expansive water route next to it. But, knowing me and how long I spend exploring, I’ll save that part for after the hotel.

Here we are. Ooh, it’s lovely! It reminds me of that one thing from the original Pokemon Ranger game when you’re going over a narrow bridge with water on either side and there are Gyarados spitting Hydro Pumps at you.

Indeed I have…please tell me your name

…Yeah, I definitely haven’t been spoiled on this guy.

Faba is now inviting me to the Aether Paradise, which sounds a lot like a Poke Pelago. Maybe those are more plot-relevant than I thought? Nothing to do but agree!

Oh wait, a wild Hau appeared! Olivia came too, and hey, she mentioned that she’s never gotten married. Pretty random but pretty interesting plot detail to drop.

There’s a garden? You mean like….Grass-types?!?

Evidently, Aether Paradise can float. are we about to learn about pokemon slave labor

Okay, well, here we are. This place is very….pristine. Hmm. Should I be a little unnerved?


Yeah, excuse you….yyyyyou!

Wait, heck, Faba ISN’T the Aether president; he’s just a branch manager. I guess we’ll meet the branch manager in a second…? Will this be a plot twist?

(Alert, I just saw a mosquito in my room. If you see any random typos or keyboard mashes you’ll know why. The war has begun.)

New character ahoy! What cheery theme music.

Wicke just took us up the weird triangle elevator thing. And…wow, she knows I’m eleven!? That’s like the first time that a specific age has been dropped for the games.

Hau looks so much older than eleven and for some reason knowing that this is his actual age makes him so much cuter. HE’S STILL SO YOUNG

And on we go.

Yes, so you’ve said, but…what about the people? You’re not gonna blow up the world to keep the Pokemon safe, are you?

I don’t know this Pokemon! I ONLY HAVE A MAREANIE.

Gosh daaang, Pokemon is getting really real with us in this generation.

Okay, another reason I’m suspicious of Wicke – she’s shaking her head. Why would she have arbitrary character animation if she weren’t super important??

PRESIDENT NAMEDROP! Lusamine! I like it!

And now I have free reign! The first thing I did was open up Pokemon Refresh, and sure enough, my Poke Balls can still open and close. Maybe all this talk of jamming Poke Balls was only meant to refer to empty ones (like that one thing with Ghetsis!), but if not, then – Pokemon, you have been outplayed!


I…it is her, isn’t it? That hair is a lot poofier than I would have expected. But dang, this design….this is a first female evil team leader if I’ve ever seen one.

so what if the aether foundation sucks the life out of pokemon so they can be immortal

(i really like this theme music, by the way)


I’m decently sure that Lillie’s name freaked Lusamine out a little. BUT HOLD ON A SECOND….EARTHQUAKE!.mnb/ljh:JKkhvhl/kghjhklkbnklkkvhbhjkl;,.mn,bhjkl.,mnkjkl,mlj;jll

That was not the mosquito, that was me mashing keys while taking crazed photos of this SHINY NEW POKEMON THAT JUST APPEARED IN A COSMOG-ESQUE BEAM OF LIGHT.


Lusamine is not sure what just happened???? like???? did an alien just drop in on us??? ase;dfjkhas;dflkhasdf;jh

And all of a sudden I’m allowed to run around. WELL I guess I’m fighting this thing ok


I’m fighting with Mallah, and I just tried to pull off the Nasty Plot strategy like with Olivia, but it has Clear Smog?? WHY

Okay, I got its HP low enough and it just warped reality and DISAPPEARED!

you okay there, lu



“It looked like it was suffering…I can’t bear to see that happen! I will save it. And I will love it!” 10/10 best villain screw team skull they suck so bad aether foundation where it’s at

dude what if aether foundation turns out to be SO evil that we have to team up with team skull and gladion and plumeria to take them out

dude hau is already so attached to lusamine what if he’s brainwashed by her and we have to fight him

This is perfect, actually. I needed a better move for Mallah!

Look at them being friends and being dorks!!

So…that’s what a malasada looks like, I guess?




Well, dang, now we’re doing this. like, okay. thanks for the heal

Hau still only has three Pokemon, the skrub! But hey, at least he evolved his Pikachu and hOLY CRUD RAICHU HAS AN ALOLAN FORM????


Looks like it’s Electric/Fairy, and it might even have Levitate! I like the design a lot, I have to admit. They really cutened it up. It’s a higher level than I was expecting, though!

Mallah’s not exactly suited for this fight, so hey, come on out, Dug.

……nope he’s been oneshot with Psychic

And Bug Bite is supereffective! Psychic/Electric, then? That is an unexpected but super cool typing. Hau just switched to his Flareon and SILKIE NO. RUN.

Okay. Flareon is down, Brionne is down….aaaaand there goes Raichu! Okay, Hau, I take it back, your Pokemon are super tough and I’m really glad there were only three of them.

Right, we need to find Malie Garden…and I need to heal. I guess Hau didn’t feel like fixing up my Pokemon before he ran away like a lunatic.

But we’ve made it to the first Ula’ulan center! And you’ve probably guessed it, this is where we’re leaving off for the night!

dfghjkl;ḱjhgf SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENED. We met some characters AND THEY WERE REALLY COOL. I’m honestly not much of a “villain” type of person – there are really only so many unique motivations to be evil – but Lusamine seems really, really cool. That is, unless I’ve gotten her pegged all wrong and she really is a non-ambiguous good guy. But like. Come on.

Next episode – we’ll meet up with Kukui and probably get introduced to this island’s round of kahunas! And maybe we’ll get some new Pokemon or evolve some old ones?? Who knows!


Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {15}

Hey, y’all! We’ve reached another multiple of 5! Right now, Passover’s going on, so I hope you’re having a nice holiday time, celebrate it or not. (Whoops, same for Easter.) But perhaps more important than either of those, today is 4/13….the birthday of Homestuck! Maybe I can make awkward Homestuck references more than usual during the blog to celebrate.

Although, I’m actually not sure how long this blog will go for…I’m starting a little late, so we may just play til we beat Olivia and call it a night? Eh, we’ll take it as we go!

Last time, we left off after Thoroughly Exploring Konikoni City. That wasn’t my latest adventure, though! Off-camera, I went back to do some exploring in Lush Jungle because an NPC told me I could get an Oranguru there. Well….

Here he is! I didn’t really want to name him King Louie, so his namesake is the gorilla from Teen Titans. He’s a pretty cool dude. So cool, in fact, that I think I’m gonna try leveling him up for a while?? I mean, he doesn’t share types with my current team, and he’s definitely meant to be a Special attacker. Although Mallah’s moveset doesn’t look very focused around attacking moves…I had to give him TM Charge Beam, because before that he only had Stored Power. (Apologies for any worse-than-usual screenshots; the lighting’s not great tonight!)

I went around to try and level Mallah up before the fight, but now I’ve realized I’m just going to fall asleep if I start level grinding right now. So I’m actually gonna try out the EXP Share for this fight! There’s a first!

And here’s some conflict!


I am now fighting in place of….the President of the Aether Foundation? Can’t wait to learn all about them in a second.

Wait, where?! who are you

Nope, they’re gone. HEAL UP, MOVE ON

Wow, past the Team Skull roadblock is a whole bunch of stuff! I’m seeing trainers and Zygarde bits and a whole bunch of stuff. Might be a while yet.

FOUND A NEW POKEMON! It’s Gumshoos, the evolution of Yungoos! It’s not a super different design, but an interesting name. And is it Gumshoos as in gumshoe, since they’re the Stakeout Pokemon? Do we have a gutsyGumshoe on our hands?

Also, Dug just leveled up and tried to learn Stealth Rock. Not today, buddy….but I’m making a note of that for the competitive scene.

Another one of my recent additions. This must be where Olivia’s Probopass came from.

I’m almost to the end of these outskirts, and….huh, Mallah’s not doing too bad. He’s already level 24, fighting on his own and everything. I think his design’s too complete for him to evolve, but man, I hope he does!!



I follow a couple of webcomic artists on Twitter, and one of them namedropped this lady and I think must have posted some fanart. I saw the name, not the art, and was unable to get it out of my head – so I assumed for a while that Plumeria was the name of Rowlet’s third evolution. You know, wisteria, plume of feathers. Wasn’t expecting this, though! She’s like an eagle! Dang!

She calls herself the big sister of the Team Skull peeps and visions of fluffy family-times art is immediately flooding my brain.

“But don’t you think some dummies are cute in their dumbness?” plumeria

Oops now we’re fighting. As I beat up this Golbat, I can’t help but wonder if she thinks of Gladion as a little sibling too, or ~*something more*~

Golbat’s down. Her next Pokemon is Salandit! I was kind of expecting another Chemical X Pokemon thingy, but that’s perfect for Mallah – we got it in one hit!

She should really stop pulling those pigtails so tight.

And…..there she goes. That was, uh. Okay she BETTER be important later on

I’m moving on to the Ruins of Life proper. Team assessment: we’re overall gonna be pretty bad against Rock-types. Dug, Branch, and Silkie have no good moves for them (Water-type moves on Mareanie when), and while Tulip could hold her own, she’ll be a glass cannon. One strong hit and she might be down! Now, Mallah…he’s still around four levels lower than the rest of the team, but he just learned Nasty Plot from that fight against Plumeria. If he sets up with NP and goes to town with Stored Power, he could do some serious damage, especially considering that Rock-type Pokemon are typically slow with lowish special defense.

(Yes, I am a nerd.)

I’m at a loss as to how to counter a Probopass if she actually has one, though. Let’s go on ahead.


She’s talking about the Masked Royal. Burnet. Burnet you are a scientist.

Hey, Lillie just healed my Pokemon! Aww, I like you.

Soooo….this is where Tapu Lele is! It’s agitating Nebby, for some reason.

That is a good question. My current theory is pretty much just that Nebby is a little babby Guardian who maybe got lost in some way pertaining to the Ultra Wormhole. Do Z-Moves fit into this? What is Nebby’s secret special power?? Is Lillie a space goddess???

Oh dang, that’s cool. I hope we see Tapu Lele right before/after the boss fight.

And the music kicked up….you know what? I’mma hecking go for it!


First Pokemon: Nosepass. It tried to paralyze me, but Mallah already likes me enough that it broke through the paralysis. YOU GO, DUDE! I haven’t stacked up nearly enough Nasty Plot, though!

Okay…Sp. Attack is maxed out. I’ve healed the paralysis, and the Stored Power did the trick! Next is…..LYCANROC WAT

It’s….a werewolf??? AND IT KNOWS BITE OH JEEZ OH NO nope we survived. And thank GOSH Lycanroc isn’t Dark-type! It got taken out in one hit!

Last Pokemon is a Boldore. I know Mallah can do this, but I have to heal up.

Got down to 1HP, avoided a Headbutt, and…..WE DID IT. Mallah grew a level! AND WE WON!

GRAND TRIAL #2 COMPLETE. Rockium Get! Oh man, this is replacing the Normalium i m m e d i a t e l y.

“The Rock type is physically hard, strong and rugged. So nothing like me at all!” That is sweet. And really cool that they’d acknowledge it in this way. Rock seemed an arbitrary choice.

Hmm. And finally we have a little moment between Nebby and Olivia. She seems to have a guess that something we don’t.

He did the ‘aue’ thing again! Have I been missing that this whole time?

OH! They’re talking about the green President person again….looks like he’s a guy, then. Now we know our next destination.

The Aether Foundation makes Lillie nervous….I guess she remembers the opening cutscene.

Uh….hey, it’s Tapu Lele’s den! Are we supposed to be exploring this now…?

Well, it’s a giant strength puzzle, so I guess I’ll be leaving that for later. Right now, I gotta get to a Pokemon Center.

And here we are at a junction in Heahea City, close to the way towards the Hano Grand Resort, and this is where I’ll be leaving things for the night! It feels like I’ll trigger another cutscene if I step too close. Who haven’t we seen in a while? Gladion?

[lost image]

And here’s a look at my team. Our biggest problem is moves and movesets right now, but with Mallah’s help I think we’ll be able to overcome our reliance on physical attacks. Please ignore Kevin. He is there for scale.

Pretty interesting characters introduced in this episode…happy 4/13, all!


Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {14}


Last time – and this is as much a reminder for me as for you guys – we appear to have left off here!

We just beat Mallow the chef lady and the super-difficult Fomantis evolution, *checks* Lurantis! Now it’s time to go on down to Olivia and see if we can beat her. Maybe she’ll be in that Diglett’s Tunnel.

Before we do that, though, some NPC or somethin’ mentioned that Comfey could be found in the jungle, so I’m definitely heading back now that the trial is over! (Ah, yes, and Rotom is helpfully reminding me of the Dimensional Research center.)

????? Found one? I, uh, what am I looking at, here – a bracelet? I got spoiled on the name by some Gijinka fanart, so I don’t know what I was expecting its appearance to be like. I think I was just imagining Cottonee.

Okay, it wasted my last Ultra Ball, but I threw a Nest Ball and caught it! Let’s check this thing out. Looking at it on the capture screen, it’s actually pretty cute once you can make out where its face is. It’s pretty much just a lei. And hey, it’s pure Fairy! I thought it was Grass!!

What a fitting name!

Right…Fomantis, Paras, Bonsly, Metapod, and I feel like these are all the rest of the Pokemon I’m gonna find in the near future. Time to move on!

Hey, it’s Lillie! Been a while! I feel like I arrived just in time, because…no…you can’t just tell a Pokemon to use Splash, that’s….that’s like the worst thing ever………


We’ve been spotted! (I’m mostly including this image because Nebby is really cute.)

Apparently, the lab we’re at studies “dimensions.” I feel like the last time we had dimension talk was the Delta Episode in ORAS, where, if I’m not mistaken, they went on about ORAS being in a literal separate dimension than R/S/E. Which, like, omg that’s awesome

“How were your trials?” I’m gonna be honest and say ‘it was really tough’. Yeah, she’s not surprised.

We’re in the building! +10 for Hoopa reference!


Her name’s Professor Burnet. Is…is that a tree?Screenshot 2017-04-09 at 12.16.08 AM.png

Apparently, I’m not the only Pokemon fan to wonder that!

But yeah, hahaaaa I KNEW we’d meet Kukui’s partner sometime in the game. I spotted his wedding ring during the PokeSkype call! I bet I get Internet cookies for that or something!

!!!!!!!!! dude what

….okay, now she’s moving on to Hau. COME ON, THAT WAS INTERESTING! Nebby was knocked out, too?? Is this like the opening of PMD Explorers of Sky, except Lillie got turned back to human??

WOAH hau out of nowhere

The reason this is all weirdly exciting to me is because Pokemon sometimes struggles with the pacing of its story/gameplay/mythology. Starting up the backstory BEFORE we’re 4/5ths through the game is good in my book!


Soo….Nebby seems uncomfortable. If mysterious Pokemon come out of this wormhole, did that happen to Cosmog too?

They’re called “Ultra Beasts” and the guardians of Alola fought against them. THAT’S COOL.

And with that, I have free reign to see the lab. Lillie says that Burnet was the one who rescued her and hooked her up with Kukui, and…that’s just really CUTE! Lillie needs a mom figure, awww!


And the Interdream Zone? Foreshadowing? What?

[4/9/17 future edit for Mohn being the name of the Pokepelago guy whoops]

In any case, that was an enlightening and in no way plot-relevant trip! Time to head off to Konikoni Village.


I’m now a little ways into Diglett’s Tunnel (nothing super eventful is happening) and suddenly the Aether Foundation appears. I remember these guys from earlier…what could they want?

Hmm….they’re helping out the Diglett that got riled up after Team Skull disturbed them. That’s a very nice and logical reason to be here.

But HERE’S who I was expecting! How’d the Aether guys get past them?

‘Aue’? I have never heard that exclamation before.

Well, we had a predictably pretty easy Double Battle. MOVING ON!

We made it out of the tunnel! This is a pretty interesting sign. Especially considering the officer just to the left of it will fight you!

This is interesting…looks like I’ve reached Konikoni, but just next to it is another Pokemon cemetery. The Ruins of Life! Right now I’m wandering around battling people in it. It is very odd that they don’t even bother to give this place some somber music. Tapu Lele is said to come here, though, which is cool.

….All the grieving people’s Pokemon beaten up? Cool, let’s keep moving.

Awww, this is such a cute little town! And hey, it’s the delivery Delibird!

And…a Probopass?

Incense, Pokemon Massage…looks like all the familiar shops and services are bundled up here! AND HEY LOOK A STYLIST! I think I’m due for a new look…

A little lighter and longer…more like me irl. I think it’s nice!

Other shops include….TMs! Clothing (with a Pokemon called Oranguru inside)! Herbs! OH GOD ALL MY SAVINGS ARE GONE!

My new look. True Fashion

I stopped by the Pokemon Center to sell some Pearls and things and a random Aether member actually said that Oranguru can be found in Lush Jungle. I’ll be going back, then! I missed a spot!

Ruins of Life…hey, I was just there!

Olivia’s shop sells evolutionary stones (bought a Leaf Stone), headbands (bought all the purple ones), and I can choose between getting the Plume or Armor Fossil. Hm…I already have a rock type, so I guess it doesn’t matter? I’m gonna go with Tirtouga – Armor Fossil – just in case I need another Water-type. Branch doesn’t actually know any Water moves.

….oh wait, I have to pay for it? Ehhhhh I’ll do it in the postgame, once I’m rich.

What’s up with the weird angle for this part of town?

I just passed by a lady who gave me a Pikanium…*sigh* okay I guess I’m not surprised that Pikachu is getting even more special treatment

okay, just, look at how much of a D O R K Leah is now

That looks like it’s everything in Konikoni. This wouldn’t really function well as a town, being a bunch of kiosks, but it’s really cool and nice otherwise! I guess it’s time to head back to the Ruins of Life for our SHOWDOWN with Olivia!!

……that is, we’ll do that next time! It’s actually quite late now, so I’m going to leave off here:

and we’ll tackle the grand trial once we resume! Between then and now, I might also stop back in Lush Jungle and find that Oranguru. It shouldn’t be too eventful, just more standard Pokemon-searching, but I’ll have my phone ready in case something exciting happens.

Quick team update – Tulip, Silkie, Dug, and Branch are all levels 27-28.

See you all next time!