RWBY ep.7 [Final]

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W–why is it Ruby falling out of the sky?! Did we miss something?!

On the other hand, that’s the end of the episode! The credits appear to be different, and on reading them I can see that the last names and such are actually listed. Jaune’s is Arc, which I forgot from episode 2, but I made a comment last time that it was based off of Joan of Arc. Blake’s is Belladonna, which is strangely glamorous for someone like her.  And Glynda’s–oh. Glynda Goodwitch. Professor Ozpin. Glinda the Good Witch and the Wizard of Oz. Very clever there, guys.

I can also see that the scorpion creature is literally called a Grimm, another thing I shamelessly forgot from last ep’s perfectly good exposition. Please forgive my derpiness and my unrequited ranting in the hashtags.

Well, anyways, that was a good episode! There are so many characters, each with their own interesting pairings and dynamics and arcs (heh). And now there’s a Grimm monster on the loose! We’ll see what happens next time…see you in a while!

Don’t get your hopes up too high, but you might want to expect some reviews and/or Top 10s in the near future…


RWBY ep.7 [10]

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Jaune’s voice actor, whoever he is, is confirmed as the absolute best! I know this should be a scary scene, but his freaking out is hilarious!

RWBY ep.7 [7]

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Ahaha, they’re doing the eyes-in-the-dark thing! I’m just glad I remember whose eye colors are whose. Prediction: a pair of red eyes will show up just to complete the color trio. And they’ll belong to a SCORPION.

RWBY ep.7 [6]

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I see…cave paintings! Teeny men fighting a scorpion with teeny weapons (including bows and arrows, which we haven’t seen yet)! Foreshadowing?

RWBY ep.7 [5]

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I am firmly on Ruby’s side in this argument, not only because she’s not the one being a stupid jerk, but because I have a lot of experience with being treated like a kid in situations where I’m just as knowledgeable as everyone else. Or, you know, sometimes I am kind of lost, but they don’t have to assume, jeez.

Come, Yang and Sassy Blake, let us see what these so-called relics will be.

RWBY ep.7 [4]

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Headmistress Glynda is dead wrong about all of this, but more importantly: Pyrrha Nikos! Sounds Greek, right? I’m now compelled to comment on every single last name dropped in the coming seconds, so I’ll have to live-edit this live-blog post:

-Oh, Jaune is too lame to get a last name. Poor guy.

-Professor…husband? No, Osbin. Oh wait, Ozpin. Okay. Had to use the subtitles again for that one.

We have moved on to Weiss and Ruby arguing (agaaaain) so let’s stop talking about superinteresting last names for the moment!

RWBY ep.7 [3]

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Perhaps not their names, but someone else’s! I heard….Nora Valkyrie and Lye Ren? That means Ren goes by his last name. Makes sense to me. Neato!

I’m trying not to use the captions, but let me check them just to see if I spelled those right:

Valkyrie and Lie. Got it. I will now go back and edit the first paragraph so it doesn’t look like I spelled Nora’s last name as “Valkreet.” Hey, I thought Valkyrie was too obvious!

(Also, the Headmistress is listed as Glynda)

RWBY ep.7 [2]

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Annnnnnd starting off with the Headmaster and the Headmistress!…that’s totally their names, hush. Watch their actual names get dropped in the next two seconds.