Pokémon Moon Blind Liveblog {22}

I AM BACK! AGAIN! I’ve got 64 hours and 44 minutes put purely into my game time, so let’s not delay and get right back into Pokémon!

Last time, we met a sad sack called Nanu and traveled through Po Town to liberate it from Team Skull. And then we were left behind in the rain. Rotom’s saying I should go find the Aether House.

I made it all the way to Ula’ula Meadow before remembering that I can Fly and that’s probably what they intended me to do. All right, let’s try that!

New Pokémon alert…on the outskirts of Tapu Village, I found an Absol, a Snorunt, and an Alolan Sandshrew!! It’s Ice/Steel, which is VERY interesting. Sounds like it should be a defensive Pokémon, but it’ll be preeetty bad against Fire and Fighting moves.

(It took me like half an hour to decide on a name, but I figured Jennifer [Jenny] was a teenage robot, so Steel-type, and she’s also blue and white.)

I did a quick check and Alolan Sandshrew apparently evolves with the Ice Stone…which I did get last episode, and I do want to see what Alolan Sandslash looks like. Okay let’s do it!

yoooooo COOL! She wants to learn Icicle Spear…why not, I won’t be using her =P Her extremely fitting name was for naught.

This liveblog has been going on for over an hour and I am SO DISTRACTED. To the Aether House!

I guess Acerola waited for me even though I spent so long flailing around with Sandshrew.

Lillie’s gone?! OH NO!!!!!!!! (413th camera pic, homestuck confirmed)

“Several hours earlier…” Oh snap Pokémon is a mystery drama

Lillie. Why is Nebby not in the bag. GET IN THE BAG.


Okay, I think they’re talking about Nebby’s weird Ultra Beast-summoning ability thing. That’s why Plumeria is here? To make Lillie use her power again?

yo what

There’s an Oranguru facing the wrong way in the background there and I bet he could totally be helping Lillie out if he wanted to.

Aaaand she goes with Skull willingly. Girl has secrets.

This music is very sad and a little powerful and we’re finally getting Deep Hau Feelings but HAU CHANGE YOUR FACE


Hey….wait a minute….

If Lillie and Gladion are both Lusamine’s kids I’m going to flipping flip a heck.


Oh my god, he started with a Golbat and whatever attack it used almost oneshotted me! But Tulip toughed it out so I wouldn’t feel sad. Sinister Arrow Raid beat it anyways, but I’m gonna switch…not just because it’s Silkie’s turn to gain a level.

Sneasel’s up! Gladion is Silver confirmed!

Gladion’s sprite is back there just shaking in rage as this goes on. Smol anger issues child.

Type: Null is up! Haven’t seen this in a while. It’s level 38, holy heck, but Silkie’s fiiiiiine

Or maybe Crush Claw does too much and I have to switch. GO DUG!

And we’re done!


You know, like this, that actually looks like a real gesture of frustration and resolve and not like a Random Dramatic Sprite Flourish™


I guess we’re going right on a Lillie rescue mission. Maaaaan are we already in the evil team plot endgame?!

Quiet nighttime ferry waiting? Pokémon……….don’t make me ship this

We’re waiting for Hau. Huh, usually the player character’s the only one with any needs or obligations

Oh….we’re eleven and he’s like fourteen or fifteen, probably. CRAP, DISREGARD THE SHIPPING THING, I FORGOT

And he really seems to know a thing about growing up in a kahuna’s shadow.

Hey, it’s everyone’s favorite dark and gloomy uncle!


I’m gonna say “no thanks” purely because I wanna swap my team around. I wonder what type he specializes in.

Ah, good, it actually did give me a minute. LET’S GO

his opening shot is just him sitting….MENACINGLY!

Starts with Sableye! My first instinct WAS Dark-type. I thought that’d be cool just because of the “no Dark-type Gym Leaders” thing.

Next one is Krokorok and…hm. Branch would be perfect but he has NO WATER TYPE MOVES!! so Tulip it is. This thing counters my team very well…and oh no, it’s faster! It knows Swagger! TULIP DON’T HIT YOURSELF IT’S DARK TYPE nope it got a crunch in

Sigh. Let’s try Branch anyways.

He’s confused too…he hit himself…Water-type doesn’t stop Earthquake from being super effective…he’s dead…BLUH

Silkie loves me enough to avoid Swagger, nice! And she loves me enough to critical with X-Scissor, so Krokorok is down. Dug vs Persian let’s go.

BLACK HOLE ECLIPSE WHAT???? aw phew, we’re alive.

I have no idea why they made Alolan Persian’s face so round and weird when a Dark-type cat should at least be as sly, if not more, than a regular cat. Also I just realized Alolan Persian is basically Liepard.  ANYWAYS we won the battle!!!

Hey, Nanu’s actually laughing!


The Dark-type Z movements were accompanied by a long, silent shot of Gladion’s disgusted face and Leah being like “eh whatever c:”

Ula’ula trials complete. Oh boyyyy.

Nanu’s asking the real questions here.

Bu- Gladion, when did you even GET this perception of Hau?

Nah, Hau’s in srs mode right along with Gladion. Hard to tell with Leah…I’d like to think that “c:” is just a part of her character.

Gladion said “Aether Paradise” accompanied by a dramatic zoom, so he MUST be right! But wait…why would Skull people take Lillie to an Aether place?


“But…Why would Lillie be at Aether Paradise?” Yes, thank you, Hau.


“Should we look for her?” or “Should we ask around?” I have a feeling that the Aether people have also given Leah the creeps, so I’m going with the first one.

we’re taking the elevator guys this is hardcore

Interesting that it’s Hau who’s upset about not having a plan and Gladion who’s winging it, since usually it’s reversed with these types of characters. I approve.

Pffff I can walk around now, and there’s an Aether person here who’s perfectly willing to just take me back to the city. And it’s so obviously a Skull boat! I’m good, thanks!!

We have our first battle with an Aether member, and from their expression it looks like all nice pretenses are finished.

There was also a definite level spike, as my Pokémon are all level 39-40 and the random employees are around level 37.

Battled all the trainers, found TM Toxic down in a corner, and now Gladion’s saying the elevator won’t work for us.

ooooh it’s this guy!

Well, Gladion and he definitely know each other, at least.

…because Pokémon?

“Everyone’s equal in Pokémon battle!” Yeah, actually. Good message.

Good thing that’s just a toothpick. This is a kids’ game, Faba! Smoking corrupts!

And here we are battling. He’s not battling Gladion. Just me. Of course.

Woah, his only Pokémon was a Hypno! Tulip was low on health from the employees, but she oneshotted it with her Z-Move. “Last line of defense,” pfff.

you had One Pokémon you ageist

I was thinking about this in the context of “oh no not Nebby!” but then I realized that an entire experiments lab/basement in a place like this is NEVER A GOOD THING. How are they healing the Pokémon they “rescue?”

He’s giving us a lift because why not.

Gee, this blog is already longer than usual, and this would be a great place to leave a cliffhanger – PFFT NAH! Take a second to heal my Pokémon, and away we go!

Oh heck there was a really cool overhead shot that I missed. Gotta be on point with Bad Screenshots because we are totally in endgame territory…

So it’s been two years since Gladion’s been here. I wonder if this is where Type: Null is from, or was he rescued and taken with Glad when he left?

Hau: “This will be FUN!!!”

Gladion: “Make room for my edge.”

Leah: “Fite me already c8”

Oh my god, he’s SCARED! He IS scared at being back in this place where they did whatever-the-heck to him two years ago and now he won’t admit that he needs us to keep him from freezing up again. Aww. You’re so great, Gladion. Don’t worry, we gotchu.

“Secret Labs A and B” great names guys, great names

And Hau, again, gets it. These two have more personality chemistry than Shauna, Tierno, Calem, and that little redhaired Pokedex guy did back in X&Y combined.

Hau also gives me a Max Revive because he understands I’m the only one who’s gonna be doing any fighting.


Defeated in short order.

Hmm. Well, we sort of already knew that.

Is he, like, threatening to Crush Claw me if I try to open that door?

OH HECK, we’re actually getting backstory! He was forced to be the perfect child for his mom. That’s sad. But it also explains why Gladion ran away and got TWO ear piercings on one ear, the maniac!!

He reminds me of N. They both have abusive backstories, both maaay be related to the main antagonist…and they were both drawn to these Pokémon that they were similar to. Also, they’re both socially awkward NERDS but they approach it in different ways.

And they were created by their parents for a purpose.

I won’t be going into that room, then. Down to Secret Lab B it is.

Aaaaand….that IS where I’m stopping for the day!

I started this very early because I couldn’t sleep, so there’s more than enough time to start a second liveblog if I want to…not sure yet. But a couple minutes ago, my Nintendo randomly flickered off and back on, so it’s a sign that I should stop and save.

Here’s a peek at my team. By now I am royally bugged that I can’t find someone to complete the team of six, but there’s still one more island left, right??? It’ll be fiiine…I’ll find someone before I have to fight whatever Elite 4 Kukui’s cobbling together.

This part of the game is VERY COOL. And Gladion is amazing. Have I said that yet?

Catch you later!



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