Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {29}

Hi guys! It’s time for another exciting installment of THIS LIVEBLOG THAT’S BEEN GOING ON FOR OVER A YEAR! In the last episode, we left off here:

right outside of the Elite 4!

Now, I did go do some level grinding offscreen, in the area closest to this spot – the base of the mountain, I guess! I got all six of my Pokemon up to level 52. This still isn’t as high as several Pokemon I’ve run into previously, like Gladion’s and Hau’s, but I think we’re gonna be okay.

No time to waste! LET’S BEGIN!

While I’m waiting for the game to load, I wanna mention that Breath of the Wild maaay have been a lot of reason why this episode has been a long time coming. It’s. It’s such a good game guys.

All right, we’re into it! First thing I did was swap around my Pokemon’s movesets and items, which I will record here in text form rather than in more cruddy screenshots:

Tulip, Decidueye: Spirit Shackle/Leaf Blade/Synthesis/Sucker Punch, holding Amulet Coin.

Silkie, Vikavolt: Crunch/Thunderbolt/Bug Buzz/Thunder Wave, holding Electrium Z.

Dug, Lycanroc: Stone Edge/Rock Slide/Brick Break/Crunch, holding Hard Stone.

Branch, Toxapex: Poison Jab/Baneful Bunker/Scald/Toxic, holding Poison Barb.

Mallah, Oranguru: Foul Play/Charge Beam/Psychic/Nasty Plot, holding Shell Bell.

Arrietty, Kommo-o: Sky Uppercut/Clanging Scales/Rock Tomb/Dragon Claw, holding Bright Powder.

And with that…I’m really excited to see what the League has to offer!

Hi, Kukui! This place is very pretty.

The doors appeared to have differently colored orbs above them and HOOOOOOOO IS THAT A GREEN ONE PLEASE TELL ME THE ONE IN THERE IS GRASS TYPE

When in doubt, go clockwise, so I’m going to start with this orange-yellow mystery door on the far left.

AHA! I know this guy!! Wow, now Hau has even more to live up to! Good luck, bro!

Hala appears to have super dramatic holographic arms behind him.


I switched to Mallah to start for this, so he’s facing Hala’s Hariyama. Hala has five Pokemon, and his first is…level 54, JEEZ. Hariyama just knocked out Mallah with Close Combat. This’ll be a fun battle!

Oof, so I’m a little over halfway through the battle. Tulip and Silkie are also down. I’m fighting with Branch, and he just poisoned Bewear, which he did to Poliwrath as well….and now Hala heals Bewear with a FULL HEAL! Who has those items? I was expecting him to have another Full Restore!

(Branch is being a total champion, by the way, because he’s dodged 3 attacks so far out of affection. Thanks, buddy. Sorry the Pokemon world doesn’t work for defensive types so well.)

Last Pokemon is up, Crabominable, who hAS A Z-MOVE OH NO OH GOSH

Yep, there goes Branch….the poison is his legacy. It’s all right, Dug just needs to outspeed and defeat this thing with Brick Break-



I…have 7. (HECK, DANG, HECK.) I also have seven Max Revives. I’m gonna have to do a lot better to preserve my Pokemon on this round; it’s easier to use regular healing items.

Next up is an orange-red room! Is it, uh, the fire guy, K – *quickly looks up name* Kiawe? I loved him! He was awesome!

Oh, well, it’s not. It’s Olivia! Okay, yeah, that makes sense. The kahunas get to be the Elite 4, not the simple island captains. That means that the next rooms will be, uhhh……oh man I don’t remember. Who was that Fairy lady we ran into in Poni? Mina? How bout I just concentrate on fighting Olivia????

Look at that…so intimidating!

Quick conundrum here – Mallah has some epically boosted stats, but he’s in the red, and Olivia is sending out a Lycanroc. That thing has Crunch for SURE, so I’m gonna play it safe and use Dug. Mine has Brick Break, so he is objectively better, HA. AND he’s faster!!!!!

AND he just toughed out Continental Crush so I wouldn’t be sad! He’s the BEST boy!

Unfortunately, Stone Edge does waaay too much damage, so I’m swapping for Branch. Branch has Scald, which is good. Three of those, and Lycanroc is down…and Branch is the first team member to reach level 53!

I haven’t used Arrietty yet, but the third Pokemon is Probopass. I think I’ll bring her in for this.

After that is Carbink and Alolan Golem, and WE DID IT! I didn’t lose anyone this time, and that battle was a little easier than the last one. Primarily because I didn’t have a stupid dumb Primeape whaling on my team with Outrage and not missing from confusion.

Heals and Leppa Berries all around, and we move on to the purple orb room! OH RIGHT, IT’S THE GHOST LADY. Now she’s even MORE like Shauntal. I guess it’s cool to start with Mallah for this one.

Acerola is talking about Nanu, here. Also, I highly doubt he said “darned.” That’s okay, Acerola, I’m glad you’re in his place!

The third battle begins! I did look out for creepy subliminal Ghost children, but it seems that Acerola’s room is significantly less haunted than Phoebe’s.

And she starts with Sableye – of course. Mallah, get out of here. I’d better go with Arrietty or something for this.

Acerola’s second Pokemon is Froslass, which is terrifying but also super interesting because I love these. Oneshot by Dug! Take that!

Next Pokemon is–Dhelmise?! WHAT

Okay, uuuuhhhh, it’s thing thing! Is it a rusty ship’s wheel? Steel/Ghost or Water/Ghost, what? I have Tulip up, and I’m gonna play super risky and use Leaf Blade just to find out.


Oh thank GOODNESS Tulip avoided that attack because she loves me. The reckoning for my mistakes shall not come today.

Her next Pokemon is….Palossand??? Haven’t heard of this one either, but I bet it evolves time from the Sandygast we saw that one time!

Awww… you know what? This one is cute! It’s a sand castle. It just murdered Tulip with “Never-Ending Nightmare,” but still. Pretty darn cute. It seems to have an interesting ability where its Defense rose after I hit it with Branch’s Scald.

Aaaannnnd we’ve done it, hooray! Heal heal heal.

Oh snap fourth one?? who’s this???

She made a wind pun IT’S A FLYING-TYPE ELITE 4 MEMBER, GUYS.

“I’ve been traveling the world to improve my skill as both a Pokemon trainer and a golfer.” That, uh…that threw me for a loop. Uhhh you can have whatever hobbies you want, I guess? I won’t judge? Just kind of a random choice on Pokemon’s part.

she’s holding her golf club. I’m just glad she didn’t smack her Poke Balls at me with it.

Silkie beats a Mandibuzz and reaches level 53! We’re on our way!

Ooh, yes, new Pokemon – Toucannon! Is that maybe the evolution of Trumbeak and Pikipek? I always assumed that those evolved twice, since they’re the regional bird, but maybe not…in any case, let’s try and beat this thing with Stone Edge. Oneshot again! Dug joins the Level 53 train!

Kahili has an Oricorio, which is tricky because I don’t know what type it’ll be. Mallah, why not! And it’s Fire-type!

Her last Pokemon is Crobat, which is fine because Mallah destroys it with Psychic. I’ve had the most weaknesses on my team to Flying-types, but we’ve also oneshot the most Pokemon!

And it’s time to go find the CHAMPION!!!! Team is ready to go! SO much hype!

Up the staircase of destiny.

I don’t see anyone yet?? Is it Kukui? I bet Kukui’s going to pop out all dramatic.

leah just…takes the chair

O-oh! So Kukui DOES appear dramatically…but he’s NOT the Champion! I AM!

“The truth is, there’s one more person you have to battle if you want that title.” OH MAN I WAS WRONG. HE GOT ME GENERATION ONE STYLE.

i knew it


His first Pokemon is Lycanroc, so this is a Lycanroc vs Lycanroc battle! Mine has Brick Break, but his is five levels higher! Level 57! What?!

It sets up Stealth Rock, which is obnoxious, but Dug is able to dodge Stone Edge and twoshot it.

Next is Incineroar! YES! I’ve been waiting to see what these look like! Come on out, Branch!

Hey, it doesn’t look bad! It has a neat flame belt. I guess it’s a wrestler type cat. It has a move called Darkest Lariat, which sounds terrifying, thanks

Branch and Incineroar ended up tying – Incineroar fainted from poison. Now I don’t know who’s getting sent out next. I guess I’ll assume another starter and use…Mallah! NO! IT’S ALOLAN NINETALES! YOU HAVE THE BEST POKEMON, PROFESSOR KUKUI!

I used Nasty Plot, Psychic, and another Psychic. RIP Ninetales. Next is Snorlax vs Arrietty.

I thought Sky Uppercut would twoshot, but Snorlax is left with one HP. That’s okay, Dragon Claw takes him out!

Braviary’s up next! I think I want to use Gigavolt Havoc for this! It’s a OHKO!

His last Pokemon is Magnezone. This is not super ideal for Tulip, but she’s my last Pokemon and my starter and I love her, and I really want to make it a 6 on 6 battle. So out she goes!

…she didn’t last long. Sorry, Tulip ;~; Umm, who should take out a Magnezone? I have no Fire or Ground moves. So…Arrietty! Avenge Tules!

SHE DID IT!!! Gained a level! We beat Kukui! It’s been a LONG time coming!

Yaaaay! We get to record my team! I just wish I’d kept them in order, because now Dug’s in front and it’s all messed up.

Speaking of which….*clears throat* Dug! You were awesome! You were SO CUTE as a Rockruff and now you’re a pretty cool werewolf guy! You had the strongest Attack out of everyone! You seemed to get buffed by affection a lot, which was appreciated.

Silkie! I shouldn’t play favorites, but…I love you!!! I think you had an epic design…Charjabug threw me, being a bus and everything, but you were a really neat and quirky Pokemon all the same. And you ended up being SUPER powerful. I think your Gigavolt Havoc oneshot everything I used it against tonight.

Mallah, you’re chill and great. I liked being able to set up with Nasty Plot and then wreck things with Psychic. You’re not the kind of Pokemon I usually have on my team, mainly because you don’t evolve, but I’m glad I could give you a shot.

Branch, you REALLY came through during the Elite 4, facing all those Pokemon that were up to six levels higher than us. It was sort of difficult to use you throughout the region, especially since it took you so long to get a gosh dang Water move, but I’m positive that your species just needs to find its niche…which is probably wrecking Pokemon in the competitive scene.

Tulip!!! My starter! You’re a girl, and that’s COOL! I loved your cute Rowlet design and the fact that you became a Ghost-type! Spirit Shackle is such an epic move, and you hit SO hard with Leaf Blade…you’re solid all around. A worthy Grass-type.

Finally, the new girl, Arrietty! I think you make an adorable Dragon-type. I don’t believe I’ve used a pseudo-legendary before, but you were a wonderful one to start with. I like that your typing is so unique! Good getting to know you!

Guys….guys, I’m so glad Hala said that. I almost forgot this game was called Pokemon Sun and Moon. Man, am I glad he reminded me again.


Whoops, blurry shot – but look, it’s these guys! Look, it’s practically everyone! I don’t see Nanu, but that makes sense. He’s kind of a loner.


i was kidding what the hell he’s behind a tree gladion why are sUCH A NERD

Kiawe is dancing, NICE


Look at us all! And there’s Kiawe, still dancing. Kiawe no. You can’t show off to the fireworks.

I would LOVE to run off with you, Lillie! I’m sure nobody will miss us!

(guys the sad music is back)

Looks like we’re battling Tapu Koko now….I’m up for it! One last battle!

dude. dude i’m in a black mindspace with a talking god. DUDE THIS IS AWESOME.

It’s Tapu Koko, and it’s level 60! Which I kind of figured, since Kukui’s Incineroar was 58. Dug got it down to the red with Rock Slides, so right now I’m tossing Ultra Balls. I have a Master Ball if things get dire.

“Nature’s Madness.” While that sounds like a terrifying attack, it did way less than Electro Ball. Tapu Koko seems mostly interested in using Agility over and over.

That’s it, I’m out of Ultra Balls. I just used a Quick Ball ON ACCIDENT, THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A TIMER BALL. Okay, there’s the right one. It…….it worked! Tapu Koko is caught!

That looks pretty awesome. I’m excited to fill in the rest of those slots.

Let me think….nicknames? What’s a cartoon god? I think I actually wanna go with Mama Coco from the Pixar movie! Her full name is Socorro, so let’s do that!

I finally know, by the way, that Tapu Koko is Electric/Fairy, nice!

And off goes Socorro to the box. I hope that won’t have any negative effects on Alola’s state of being. Oh hey, Tapunium Z.

We’re back to the party, and everyone’s still having a great time! And…Professor Burnet just noticed that Kukui is secretly the Masked Royal. Aww. I do like all these characters. It’s reassuring to know that they have just enough screentime and uniqueness in the game to wildly take on lives of their own by talented artists and writers.

Kiawe is asleep on the stage LOL

Oh…boy. Lillie, I don’t think that would have been the greatest thing, if it worked.

She’s trying to help Lusamine know what she did wrong, at least? Yeah, you know? That’s reasonable.

What!!!!! What was she going to say!!!!!! DON’T DO THIS, GAME!!!!!!

Hau says he’s going to keep training with Ilima. Yes. I like Ilima. This is good.

Mom gets the last line!

And there it is!! Wow!!! Is that the credits? No? What else does the game have in store?

It’s our boi

He’s yelling about a ship leaving and we gotta come with and oKAY hold your horses hau i’m coming with you i had a late night

So, Kanto??? Our girl’s going to Kanto?????

Aw…Hau’s super sad to be saying goodbye ;~~~;

Lillie gave me a Poke Doll! I’m pretty sure these things are a one-use item, so I won’t be using it…not that I use those much anyways, but I mean. I will treasure it. Of course.

Bye, Lillie! You were a great character. It was nice to meet yyyyyouuuuuuu……

hau’s crying my hEART

Hau: “I think I wanna go see my gramps…” why is that so sad

It’s the credits! Wow!!!!

AW! There are some beautiful little screenshots going on as the credits roll. I see Hau and Hala and they look adorable in that painting/photo/anime style. I’m gonna type while these go on.

(ilima just came up. he’s adorable too.)

So…..this game. That was GREAT!! The word that keeps coming to mind is “colorful.” It really was. Colorful cast of characters, super pretty environments…

(Lana’s picture is hilarious. what are you expecting to do with that GIANT WISHIWASHI)

It was a great game to do a liveblog of, I think. I’m just glad it worked out! I know it’s taken me a while to get to this point o-o;;

I’m still not sure whether I’ll do the postgame or not. Proooobably not. I do sort of want to do one last episode, if only to get the liveblog to an even 30.

(mina’s in the background of hapu’s picture! she really didn’t do much, i guess!)

Guzma just came up, and I bet Gladion will be in a photo in a second, so this is a great time to mention that I REALLY DID love the characters. Especially the Gladion/Lillie siblings. Way more well developed than I thought they would be! I still don’t know how I feel on replacing the Gym Leaders with the island challenge

(there gladion is with silvally! that’s so CUTE oh my goodness! what a bean!)

but I’m probably just biased because Gym Leaders have been in the game since the beginning. The change was just unexpected. It was still a great mechanic!

I’ve waffled on, and my laptop is about to Actually Die, so I’d better end the blog here. Good timing, since Lillie and Lunala just came up….AWWW!

Thank you very much for reading my liveblog, everyone! Rest assured I’ll still be playing this game for many many hours to come! See you in the future!


Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {28}

Greetings, everyone! Now, to kick off this liveblog, I’m doing a special event: my first trade! It shall be with my friend Hungryguy, who is one of perhaps three or four (???) readers of this blog. Apparently he has some kind of special Pokemon to give me…I have no idea what it is. Welp, let’s get started!

This is where we ended last time, by the way. Nebby is my Pokemon now, and we’re headed off to the Elite Four.

I’m flying to Tapu Village before I try to set up the trade. Connecting to the Internet, et cetera….

There’s our guy!!

Oh boy I just realized I have no idea what to trade back. UHHHHH HERE HAVE THIS WINGULL

It’s a Vulpix! Aww, it’s so cute! Thank you so much, friend!

And there we go! Trade success.

OMG, there’s a little chat icon now too!! I don’t have to nickname Pokemon THANK YOU and SEE YA anymore. That’s a relief.

Here’s a more detailed look at lil Flurry here. She’s got 5 perfect IVs and is EV trained…thanks for that, Hungry! She’s the perfect start to my soon-to-come BATTLE-READY ARMY. I am so ready to be into the postgame.

Anyways, now let’s start the episode proper…time to head up Mount Lanakila.

It begins. HYPE!


And he wants to battle me…but only because he wants to thank me! What a great kid he’s developed into. I WILL ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE.

Oooh…..he has a Lucario. NICE. Those are said to only follow moral Trainers, right? I don’t remember him having one before…And Crobat evolve with friendship!

NEW POKEMON ALERT?? Silvally! That’s his Pokemon from before, but I guess it has a name now??

His team is strong, too (levels 52-53 compared to 47-48), but numbers win in the end. We did it!

Good to know.

And he says that’s from Lillie, too. Healing us til the end.


I’ve healed up and taken the Elevator Ride of Justice. It is time to ascend.

Looks like I’ll have lots of battles and Trainers incoming (especially since I need to level up my team to at least level 52!), so I shall initiate a BULLET POINT LIST!

  • The first Pokemon I encounter is an Absol that gets a critical-hit Night Slash, which reminds me, HEY, I SHOULD PROBABLY GO BACK AND STOCK UP ON A BUNCH OF HEALING ITEMS.
  • I found TM Ice Beam! Now there’s something useful!
  • I FOUND ONE OF THOSE WEIRD DRAGON THINGS! A Drampa! I caught one and named him Blanket Dragon because I was reading about “Puhoy!” from Adventure TIme.
  • I found an Icium-Z. It was just kind of….hanging out in here.
  • The Icy Rock’s here too!
  • After another elevator is a Pokemon Center. And inside the center is finally the Move Reminder! I just taught Silkie Bug Buzz…she will be unstoppable.
  • I’m moving along and….HAU!!!

Oh boy, it’s that point of the game…the final rival battle. LET’S DO THIS, HAU!!

I can immediately declare that Hau’s team is pretty tough. Mostly his Alolan Raichu, which destroyed Dug and Silkie almost immediately. Primarina (whose design I still love) was no slouch either – I was down to just Branch in the red, and I preemptively revived Tulip so we wouldn’t black out. But we did it!! Great job, team!

And there goes Hau, leaving nothing but a lingering feeling of Ship.

Look at this, Kukui is here too! We’re just meeting all the side characters today!

“I’m asking him “Aren’t you cold?” beecause I must know. He is not.

Haha he’s talking about Lance. It’s so rare you hear about a professor who’s still active and battling!

Kukui just confirmed that I won’t be able to leave once I enter. And that is why….yeah, I’m not ready to challenge the Elite Four yet. So I’m ending the episode here!

I KNOW, I KNOW! This is like the shortest episode ever. But I gotta take time to level grind (for the first time in the series….not bad!) and that won’t be interesting to blog about. I will return, and we’ll tackle the final bosses!

Thanks for sticking with it!


Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {27}

I’m back and I hope you guys are ready for another liveblog, because I sure am!! This one will most likely be the last one before Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon come out. Can you believe it? Doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since the arrival of SuMo about a year ago!

Last time, we left off:

here, after trekking through most of Vast Poni Canyon. Lillie’s still with us too, and the whole team is healed up, if a little low on levels. Time to face whatever lies beyond those markers…

Immediately, a gravestone?

It’s telling me that a trial and a Totem Pokemon are up ahead, even though there’s no captain in sight. Okay, I’m up for it! TRIAL START.

There is a piercing gaze coming from nowhere. Oooh boy better have my camera on ready for this.

A Jangmo-o appeared from nowhere!! Hey, I caught one of those last ep! They’re still so cute. Silkie took care of it just fine.

Hidden TM: Dragon Claw. NICE. Oh…and it just now occured to me that this is prooobably where I’m getting the Dragonium.

Next is, predictably, Hakamo-o. BRING IT ON. I used Silkie’s Bug Z-Move, Savage Spin-Out, for the first time, and while Hakamo-o still resists it, it does pretty darn well. Silkie gains a level! I’m gonna use Mallah against this next Pokemon…Kommo-o, probably!


Kommo-o starts off with Protect, but I use Nasty Plot, so that works out just fine! Sadly, Mallah fainted in a couple turns…Sky Uppercut is ridiculous. ARRIETTY! PROVE YOURSELF- oh. nope they outsped her too.

Well, Dug’s got this, right? Yeah, he just avoided Sky Uppercut! It’s a not very effective move, but Kommo-o is in the red from that Psychic, so Rock Slide can take it do-

are you kidding me.

Okay, nope, not risking Dug again. I’m switching to Tulip to get a free dodge from that Fighting move.

And…jeez, Clanging Scales still hurts, but we did it! Now all that’s left is this Hakamo-o that’s been using stat boosting moves for the ENTIRE BATTLE!



I ran back to Lillie, and sure enough, she heals me again. They also have the good sense not to make the Pager music override the absolute silence in the trials. Nice and atmospheric.

And there’s our guys! Wow, Hapu got there fast.

“History tells us that the Vast Poni Canyon trial was the first trial ever held.” Yeah, that absolutely makes sense. It’s a trial even getting to that spot.

Oh wow, and that was the last of the seven trials, too…? Feels like there should be more!

And it’s time to play the Sun Flute and the Moon Flute together. Oh man this is exciting.

Pictured: the highest staircase in the Pokemon world

“I’m going to make my mother wake up and see reason before I send you back to your old world!”

Wait, is…is that what you’re doing? I think I missed that Lillie is actually taking Nebby back somewhere. I thought we were just trying to heal it. Oh noooo Nebby don’t go


Lillie told us to wait until nighttime to play, so, like…did we just stand on our squares until it was dark?

Sweet glowy effects going on!

Oh wow, yeah, you can tell this is a REAL cutscene because Lillie’s hair is actually moving!

GO NEBBY!! Loving its little u0u face.

WOAH WHAT. Cosmog has evolved into Nebby this whole time??? HOW DID I NOT REALIZE THAT? That’s amazing!!! Wait, is that why Nebby has a nickname? Because Lillie’s Pokemon is different in Sun and evolves into Solgaleo? I thought I would’ve been spoiled on SOMETHING if Nebby could’ve been one of two different Pokemon this whole time! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S GOING ON.


And we almost immediately go into another cutscene.

Made it safely into Ultra Space, though! Man, that is not a placemarker I ever expected Pokemon to have!!

…Hmm. Why do I get the feeling that’s the exact same thing Lusamine said?

And off we go into the unknown. Wow, there’s lots of those weird white jellyfish Ultra Beasts floating around!!

hey i found guzma

He just told a cool flashback story about getting…possessed, by an Ultra Beast? Spooky!

Lillie just ran off on her own. Great job girl.


“A world where the only thing that exists is the love between Nihilego and myself.” So that’s it’s name, I guess. Did she name it on her own…?

Striking imagery, but wow, she is gone, Guzma’s right.




Genuinely grinning now, too. This music is amazing.

Okay, Lusamine’s had enough. Right on into another cutscene.

Okay, she’s got a captured Nihilego of her own…







*deep breath*

Okay we’re fighting. She’s still got her Clefable and everything, and it’s level 50. It also looks like a Totem Pokemon.

Mallah’s up first. I’ve used Nasty Plot twice, and Psychic….is still not so great, wow! This will be a long fight.

It’s okay, though. We’re getting lucky with bad Metronome moves! And Mallah’s Shell Bell – which I forgot about – is working REALLY well! Clefable’s down and we have five Psychics left; let’s make them count!

Lilligant is next….ah, Lilligant, I love you so much. So glad she gets a place in this fight. Even if Mallah gets paralyzed with stun spore.

Now there’s Milotic. I risked taking a turn to heal, and it paid off, since all Milotic used was Safeguard. Mallah took it out in one shot after that. NICE ONE!

He just leveled up, but he’s only got a few Psychics left, and he probably won’t be able to take another hit – these Pokemon hit HARD. So as Lusamine switches into Bewear, I’m switching to Arrietty. Do….do Bewear freak out anyone else? They’re just kind of colorful bear heads stuck on top of dark bodies. And they just….stare into space. This one has used Baby-Doll Eyes twice now. Creepy. Don’t worry, Clanging Scales took it out.

The next Pokemon is MISMAGIUS! Man I love this Pokemon. Okay, I’ll just stay in, even though it probably has Dazzling Gleam…? Okay, nah, just Pain Split. I might be able to do this with Dragon moves. And I am, excellent!

AND THAT’S IT, GUYS! Or is it…? That was Lusamine’s last Pokemon…

No, the battle was over. Dang! I was really looking forward to battling her. Oh well, don’t disregard all the keymashing. I still think her design is awesome.

We got Lunala to fight for us! Since Nebby was Lusamine’s prisoner too, this is thematically appropriate!

Wait….aw oh no they’re breaking out the sad music

oh no what

Holy crap



Absolute dead silence.

And now Nebby’s brought us back to the real world.

Wait, what? Oh, Pokemon….oh, Pokemon. Just when I thought you had the guts.

Pet Lunala, please?

Good for us.

Or maybe not…it’s time to battle NEBBY ITSELF! Good thing my Pokemon magically heale themselves!

First off….Nebby is level 55. I am absolutely switching to Silkie – she’s got Thunder Wave. Or she just dies. Whoops

Okay, well…actually, all the rest of my Pokemon are probably weak to one of Nebby’s moves, so Dug is a safe bet!






….dangit Silkie is still knocked out and Lillie won’t give me a free heal. I’ll just use one of my own items then.

Okay, Nebby…Round Two!

Moongeist Beam is a very strong move that almost OHKOs Silkie…but she toughs it out so I wouldn’t feel sad! This means I actually paralyze Nebby. Okay, switching to Dug again and using Crunch. Hopefully I won’t knock it out with it this time.

He gets a crit at the perfect time! Dug is down, but Nebby is paralyzed and in the red. I’ll just let Mallah absorb attacks while I throw some balls. The Moon Ball, obviously.



H-heal ball….? no. No again. THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM! WE GOT IT!

I’m registering Nebby into the Dex, and I have the option to nickname it. OBVIOUSLY, Lunala’s nickname will be Nebby. How could it not. How could this even be an option.

….well, I have a full team of six, so see ya later Nebby!

*guilt intensifies*


And now…oh, that’s a surprise. It’s Nanu. Dark-type police guy.

oh boy sounds fun

We’re supposed to go back to Mount Lanakila and face the Pokemon League, and we have an option to fast-travel straight there with Nanu! Well, while I’d love to go with him for story purposes (traveling times with uncle nanu!), I’m gonna decline. I still want to explore and train a bit before I go. And…I’m leaving the episode here!

That….was an emotional rollercoaster of an episode. I was stunned by that climactic finale for a while. But, yeah, I do feel a little let down that Lusamine’s actually okay. It’s like they had something genuinely poignant and they just ripped it away from us, you know? I just hope they don’t do anything to undermine Lillie’s speech against her mother back in Ultra Space, because wow, that was totally justified. Don’t know if I can buy a Heel-Face Turn from Lusamine or a complete forgiveness from Lillie.

That’s all for next time, though. Thanks for joining me! See you next time as we approach THE ELITE FOUR!!!!!!


Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {26}

I’ve done it, guys. I’ve returned for another liveblog and IT’S STILL LESS THAN THIRTY DAYS SINCE THE LAST ONE. All those soy milks you opened to drink while reading Liveblog #25 are still within their expiration date, probably. LET’S DO THIS.

Last time, we were HERE, about to visit some altar or some crud. I need some reminding too. My Pokemon are all healed, though, so I can just charge straight ahead.

So this is the Vast canyon? Maybe it’s just the tree that’s really big! Hey, I see a Mudsdale up ahead. Or rather, THE Mudsdale. Because Hapi’s is the only one that matters.


Oh HECK yeah we are. According to Plot, this battle will end with me winning…I hope Hapu’s not discouraged when she loses her first battle. Of course, this might be presumptuous thinking because Hapu’s Dugtrio is LEVEL 47 HFSJKDS;DJ

Mallah is two-shot by Earthquake, so I can’t leave him in, but he did a really good chunk of damage with Psychic. I tried to switch to Tulip to Leaf Blade Dugtrio to death but DUGTRIO HAS SUCKER PUNCH RIP


Tectonic Rage  is a horrifying frickin attack that appears to have driven Mallah into the core of the Earth, killing him instantly. Uh….Branch? Cover while I revive?

Update: Stamina is also a horrifying frickin ability because MOST OF MY TEAM IS STILL PHYSICAL. Tulip is going to faint again so I have to get Mallah back out here for Psychic!! (Nanefua earns an Honorary Team Member status by surviving for two turns, allowing me to revive Mallah AND Tulip, again.)

Mallah is successful! MUDSDALE IS DOWN!! We got a freebie with Gastrodon because of Leaf Blade…only a Flygon to take care of, which Mallah takes care of too! WE DONE IT.

Nicely done, Hapu. I totally would not have won that without spamming items.


Hapu’s pose is surprisingly kind of badass, something I cannot say for most of the other Z-poses. I wonder if part of the kahuna acceptance process by the tapus is finding someone who’s okay with copying their dance moves.

Off goes Hapu! Time to visit the REAL canyon!

Lillie gives me a Max Revive, which….yeah, I need some of those. Thx for the heal girl

First impression: this place is a lot like Victory Road. Only a few steps in we have to face a Veteran whose Pokemon are STILL a higher level than mine.

Welp, looks like it’ll be a while, so I am hereby initiating a Bullet Point Synopsis:

-Caught WhiteDiamond the Sableye and Big Henry the Boldore….and Big Henry had an Everstone! That will be very very useful for all the breeding I’ll be doing in the postgame.




Oh my god look at how high her Special attack is now??? I guess I’ll have to work on getting Bug Buzz for her! I’m glad I checked now, dang; Silkie wanted to learn Thunderbolt and I was going to automatically say no because I though she’d stay a physical attacker, but apparently her stats swap. Okay, well, Spark is gone!!

Well that was exciting. Okay, team, let’s move.

What follows next is an epic, chronicled once I approached a bridge that triggered an appearance by Lillie. I will now recreate my emotions:

What’s this?? Lillie’s facing her fears! But I thought she was going to heal me! NO LILLIE, COME BACK!

What’s this, now….a threat!

Oh, man, half my team is dead and I’m gonna have to go chasing after her…




(…and then she heals me. bless you, lillie.)

This place is so BIG that I’m still missing some Trainers and items from the pre-bridge stretch, but I’ll have to come back to them later. It makes a nice spot to grind anyways. (I will need to do this, yes.)

And hey, here’s something cool: wild Lycanroc! I wonder if they’re in Midday Form when I’m not searching at night!


Success. “Jangmo-o” is a really interesting name for a Pokemon…her TRUE name shall be Arrietty! For now, she shall take up the sixth slot of my team…feels like it’s been a while since I’ve used a Dragon-type, even though I had a Flygon in ORAS. I’ll see how I like her.

We’re fighting a Dugtrio and Arriety from stopped from being hurt by Mud Bomb because of her ability, Bulletproof! YES, I LIKE HER A LOT.

And she’s evolving after just one level! Yeah, Jangmo-o evolves twice, apparently…and I’m not sure when her second evolution is, but I’m hoping we get both her evolved forms in one day!! (I say “one day,” but I’m actually writing this particular paragraph a couple days after I first started the episode. It still hasn’t been a month, don’t worry!!)


PRETTY SICK. Oh snap she is Dragon/Fighting, perfect. I actually always thought that a Dragon/Fighting type would be a bipedal lizard…didn’t think they’d be purple, though!

Arrietty wants to learn Sky Uppercut. I actually already gave her Brick Break and Rock Tomb when I was trying to give her some better moves…what’s better, power or accuracy? I think I’ll give her Sky Uppercut for now, since I can always teach her the TM again.

Verdict: Hakamo-o is cool. Continuing on.

Not gonna lie, it is very, very slow going through this cave because I keep returning to Lillie for a healing. Arrietty’s having kind of a tough time, but Sky Uppercut oneshot a Dugtrio! I just fought Punk Anna, and her Pokemon got Arrietty up to level 44, which means she’s just a level behind the others already.

HELLO, NEW CHARACTER. Artist? Photographer?

Oh, there’s the answer. i must know her relationship with burgh.

Her name is Mina and SHE IS THE CAPTAIN! That name is…familiar, for some reason??? We sure there hasn’t been a character in Pokemon named Mina already? I’m probably just thinking of Mina Zarei.

“I actually just wander around doing my art, so I don’t have an actual trial or anything…” H-how’d you get this job?

ILLIMA!!! I REMEMBER HIM!!! HE WAS REALLY CUTE!!! WHAT THE HECK WAS HIS TRIAL, THOUGH? It was like…didn’t I just have to wander around that school and fight some people? Oh boyo, there’s something to look out for when I play Pokemon Sun. Oh, also, I WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE OF THE CAPTAINS INTERACTING WITH EACH OTHER.

Mina just gave me a Fairium Z, just like that! Well, thanks, I guess. Something tells me Mina’s got a Ribombee on her team.

Away goes Mina. Alola to you too! I appreciate her lifestyle.

I appear to have cleared a shortcut through this place….THANK GOODNESS. Must be near the end.

At level 45, not only is Arrietty caught up to Mallah and Branch, but SHE IS EVOLVING. HECK YYYYEAHHHHHHHHH

Holy crud!! Look at her!!! And, guys, that was it!!! I have a fully evolved team of 6 all of a sudden!

Kommo-o’s design is pretty rad. Looks like an Armaldo, but also like a Star Wars character. You know the princessy one I’m talking about?? Clone Wars??? I never really watched it but ????

Ooh…”Clanging Scales” is a new one. But my GOODNESS it is powerful. Oddly enough, though, it’s a Special-attack, while Arrietty has a higher physical….well, it seems pretty neat, so I’ll replace Screech with it. Who knows when I might run into another Pokemon with Stamina.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THIS TRAINER’S POKEMON. NINETALES! I have been waiting for 26 episodes to find one!!!!!!!!!! I love them SO MUCH. And now I can finally see their Alolan design. BEAUTIFUL!!!

I did get spoiled on the fact that AlolanTales was Ice/Fairy, but it’s late enough in the game that I’m not super mad. I thought they were Water-type at first because I’d glimpsed one piece of fanart, but I love that my fave Pokemon is a Fairy-type! (If they turned Grass/Fire, I’d really be flipping my lid.)

Oh yeah and there’s a Sandslash in that shot too. neato.

Down they go. Mallah gains a level. RIP, my love. We shall meet again in the next playthrough!

So, it looks like I’m nearing the end of the Vast Poni Canyon, since this guy is the first in what looks like an unskippable gauntlet of three. See you at the end!

(Oh, here’s something interesting – I gave Arrietty the Fightinium Z for Sky Uppercut, and it’s called All-Out Pummeling, and it’s REALLY STRONG. And she just gained a level. Six Pokemon at level 46, yo!)

Here I am, unimpeded! All went well until the final battle, where the Veteran had a Gengar. I was too stubborn to heal, and my Pokemon were generally pretty low on health, so all of a sudden I just got steamrollered and three of my Pokemon were knocked out. Arrietty and Branch are in the red and Tules is the only healthy one. It’s cool, though, I’m thinking Lillie will be up ahead in a second. Am totally screwed if it’s another battle lol

Knew it! There’s my girl!


Lillie stops talking to us there, so before we head into this altar and see what it’s all about, I’m gonna call a stop for the night!

Man, they weren’t lying, Vast Poni Canyon was VERY VAST. But we still did some cool stuff, right? And, most importantly, WE FILLED OUT THE TEAM!!! Here, take a look:

They are all my beautiful children. Even Arrietty’s wonderful, and I’ve known about Kommo-o’s existence for like 72 hours. I’m really happy with how balanced the team turned out, too! Once we get closer to The Endgame, I’ll take a second in an episode and give you guys a rundown of their movesets and natures. Agh, it’s a relief to have that sixth spot filled.

I hope you guys have a pleasant fall. See ya soon!



Pokémon Moon Blind Liveblog {25}

Greetings, friends, and welcome to A BLIND LIVEBLOG, POSSIBLY THE LAST ONE IN A WHILE. For tomorrow, school is starting, and after that time and priorities will be in flux for who knows how long.

I do know that last time I fought some Pokémon and ended it there. Today I’m starting off right here:

on the way to some ruins with Hapu. Lots of stuff to fight, items to grab, you know the drill. Let’s start things off with an exciting bullet point list of Ancient Poni Path!

-The first Pokémon I fight is a Sandshrew, but a regular one! Perhaps this sightseer is from Kanto.


-TM Frost Breath found. Surprisingly, Branch can learn it. Groud-type solution for later?

-No new Pokémon on this route, still the same Pelippers and Raticates as last time. ugh

-There’s this little tide pool/geyser thing, and I’m not sure what it’s for, but it’s pretty.

This is the first postgame-restricted area in the game, iirc. Hmmmm.

With everything explored, I have just one path to take: east!

This place’s music is creepier than I was expecting.

With a name like ‘fin,’ I’m not surprised.

“That sounds promising” or “You think that’ll work?” I’m choosing the second one just because the item Mystic Water is generally not all that mysterious.


Leah has strengthened her resolve. This choice was successful.

WE’RE IN…..and I’m finally remembering that those ruins we fought Kahuna Olivia in front of also had a strength puzzle. Now that I have Machamp, maybe I’ll go back there….

Lillie….stop trying to move the rocks on your own. You kinda need a Pokémon for this one.

“And we find ourselves getting frustrated, we should probably step outside for a bit of perspective.” Hey, that’s an interesting way of explaining why the rocks move back into place!!

Strength Puzzles let’s GO!

To my deep sorrow, as soon as I get on Machoke, the mysterious ruins music is replaced by the Ride Pager theme. I’m getting out of here just to reset it.

First two moves and I get myself stuck. THAT’S OKAY, I’M JUST EXPERIMENTING.

Puzzle complete! Not so hard.

I’d call them “finicky.” Nebby looks cool like this, though, I have to admit. I wonder what type it is…


Hmm. Z-Crystal? Or some other magic talisman?

KAHUNA CONFIRMATION. I am 90% sure we didn’t exactly know she was THE kahuna before this.

Hapu. why are you smug about this.

She remembers that Tapu Koko gave me a crystal, even though I’m not from this island….I forgot about that! Lore coming in from all corners.

Soooo Hapu’s grandfather was a kahuna, but he died, and she was his replacement.

Or, was it not that simple?

that- that is absolutely not how moon is spelled but ok

Terrible person, terrible mother, but Lillie still wants to rescue Lusamine. She has UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

Wait, really?? How’s Hala doing, then??

We need some flutes for this whole legendary thing to work. Lillie’s still got the Sun Flute, but the Moon Flute is on Exeggutor Island….not the name I wouldn’t chosen for any place, but all right!

Time to head back. I will now return to Seafolk Village…….is what I WOULD say if I weren’t doing a sidequest!!!!


The puzzle was a tiny bit longer, but it’s no different than Tapu Fini’s shrine was. I have angered the gods by attempting to be smart and backtrack.

Okay okay guys NOW we’ll go to that island.

Hapu left before we said goodbye! I like her. I like that she and Lillie are friends.

Ohhhh….Lillie told the seafolk chief guy that Hapu was JUST made kahuna, like, as we were watching. I thought she’d just been there a lot. Well, hey, mazel tov!

WHO IS THIS. Agh why can’t I keep up with all these captains and kahunas and unique character sprites. Working theory, it’s Plumeria. Just because she hasn’t really…done anything? You know?

I would 100% ride this boat.

We made it! Forwards!

oh god something’s happening

WE FINALLY MEET ALOLAN EXEGGUTOR! God this thing is ridiculous. Why would you make it so TALL. Mallah’s using Foul Play and it’s not super effective, so is it not even Psychic-type anymore?

We have successfully captured it!


And it’s a Grass/Dragon type, my god. I might actually bring this thing onto my Grass team. I have a regular Exeggutor named Over Easy, and she has a neat Trick Room + Harvest strategy, but it’s a little hard to pull off?? Who knows what THIS can accomplish!

Her name is Nanafua. I welcome thee, large friend.

Exploration only yields more eggs, so we’re gonna go into this cave now.

Uhhh…is it unusual?

“I’d seen it in a movie…this man singing and dancing in the rain.” SIIIIIIIIINGIN IN THE RA-

Oh. Oh wow. That’s a very interesting memory to hang onto.

Power of Protagonist yo

Yes, Lillie? ahhhh i am captivated ;~;

“Fill my Pokedex,” “Get stronger,” or “I don’t know.” Definitely fill the dex. Or if you want specific terms, I’m going to retire and become a Grass-type breeder and raise a whole bunch of Pokémon and enter into high-stakes legendary-filled battles the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Lillie wants to become a Trainer! Yes! Follow your dreams, girl! Can’t wait to see your team!

Just look at these beans. I can’t stop thinking about the massive number of ships this must have inspired.

Suddenly – SHOOTING STARS? ARE YOU KIDDING (that would totally have been a rainbow if we’d been doing this in the morning. which would have just cemented the gay)

And were back into free exploration mode. Ooh, just found a Prism Scale.

They definitely didn’t try to hide it!

And we’re back in Seafolk Village. Awww. That was nice. That was really nice.

Vast Poni Canyon is next, and I’m gonna explore it just a little. We’re just past the 1000-word mark, which is usually when I start wrapping up, but we can at least look around a bit, right?!


Now I’m battling. But these guys actually just seem to want to rescue Guzma. Come ON you just have to ASK


Battle won without too much headache, though I had to do some swapping. Everyone’s level 44 now, though!


That’s a pretty fun place to sit, too.

So what’s she referring too?? What did Lillie and Plumeria talk about? What’s their history?? How did Guzma get involved with this?!?

We’re getting ALL the Lusamine character exploration today, yes please.

s-sick burn…?

“And you, Leah. Looks like you were special after all.” You know…in that one line of dialogue, for a second there, I totally forgot that my name is interchangeable with any other name on the planet, that this character is a placeholder for all the other people playing this game. The life that Lillie and even Plumeria have right now gave Leah her own presence. Kudos to you, Pokémon. Makin’ me finally feel like the player character has a personality!

“Take good care of our little princess here.” HELL yes I will, she is the realest princess in the Pokémon world

Nice! Maybe Branch can give it a try.

And there goes Plumeria, and I get a heal from Lillie.

Of course!!!….IN THE NEXT EPISODE!

That episode ended up more emotionally charged than I was expecting, and I loved every second of it. Black and White was/is the game with the MOST character in it, because of N, Cheren, Bianca, and most of the Gym leaders. But there’s also a kind of presence in it, like it’s trying very hard to create good character moments. Lillie and Gladion and Hau trucked along one-dimensionally for a couple islands, but now I really feel like they are Great Characters that we were allowed to bond with and learn about organically. And it didn’t use any introduction like “This is Cheren! He is studious but hardworking and your best friend.” Basically, BW was Pokemon’s experiment with a good character-based adventure, and SM is letting those aspects blend together a little more genuinely. That make any sense?

Regardless. I will see you all next time for an exciting altar altercation!


Pokémon Moon Blind Liveblog {24}

Hi all! Who’s ready for more POKÉMON?? This liveblog’s starting significantly later in the day than the last few, so the game will finally take place during daytime! Hooray for screenshots that are brighter even if they’re still pretty bad!

Here we are the morning after some Pretty Major Stuff went down. Right now we gotta find Lillie and make sure she’s okay after, like, her brother fought a demon jellyfish and her mom was kidnapped into space.

Here’s our girl!


I LOVE her hair! Not that I didn’t like her hat too. Aw, listen to this music. They KNOW how cute she looks.

I just…I just like Lillie. Hau too. Neither of them are overtly amazing or unique characters, and they don’t have the same presence as Gladion, but….they’re both so wholesome, you know?

Lillie. Lillie no. That’s so adorable.

S I B L I N G I N T E R A C T I O N P L S?

Maybe it’s the vaguely French background music, but I just realized Lil and Glad feel or look a lot like Kalosian characters. Maybe Lusamine was born there?

Ooh, okay, interesting. No idea what that is.

“They say it’s to be played under the sun’s light.” I mean, that’s not hard.

I wonder, was it ever directly mentioned how Solgaleo and Lunala relate to the Tapus? I’m sure it was mentioned that the big Legendaries created the Tapu to protect the island or something, but I don’t remember exactly what was said.


God, look at these two, they even have the same EYEBROWS. I’m sure some people suspected the sibling twist the second Gladion was introduced. Also, I think this is the first time they’ve actually spoken sentences to each other.

Gladion wanted to get far away from this place…but like….why’d you EVER agree to sign up with Team Skull

EYY LOOK the whole family’s here!!

“What happened to you?!” Gosh, Hau, it’s just Lillie’s ponytail, be NICE

frickin look at pissed off gladion in the background i ship this


And off we go! Gladion’s gonna take us to PONI ISLAND!

It’s so weird…Aether Paradise is filled with employees and tourists now and no one seems to be worried. They’re even still calling the President a nice lady. I guess, by the end of the game, the Foundation is just gonna go straight back to its benign cover purpose?

The lab floor remains 1) accessible and 2) really creepy. Faba doesn’t seem to be anywhere, though. I’ll just go to the docks.

Now HERE’s a colorful place!!

“Almost no one lives on it, but you’ll find a whole lot of nature to explore here.” Oh heck yeah, INTERESTING.


Yes, Lillie! Reveal that tragic backstory!

Confirmation that Ms. Wicke really was looking after the kids. Interesting that Lillie just calls her ‘Wicke’ when that’s a very Gladion thing to do.

Gladion felt like he was fighting for Null’s battle, not Lillie’s, which is an interesting way to think about it.

Off goes Lillie…see you soon, girl!

Oh. That was fast. Never mind.

New captain reveal in 3, 2, 1….


Yes, Lillie, same!

HAPU! HAPU. Don’t know who this guy is, but he just mentioned Hapu. Okay, Hapu’s she/her, that’s also nice to clear up. Annnnnd her house is the ONLY one on this whole island? Why not.

Well, this guy is maybe not a captain because he doesn’t get a name…he’s just a seafolk. OH WELL! Time to find Hapu!

I just went into a restaurant and ordered some food for fun. It was 500P, and technically all I got was a Heart Scale, but it was worth it just for Leah’s description of that noodle soup. Poor girl doesn’t have much time to stop and eat.

I’m exploring the dock! TMs, fishing spots, friendly people…this is such a breath of fresh air after the crazy last two (three!) episodes.

I won’t be blogging much of this, but forgive me if I take a little side quest. A random lady wants to see an Alolan Raichu and I immediately will go out of my way to get her one. I can find some Pikachu on Melemele, so I’m gonna fly over there and get one to evolve! You’ll know when the liveblog continues! Because you’re reading it now!

(Leah changed her style so Lillie wouldn’t feel left out, by the way. All right, back to friendship-grinding this Pichu.)

All righty then! Well, guys, some stuff got in the way (like sleeping), and it took longer than I thought to get this Pichu sorted out. But HERE WE ARE. You’ll notice the rest of this episode is taking place at night because it’s been maybe twelve hours.

We got our new friend! Let’s go see what that lady will give us!

Pikanium AND Aloraichium are things that exist, huh? Why not!

And with that…let’s CONTINUE exploring Seafolk Village before finally getting to Hapu’s house. I sure hope Lusamine and Guzma are holding out. (I like the music here, by the way, because it’s just a few notes off from a PMD song.)

-Some people in a house are talking about a girl named Mina who’s a painter. She sounds important.

-A dude with a Pelipper named Pelly gave me an Electirizer and Magmarizer.

-A girl just flat-out gave me an Aerodactyl??

And that’s all there is here!

I don’t think she understands that I took literally fourteen hours to get here.

(I think it’s fitting that this is Pokemon Sun and Moon, and the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse is going on RIGHT NOW! Nice! Here’s a bonus picture.)

I just found a wild Pelipper that’s level 41, exactly the same as three of my Pokémon. Looks like I’ll be grinding for a bit.

New Oricorio sighted. This one’s PURPLE! The best!

HECK YEAH I’ve been wanted to get rid of this move for a while! Leaf Blade is awesome. Very good with Sceptile and, like, every physical Grass-type.

Moving on to our Mudsdale friend. Lillie’s suddenly so confident. Taking her mind off Nebby, I bet.

And we finally see Hapu! Hi there!


No kahuna on Poni at all? I somehow doubt that. Hapu, where do you fit in, anyways?


Oh….nice to meet you.

Aaaand she gives us the MACHOKE RIDE PAGER! I was wondering when this would come up!

That’s…that’s weird. That’s so heckin weird.

The guardian of Poni is named Tapu Fini and lives at Poni Breaker Coast. Got it. Away goes Lillie with no thought to how SHE’LL do this without a Machoke.

Sooo, now that I have my new Ride Pager, I can go and take ANOTHER DETOUR! I remember seeing a giant boulder back in a cave on Akala. I just have to see if Machoke can finally take care of that.

Ah, here it is!

It leads me to…oh! A little hidden spot of Konikoni City. Let’s see what I can find:

-The Will O’ Wisp TM

-wait no. all that’s here is the will o’ wisp tm. kay guys i’m going back

Although…there’s a lot of stuff to explore coming up, and I think now’s a good place to leave off. We’ll return soon when we find out what Tapu Fini’s deal is!

Rather than a typical ending shot, I will leave you with this screenshot of a Pokémon that some guy just randomly had:

It’s…a giant turtle? Impressively spiky. I don’t remember what I’ve seen that this guy could have evolved from but I can definitely think of some people who’d like Turtonator a lot. I’d better finish this battle up, since he has one more Poke-

W-what? Huh?????

Well, those were two Pokémon I know wasn’t spoiled on! See you next time, folks!


Pokémon Moon Blind Liveblog {23}

Here it is, folks, another exciting installment of POKÉMON MOON! Without further ado, last time, we left off here:

right outside of what I’m pretty sure is Secret Lab B. It could be a storage closet, who knows. We also got some pretty great Gladion development AND backstory last ep! Ah yes, and Lillie and Cosmog were kidnapped.

(The music in this place just made my dog growl because he thought it was a doorbell or something.)


WE’RE IN. Oh, hey Hau.

Heck yeah, we get a double battle with him! He still had that Alolan Raichu, I see. It actually did more in the battle than I did. =D

yes please explain what type: null is

Nah, then they just leave. Sassy Aether Foundation.

Rotom down there is actually recommending that I read all the documents in here. Thanks for the reminder! Let’s find some CREEPY STUFF!

First off, confirmation that a different dimension lies beyond the Ultra Wormholes. It’s interesting that Mohn discovered this when he was a professor, but now he’s just relaxing and working at the Poke Pelago. I wonder if he took himself out of the picture out of guilt…

The cutest one of all, surely.

The dimension’s named “Ultra Space” because why not stick with the theme.

Well, now Hau wants to go and tell Glad about this right away. HEY WAIT UP

“If you stress it…” Gladion just coming right out and saying it.

“Gladion never really explains anything, eh? Probably thinks it makes him look cool…” i mEAN

And now we ARE going into Secret Lab A! Sorry ’bout this, Gladion!

…Oh. Okay. The others aren’t really in here, but we’ve got Files #2, #5, #7, #11, #18, and #44 to look at.

Heck yeah, Sinnoh REPRESENT

Uhhhh that’s not an N

Ah. Okay.

To sum up: to combat Ultra Beasts, the Aether Foundation created three Pokémon using data from all eighteen types. They were named Type: Full 01, 02, and 03. They didn’t listen to their “trainers,” though, so they were renamed Type: Null and set to be frozen for the rest of eternity, that’s what it says, please calm down, scientists.

These Pokémon were also called BKP, or – I’m assuming – Beast Killing Pokémon. Killing other Pokémon in battle is geeeenerally a topic Pokémon tries to stay away from.

There’s still a computer I haven’t looked at with some options on it: Introduction, Multitasking, Hedging risks, and Massaging the truth.

Oh my god!! It’s the author of the journals!!!

No, but these don’t say too much. Basically, Faba (I assume) worked for a while in creating a new Pokeball and/or a device to restrain dangerous Pokémon; his boss’ family stole the device and nothing ever came of it. Hmm.

The last thing in here is a Pokeball, which contains: a FULL restore. Haha very funny.

There doesn’t seem to be anything else to explore, so I guess I’ll go back to the elevator and head to “B1F: Docks.” Or, wait, there’s still nothing there…?

Ah! There they are!

Hau, come on, he’s edgy. It’s his THING.

And now we’re double battling with Hau again! WOO! Oh snap the employees have a Mudsdale, that is NOT good for either Dug or Raichu. And there’s a Pelipper right next to it…is this an Earthquake strategy?

Oh, nope, he’s just gonna use High Horsepower to frickin critical oneshot Raichu.

The good news is that now I officially get to see PRIMARINA!!

HE’S A SELKIE FAIRY MERMAID! I LOVE HIM! I’ve seen like one piece of fanart on Tumblr – just enough to get the “mermaid” impression, but I forgot the name – and now this is confirmation that Primarina is Popplio’s final evolution. Boy, this knocks Meganium and Delphox out of the water for being “strangest starter to have a high male to female ratio,” though. I mean, I’m not judging.

Now the only starter designs I haven’t seen are Torracat and Incineroar. Sadly spoiled on the names, but that’s not so bad!!

Oh, and Primirina’s using his Z-Move: HYDRO VORTEX!! Mudsdale is DOWN!

That sure was an explosive first introduction. Nice one, Hau! I’m actually, like, genuinely looking forward to battling his team! IS THIS HOW THE RIVALS HAVE FELT ALL THESE YEARS??

Anyways. Aether is down, what now?

Ah shut up you NERD

Oh snap Wicke’s back!

Gladion does NOT seem happy to see her. But, uh, she’s healing our Pokémon….

Lillie is possibly with The President, Miss Lusamine, whose charms Hau has still been beguiled by!

h-half hour TV special on Gladion’s childhood? please?

I thought Ms. Wicke was evil, but she really doesn’t seem to be doing anything to stop us. And she says about Gladion that “Those two are very much alike…” who’s the comparison? Lusamine?

Okay, let’s go help Hau and Glad break the door down!

or, like…battles. more battles.

HAHA HAU JUST BLOWS THROUGH FABA’S LOGIC! Don’t bring the key with you next time!

Double battle with Gladion this time?? HECK YES. Except…no, don’t use Golbat. Use the COOL Pokémon. Jeez.

Dug just got paralyzed, stuck by paralysis, and confused in one turn! GOSHDARN IT!

(now BOTH of us are paralyzed and confused and we both hit ourselves in confusion)

Okay, next turn: Electabuzz knocks out Dug, Golbat, AND its partner Magmar with Discharge. This is the worst battle ever. On the bright side, Type: Null gets to do some wrecking. (EXCEPT STATIC PARALYZED IT! HECK!!!)

No worries, Branch knocked it out. Don’t worry, Gladion, stressful situations strengthen our bond. please heal me Wicke

Ooh, we’re settling this with one last double battle! Hau and me versus Faba and some other guy! And Dug is magically not fainted anymore!

Faba appears to be a Psychic specialist because he has a Slowbro, a Hypno, and a…Bruxish what the HECK IS THIS THING???

It’s like…a colorful piranha, and I’m having trouble thinking of what it might have evolved from. I don’t like it though. Raichu oneshotted it, yes, very good.

Haha, Pokémon did a Funny Thing and zoomed in on all of our faces: Hau smiling, Gladion MURDEROUS, and me blank-faced and creepy, and we threatened Faba into handing over the key. Way to take advantage of your limited facial expression selection, game people! Nice work!

With Branch up front, let’s go through that door.


First off, I have no idea what number that is, Hau, and second, I actually did forget that Plumeria brought her over here and not Aether. Huh. Can we find out the connection now?

Hau, why didn’t you realize they were working together. c’mon it’s not that hard buddy.

I should probably go rescue Gladion from Guzma now, but this place is HUGE! I found a staircase and spotted a Pokeball I can’t get to yet. Might actually have to beat up Team Skull first.

“sponsor that supports team skull!” OH. Thanks, random grunt. That explains something, at least…

Aaand the last grunt doesn’t even fight me. Nice fakeout!

You just need more Pokémon, friend. And grind them. Grinding helps.


Uhhhh…I thought he was talking to me, but I don’t think leaving my mom alone with the moving boxes counts as a rejection.

AND NOW! WE’RE BATTLING!!! I will say that all this has been happening a LITTLE close to Po Town, but at least the first time we met him was a pretty long time ago (unlike Lysandre’s rapid-fire challenges).

Branch vs Golisopod let’s GO. Dang, I’m faster. DANG IT HAS SWORDS DANCE.

And Emergency Exit takes it away despite the Infestation! Let’s do it, Branch vs Masquerain – why did I flinch, oh boy. he’s fainted. oh boy

I wanted to try out Mallah next just to see if he could get Nasty Plot going, but Bug Buzz oneshotted him. I should stop underestimating this Masquerain, all right. Dug, let’s go!

Golisopod taken down by Silkie and Branch’s Toxic!

Tulip taken down by a Pinsir, who is then defeated by Dug. Dug oneshots the Ariados and singlehandedly saves the team. Three out of five of my team are fainted, so hey, I can see why Gladion had trouble.

Oh jeez, he really is upset.

Team in shambles, but let’s go ahead, why not? WE FIGHT LIKE REAL WARRIORS.

…Yeah, if I picked a character, Lusamine seems a safe bet for this mansion to belong to.

All the other ways are blocked off, so forward we go.

There they are!!

Heck, look at her eyes. Green eyes. Blonde hair. FAMILIAR. Or should I say, FAMILIAL.

Poor friend! She’s so glad we came for her!! SHE’S SO SCARED ;-;

“A gifted young trainer like Leah…and she bothers with someone like you? How disappointing.” you disappoint my FACE you jerk



Oh, she’s just rejecting them. Oh dang 😦


It is super weird seeing something all in lowercase.

Lusamine’s about to summon her sweet beast, everyone run for it

They said it! DUDE THEY SAID IT!

I just…okay, just look at that out of context. That hair is the real Ultra Beast.

Much more intimidating from the front.

Time to save Nebby but Lillie hasn’t even healed my Pokémon! Come onnnn (i just slept in lusamine’s bed and that didn’t do anything either)

Is this where the Type: Nulls are?!

Oh wow. I see a Slowpoke, Pyukumuku, and Pikachu encased in the ice…wonder why those Pokémon specifically.

Hey, Hau caught up to us!! AND GLADION! SAVE US.

Everyone stand back, Gladion and Lusamine are facing off


this is amazing


!!! HECK THEY’RE EVERYWHERE. This is like the drought/drizzle in Gen 3, except with dark clouds and wormholes.

Sounds like Nebby’s still hanging in there, thank goodness.

Everyone is scared and Leah is STILL like c:

“Near Melemele Island’s Mahalo Trail…” This reminds me of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, I think.

Hala! This just in, he’s apparently a derp when he’s alone. But this is not the time because WOAH THAT LOOKS AWESOME.

Look who it is! Wow, I didn’t realize he fit inside his shell like that.

Do we get to see all the cool captains and kahunas doing things again??


It’s Guzma! And wants to catch the Ultra Beast…I mean, so do I.


aaaaah wish you guys could hear his theme music right now


My Pokémon are again magically fully healed…you know what? THANK!!! GOD!!!!!!!!

First up is Branch against a Clefable. Good matchup, but this thing is level 41. 

Also, it has Metronome! It got Strength and then…Discharge, ugh. It’s all right, Branch knocked it out. Now he’s level 41 too.

Next we have LILLIGANT!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! I LOVE LILLIGANT HOLY HECK!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!

Using Mallah. It tried to Stun Spore and Teeter Dance me, but Mallah avoided it all because he loves me, hooray! He was able to set up Nasty Plot and knock it out right away with Psychic. Milotic time. I approve of these Pokémon.

He knocked it out and his special attack is even higher because of Charge Beam! I’m not gonna switch out…let’s go for a MALLAH SWEEP!

She has a….”Bewear?” OH IT’S A STUFFUL EVOLUTION! It looks so odd! I think I’ve seen it before but I just thought it was a Stufful at a weird angle. It’s taken out.


And Mallah’s epic sweep is a SUCCESS! I think he deserves some Pokémon Refresh for this.

Hey, I’d be mad too if my Lilligant missed everything.

The wormhole is disappearing!

Ah, so that’s what Faba’s blog was talking about.

Oh heck, the Beast is making Lusamine flicker…and she’s gone?? so is guzma??? lillie why are you sad??


gladion, that’s your SISTER, don’t just LEAVE

Ms. Wicke is back.

I hope this means we’re not completely done with the Evil Team plot.

“Lusamine is still our mother…we can’t just leave her in the beast’s world.” I meaaaaaaannn

Oh! Alola’s legendary Pokémon! I almost forgot they were a thing. Hau is a true believer, it seems.

Do I say “Everything’ll be fine” or “You’re right?” I think the former, since Lillie is still here.

Time to sleep??

Hm. That’s…chilling, though I’m not quite sure why. “Just one last time…”

And off to the next day!

Yes, good morning. She says Lillie is waiting for me.

And we’re leaving off right there! GUYS. GUYS. OH MY GOSH. SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENED. AHHHH.



I will see you all soon with more ADVENTURES! IN SPACE! Probably!




Pokémon Moon Blind Liveblog {22}

I AM BACK! AGAIN! I’ve got 64 hours and 44 minutes put purely into my game time, so let’s not delay and get right back into Pokémon!

Last time, we met a sad sack called Nanu and traveled through Po Town to liberate it from Team Skull. And then we were left behind in the rain. Rotom’s saying I should go find the Aether House.

I made it all the way to Ula’ula Meadow before remembering that I can Fly and that’s probably what they intended me to do. All right, let’s try that!

New Pokémon alert…on the outskirts of Tapu Village, I found an Absol, a Snorunt, and an Alolan Sandshrew!! It’s Ice/Steel, which is VERY interesting. Sounds like it should be a defensive Pokémon, but it’ll be preeetty bad against Fire and Fighting moves.

(It took me like half an hour to decide on a name, but I figured Jennifer [Jenny] was a teenage robot, so Steel-type, and she’s also blue and white.)

I did a quick check and Alolan Sandshrew apparently evolves with the Ice Stone…which I did get last episode, and I do want to see what Alolan Sandslash looks like. Okay let’s do it!

yoooooo COOL! She wants to learn Icicle Spear…why not, I won’t be using her =P Her extremely fitting name was for naught.

This liveblog has been going on for over an hour and I am SO DISTRACTED. To the Aether House!

I guess Acerola waited for me even though I spent so long flailing around with Sandshrew.

Lillie’s gone?! OH NO!!!!!!!! (413th camera pic, homestuck confirmed)

“Several hours earlier…” Oh snap Pokémon is a mystery drama

Lillie. Why is Nebby not in the bag. GET IN THE BAG.


Okay, I think they’re talking about Nebby’s weird Ultra Beast-summoning ability thing. That’s why Plumeria is here? To make Lillie use her power again?

yo what

There’s an Oranguru facing the wrong way in the background there and I bet he could totally be helping Lillie out if he wanted to.

Aaaand she goes with Skull willingly. Girl has secrets.

This music is very sad and a little powerful and we’re finally getting Deep Hau Feelings but HAU CHANGE YOUR FACE


Hey….wait a minute….

If Lillie and Gladion are both Lusamine’s kids I’m going to flipping flip a heck.


Oh my god, he started with a Golbat and whatever attack it used almost oneshotted me! But Tulip toughed it out so I wouldn’t feel sad. Sinister Arrow Raid beat it anyways, but I’m gonna switch…not just because it’s Silkie’s turn to gain a level.

Sneasel’s up! Gladion is Silver confirmed!

Gladion’s sprite is back there just shaking in rage as this goes on. Smol anger issues child.

Type: Null is up! Haven’t seen this in a while. It’s level 38, holy heck, but Silkie’s fiiiiiine

Or maybe Crush Claw does too much and I have to switch. GO DUG!

And we’re done!


You know, like this, that actually looks like a real gesture of frustration and resolve and not like a Random Dramatic Sprite Flourish™


I guess we’re going right on a Lillie rescue mission. Maaaaan are we already in the evil team plot endgame?!

Quiet nighttime ferry waiting? Pokémon……….don’t make me ship this

We’re waiting for Hau. Huh, usually the player character’s the only one with any needs or obligations

Oh….we’re eleven and he’s like fourteen or fifteen, probably. CRAP, DISREGARD THE SHIPPING THING, I FORGOT

And he really seems to know a thing about growing up in a kahuna’s shadow.

Hey, it’s everyone’s favorite dark and gloomy uncle!


I’m gonna say “no thanks” purely because I wanna swap my team around. I wonder what type he specializes in.

Ah, good, it actually did give me a minute. LET’S GO

his opening shot is just him sitting….MENACINGLY!

Starts with Sableye! My first instinct WAS Dark-type. I thought that’d be cool just because of the “no Dark-type Gym Leaders” thing.

Next one is Krokorok and…hm. Branch would be perfect but he has NO WATER TYPE MOVES!! so Tulip it is. This thing counters my team very well…and oh no, it’s faster! It knows Swagger! TULIP DON’T HIT YOURSELF IT’S DARK TYPE nope it got a crunch in

Sigh. Let’s try Branch anyways.

He’s confused too…he hit himself…Water-type doesn’t stop Earthquake from being super effective…he’s dead…BLUH

Silkie loves me enough to avoid Swagger, nice! And she loves me enough to critical with X-Scissor, so Krokorok is down. Dug vs Persian let’s go.

BLACK HOLE ECLIPSE WHAT???? aw phew, we’re alive.

I have no idea why they made Alolan Persian’s face so round and weird when a Dark-type cat should at least be as sly, if not more, than a regular cat. Also I just realized Alolan Persian is basically Liepard.  ANYWAYS we won the battle!!!

Hey, Nanu’s actually laughing!


The Dark-type Z movements were accompanied by a long, silent shot of Gladion’s disgusted face and Leah being like “eh whatever c:”

Ula’ula trials complete. Oh boyyyy.

Nanu’s asking the real questions here.

Bu- Gladion, when did you even GET this perception of Hau?

Nah, Hau’s in srs mode right along with Gladion. Hard to tell with Leah…I’d like to think that “c:” is just a part of her character.

Gladion said “Aether Paradise” accompanied by a dramatic zoom, so he MUST be right! But wait…why would Skull people take Lillie to an Aether place?


“But…Why would Lillie be at Aether Paradise?” Yes, thank you, Hau.


“Should we look for her?” or “Should we ask around?” I have a feeling that the Aether people have also given Leah the creeps, so I’m going with the first one.

we’re taking the elevator guys this is hardcore

Interesting that it’s Hau who’s upset about not having a plan and Gladion who’s winging it, since usually it’s reversed with these types of characters. I approve.

Pffff I can walk around now, and there’s an Aether person here who’s perfectly willing to just take me back to the city. And it’s so obviously a Skull boat! I’m good, thanks!!

We have our first battle with an Aether member, and from their expression it looks like all nice pretenses are finished.

There was also a definite level spike, as my Pokémon are all level 39-40 and the random employees are around level 37.

Battled all the trainers, found TM Toxic down in a corner, and now Gladion’s saying the elevator won’t work for us.

ooooh it’s this guy!

Well, Gladion and he definitely know each other, at least.

…because Pokémon?

“Everyone’s equal in Pokémon battle!” Yeah, actually. Good message.

Good thing that’s just a toothpick. This is a kids’ game, Faba! Smoking corrupts!

And here we are battling. He’s not battling Gladion. Just me. Of course.

Woah, his only Pokémon was a Hypno! Tulip was low on health from the employees, but she oneshotted it with her Z-Move. “Last line of defense,” pfff.

you had One Pokémon you ageist

I was thinking about this in the context of “oh no not Nebby!” but then I realized that an entire experiments lab/basement in a place like this is NEVER A GOOD THING. How are they healing the Pokémon they “rescue?”

He’s giving us a lift because why not.

Gee, this blog is already longer than usual, and this would be a great place to leave a cliffhanger – PFFT NAH! Take a second to heal my Pokémon, and away we go!

Oh heck there was a really cool overhead shot that I missed. Gotta be on point with Bad Screenshots because we are totally in endgame territory…

So it’s been two years since Gladion’s been here. I wonder if this is where Type: Null is from, or was he rescued and taken with Glad when he left?

Hau: “This will be FUN!!!”

Gladion: “Make room for my edge.”

Leah: “Fite me already c8”

Oh my god, he’s SCARED! He IS scared at being back in this place where they did whatever-the-heck to him two years ago and now he won’t admit that he needs us to keep him from freezing up again. Aww. You’re so great, Gladion. Don’t worry, we gotchu.

“Secret Labs A and B” great names guys, great names

And Hau, again, gets it. These two have more personality chemistry than Shauna, Tierno, Calem, and that little redhaired Pokedex guy did back in X&Y combined.

Hau also gives me a Max Revive because he understands I’m the only one who’s gonna be doing any fighting.


Defeated in short order.

Hmm. Well, we sort of already knew that.

Is he, like, threatening to Crush Claw me if I try to open that door?

OH HECK, we’re actually getting backstory! He was forced to be the perfect child for his mom. That’s sad. But it also explains why Gladion ran away and got TWO ear piercings on one ear, the maniac!!

He reminds me of N. They both have abusive backstories, both maaay be related to the main antagonist…and they were both drawn to these Pokémon that they were similar to. Also, they’re both socially awkward NERDS but they approach it in different ways.

And they were created by their parents for a purpose.

I won’t be going into that room, then. Down to Secret Lab B it is.

Aaaaand….that IS where I’m stopping for the day!

I started this very early because I couldn’t sleep, so there’s more than enough time to start a second liveblog if I want to…not sure yet. But a couple minutes ago, my Nintendo randomly flickered off and back on, so it’s a sign that I should stop and save.

Here’s a peek at my team. By now I am royally bugged that I can’t find someone to complete the team of six, but there’s still one more island left, right??? It’ll be fiiine…I’ll find someone before I have to fight whatever Elite 4 Kukui’s cobbling together.

This part of the game is VERY COOL. And Gladion is amazing. Have I said that yet?

Catch you later!


Pokémon Moon Blind Liveblog {21}

Look at this, I’ve finally returned! I had a fun time in Israel but I’m glad to be home. It is now time to continue Pokémon, and oh wow I’m excited!! It’s been so long!!

Last time, we left off here:

Ah yes, that there is Grimsley. I remember flipping out because, like, why is he RIGHT THERE and not in Unova, but he gave me a Sharpedo pager so I guess having him around is cool! Let’s take that Sharpedo out to sea!

It’s nice because of how fast I can go. Once I reach the next town – Po Town, right?? – I can head back to that one beach in Heahea and break some rocks!

The water made a pretty short route, so I am now on Route 16. This looks to be a packed one, so let’s kick off this return with a bullet-point list of the interesting stuff:

-Tulip trying to learn Sucker Punch (no thanks)

-Lovely rainbow Alolan Muk!

-Uhhhhh this:

I went into a lab and Sina and Dexio were there. They gave me a bunch of exposition and ominously referenced Kalos and, well, I have a 10% Zygarde doggo now?? Its name is Otis. Back into the route!

-I found TM X-Scissor

-An Aether Foundation member in the Pokémon Center asked for a Mimikyu and gave me 20,000 P

-And that’s it for this first part of the route. There only seems to be Slowpoke, Pelipper and Gumshoos in the grass, so I’m moving on past this guy with a Magmar.

And we enter a foggy meadow…and there’s a Zygarde cell back there! Lovely, though it’s not great for this image quality.

Found a Trainer with this meadow’s Oricorio design, which is PROBABLY MY FAVORITE ONE YET YOOOOO. I wanna know what type it is.

(OMG just realized that Flying-types are a possibility for my team again now that Tulip’s a ghost)

NEW POKÉMON ALERT: RIBOMBEE. If that’s the evolution to Cutiefly, that’s good, because it looks glorious.

I also accidentally made it faint sooo


We got Toxapex! And….Baneful Bunker? That sounds good to me. (I didn’t want to get rid of Toxic because Branch has a tough time inflicting damage, so his moveset is now Poison Jab/Baneful Bunker/Bite/Toxic….not ideal but I’m sure it’ll look better once I gET A WATER MOVE)

I caught an Oricorio, got a verdict: she (Clover) is Fire/Flying type and her Special Attack stat is pretty decent. Interesting. Iiiiintereeestiiiiing.

Ran around, got a Flame Orb – nothing new happened until I went right and entered this place called Lake of the Sunne??

This music is very Epic And Important and I don’t get why I’m allowed to just roll in here. Well, I’ll explore a bit…

Wait, you know what this is like? Long hallways and pillars – this might be the site of the future Elite 4. It’s not on top of the mountain, but….

Or maybe not. Here I am at the top. Yeah, if some big important legendary and/or space alien doesn’t descend down here I’m giving up Tulip for Wonder Trade.

Moving on, Route 17! And oh boy it’s our favorite gangster!

This route is immediately overwhelming because it’s filled with different sorts of grass and Trainers and I haven’t healed in forever. On the bright side, I haven’t heard the “casual Skull battle” music in a while, and it’s very good.

I think these guys are desperate, or maybe they just don’t have good facial recognition skills. Whoops now I’m battling.

Hm. This guy just walked up. There’s kind of…an interesting atmosphere around him?

“Ready to live as Team Skull. Or ready to take down Team Skull.” Yeah, he’s intense…and he looks like Looker, for some reason…(dad headcanon confirmed)

okay what the HELL pokémon

In we go…excellent piano music up in here.

I have to find a way around this barricade. Unfortunately, getting on Stoutland to look for hidden items changes the music, so I can’t do that without COMPLETELY ruining the mood.

That wasn’t hard! Two battles and I’m finally able to get to that Pokémon Center.

Oh snap I was NOT expecting this. Not even the Center is safe??!

Nothing to do but patronize Team Skull, I guess.

Po Town is pretty scary, actually. It’s SO dark because of the night and the rain, and they’re actually having a gritty take on the whole “this town is overrun by a gang” thing…? It’s fitting, using Dug the Lycanroc to battle here.

Now here I am in “Shady House.” Aw YEAH, these are always creepy and cool!

I found this by accident. Now I have to go find a door.

Judging by what all the Grunts are saying, I MIGHT be fighting Guzma in this house, which I’m excited for. He’s a Bug user!

Another Password sheet: “Beat Up”

Hey! I just found a door leading outside, and I found an Ice Stone. That, uh….that didn’t exist before, did it? That’s a new thing? I wonder what it evolves.

This is specific. Plumeria?

So I just walked in on some Grunt girls arguing, and one of them said “OH EM GEE!” and it just occurred to me that that usually means “god” or “gosh.” So it’s NOT “oh my arceus” in the Pokémon world? What does it stand for? Oh My Guzma?

(This game is doing that a lot, by the way – using slang. A woman back in Heahea or something said “humble brag” and I still haven’t recovered.)

Another secret password, hidden in a chair: “Golisopod”!

But…it’s not enough.

OH. Maybe this has something to do with the note on the first password! I’m gonna answer “no” to this guy.

This game is very smart sometimes.

…wait, it still didn’t work? Okay wait let me answer “no”after he asks me to confirm.


Ugh and I STILL have another Grunt battle on the roof. This is like the fifteenth one since I got to Route 17. I know this is their hideout, but…


Aaaaand battle time, Tulip vs Golisopod. I forgot that Go-Pod has a pretty great design.

NOW, before coming here, I put the Decidium(?) Z on Tulip, so let’s see how her Z-Move works…


Haha, it just noped out of there!

Well, Tulip defeated Ariados okay, but when Golisopod came back it used some move called First Impression. I’m not sure what it does, but it made Tules faint. That’s fine – Silkie’s got this.

And thus, the team has fallen!

At least he’s a graceful loser.

Wow, he gave the Yungoos back, but that grunt just booked it when he saw Guzma was mad. He’s an interesting character.

uhhhhh i sat in his chair and this immediately happened

why did the music cut out

he just….left

That’s more like it, but Leah, most people don’t know what “angry fist” prints look like.

Eyyy there was a Buginium Z in the treasure chest! For Silkie, perhaps…?

Hello again.

Maybe I’m staking too much on my new Is Looker’s Dad theory, but I hear very faint theme music and it sounds like a soundtrack from Kalos.

I was typing up another guess at who this guy was and then Acerola just ran up and totally spoiled me.

So then, if Acerola looks like Shauntal’s niece and Nanu looks like Looker’s dad, are Shauntal and Looker cousins by marriage?

“The rent’s real cheap.” Pfff okay I like this guy.

And as Mr. Angsty walks off in the rain….that’s where I’m ending the liveblog for today!

GOOD TO BE BACK! Next time, we return to the Aether House! And then, who knows?? A new town? A new route? Inducting Clover to the team? It WOULD be cool to have a Fire-type, but…I’m kind of holding out for an Ice-type!! There haven’t really been any so far! WHO KNOWS WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS!??!

Thanks for sticking with me, and I’ll catch you all later!


Pokemon Moon Blind Liveblog {20}

It’s me and I’m back and LIVEBLOG NUMBER TWENTY LET’S GO! This one will be the last one for six weeks at minimum! (I’ll be back on August 7th, 2017). Now, if you’re in the future reading through these and you don’t actually care…neato! Tell me what that’s like.

Last time we left off in Tapu Village, of course, and I’m thinking it’s time to head down and see what the spooky abandoned supermarket trial place is like.

I was down Route 14 last episode just to explore – I found a TM for Shadow Ball, but only Finneon in the water – and I gotta say the black-sand beach aesthetic is pretty cool. It’s also raining, which is great for my Water-type, Branch...IF ONLY MAREANIE LEARNED WATER-TYPE MOVES

(Here’s a VERY IMPORTANT ASIDE – I goofed with Tulip in Pokémon Refresh and her cloak literally acts like a hoodie. The leaves are the little strings on it and everything.)

here we gooooo

OH DANG, this challenge is themed around Poke Finder! I wonder what sort of Ghost-types will be in there, and what the Totem Pokémon itself will be? We’ve seen Sandygast and Decidueye, and….well, I’ve heard of a Pokémon called Mimikyu that I THINK is a Ghost-type. It seems popular, so maybe this is where it finally comes into play.

Trial Start! Already this is such a cool location. I’m a big fan of when Pokémon tries to get creepy. (I’ve never been able to handle the Old Chateau with the volume on, though. Music was too spooky for young me.)

! “The conveyer belt started moving all on its own. Would you like to fire up the Poke Finder?” Yes please. Let’s give this a shot.

This will be a difficult challenge to take pictures during because I can’t hold the camera and position the Poke Finder at the same time. So here, have a Gastly battle.

I used to work pushing carts at a big grocery store and I wished all the time that I had telekinesis to help me. I’d settle for a Pokémon too.

Oh! It wasn’t my imagination last time. There’s a little Pokémon wandering through the store. Was that…a Substitute doll?

Last challenge (I’m assuming), coming up! These dolls are making noises and I can’t tell if they’re cute or unnerving.

Aaaand it’s a Gengar this time, of course.

OH I SAW THE POKÉMON THIS TIME! It’s a Pikachu. I….wasn’t Mimikyu the one that looked similar to Pikachu but wasn’t? Hmm….

Oh man oh jeez.

Directly into Poke Finder, and there’s no music. I can’t find the Pokémon and I had to close the game to stop and type. All I can hear is a Pokémon cry, and it sounds like it’s getting louder…OH NO THIS IS TOO SPOOK! DON’T DO THIS TO ME POKÉMON.


We’re battling now! It IS Mimikyu! I have Mallah up front, and he’s Psychic, but he’s also Normal so it should be okay. Mimikyu just used Play Rough! Oh my gosh is she Ghost/Fairy??? finally??????

Play Rough does a BUNCH of damage and right now I’m just heal-stalling and waiting for them to miss or run out of PP. Maleah should be able to handle this, though. Heal again…and a miss! Affection ROCKS!

Oh man. An ally Gengar just came out and put me to sleep. Mimikyu appears to have run out of Play Rough and it’s just attacking with a mimicked Psychic and not doing much, but I have to wait for Mallah to wake up…


And we made it out.

Ghostium Got!

Now I can go and catch Pokémon in the supermarket. I’m excited….I want a Mimikyu! I’d probably put one on the team if Tulip hadn’t just become a Ghost-type.

what – okay. Acerola just said something about “chicken skin” again and wandered off and had this really creepy expression and I SWEAR I just saw Mimikyu sneak off behind the building at the end of the cutscene. What heck, Pokémon???

Inside the store:

-Golbat, meh.

-Haunter! Now I don’t have to evolve Danny, so I get to turn the EXP Share off.

-Silkie tried to learn Dig, which is…weird! I’m happy with her moveset right now anyways.


-A Poke Finder spot for Gastly

-And Mimikyu, aw yes! Coolest Pikachu clone(sorta) ever.

Now I have to get out of here and heal.

And finally trade for this guy, of course! He’s holding a Rockium Z, which is awesome. Alolan Golem looks PRETTY SICK as well, though it had kind of a strange mustache…

Yeah, I see that Route 15 conflict. And I believe that’s Plumeria! They’re gonna have to wait, though. I really want to explore further down here.

OH MY GOSH AN ACE TRAINER HAS AN ALOLAN SANDSHREW AND IT LOOKS GLORIOUS!!! Looks like an Ice-type, even! That’s SO EXCITING. Sandslash is one of my favorite Pokémon.

Ohh no – it wasn’t affected by Venoshock, so I bet it’s Ground/Steel. Oh well.

I’m digging around in the tall grass and I came across a Pelipper with Drizzle. That’s, uh, that’s new.

Not finding anything except Gumshoos, Pelipper, and a Slowpoke, so I’d best go see if Hau is okay.

Acerola out of nowhere!

Battle time!…her Golbat has Confuse Ray, goshdang it. But Spirit Shackle is unstoppable. Though MAYBE I should switch out against a Salazzle. You go, Dug!

Oh wow, I forgot how cool Salazzle looks. Battle won!

PO TOWN definitely does not sound like a place hosting a gang leader.

Oh noooo Acerola’s making that creepy face again.

Well, this kid’s Yungoos got stolen, sooo I guess I have to go to Po Town to get it back! They told me to look for a guy in a kimono on Route 15. I do like kimonos. LET’S GO.

holy crap holy crap oh my god this is not a drill this is not a drill


aw HECK yes

…i have sharpedo now

Okay, I’ll….Ill be going off to Route 16…bye…!!!

Not right now, though! Now I have to get some sleep.

Here’s where I’m leaving off for the night! And here’s my team:

Partially because of the EXP Share, we shot up a LOT in levels and I’m a little worried that we’ll be too strong. Getting a sixth Pokémon should balance us out nicely, though, and I am definitely on the lookout for a Special attacker that doesn’t share any types with my current team.

Here’s something else I’m gonna do – I’m finally gonna check Branch and Mallah’s methods of evolution, or at least whether or not they have one! Don’t want to miss out on anything!

Okay, here’s what I’ve got. The “special magnetic field” in Alola appears to be on Poni Island, judging by the name, so Silkie probably won’t evolve for a while yet. The “other form” for Lycanroc is available only in Sun during the day, which is actually a tiny bit of a shame, since I like the Midday Form’s design better than Midnight Form. Oranguru doesn’t evolve at all, but Mareanie evolves at level 38….just one more level! Get hyped!

That’s all I got for you, so I will see you in two months, give or take a couple weeks. Looking forward to more liveblogs in the future!